Best Mountains Bike Pedals – The Top 5 of the Best MTB Pedals [2020]

Mountain Biking has become increasingly popular. In order to really enjoy the sport and save yourself from injury proper equipment, finding the Best Mountains Bike Pedals are a must.

Today, a large variety of options are available in Mountain Bike pedals, so picking the right one can be somewhat of a challenge.

Below are some of the Best Mountain Bike Pedals you should consider, before hitting the trails.

Best Mountains Bike Pedals Comparison Chart

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Pedals don’t always get the credit they deserve. They not only change how a bike rides, but are also your main contact point as a rider. This is why, as any pro cyclist would tell you, you must put in a lot of thought and effort when picking out a pair. Ultimately, whether on clipless or pedals, unwavering pedal comfort is the main key to topnotch cycling efficiency.

Flat vs Clipless Pedals

Let’s get one thing straight, both types of pedals have incredible capabilities when running. However, you must ask yourself one essential query; which set best works for you? Let’s hope the following will help you decide.

Flat pedals, in most scenarios, are what most people use to develop their riding skills. This mainly because in more ways than one, they are incredibly flexible. For one, these can be ridden in any type of footwear. They are also great when picking up basic skills such as the bunny hop as well as for folks who love jumping.

Fundamentally, flat pedals come with a sort of freedom that both amateur and sometimes pro riders crave. You are able to take your feet off as often as you please. Most, but not all, flat pedal riders progress to clipless pedals as their skills improve.

Clipless pedals, on the other hand, are sort of pro-level pedals that rider adopt as they take bigger strides in the field. They feature a retention device that holds the shoes in place. Clipless pedals are designed to reduce the amount of fatigue experienced during a ride. Although you may need a specific type of shoe to run these, the power transfer to the pedals is significantly improved.

These type of pedals let you pull a perfect circle when in motion. You feel lighter and experience diminished instances of arm pop and hand pains. On the downside, clipless require a full rider’s devotion in order to avoid any mishaps. Since you get can’t off the pedals as easily, you need to be more careful with the paths you take.

Choosing the Right Pedal

In the case of flat pedals, there’s a bunch of aspects you should consider. Depending on your budget, you need to thoroughly examine factors such as the pedal size, thickness, and the pedal’s grip. With pedal size, the ultimate choice is often a matter of personal preference.

Thickness, however, should be based on your kind of riding environment. Thick pedals lower center of gravity and feel great when riding. They offer more stability regardless of where you are. Finally, when it comes to the grip, you need to figure out the amount of freedom you need first. Shorter pins mean less grip thus more movement. Longer pins mean more the security.

Moving on to clipless pedals, you only need to establish one major thing. What sort rider are? The answer to that question will determine what kind of pedals and footwear you go for. Are you an XC rider, trail, enduro? Depending on your answer, you will find an array of options that fit perfectly into your needs.

Top 5 Best Mountains Bike Pedals Review

RaceFace Chester Bicycle Pedal

Chester Mountain Bike Pedal by RaceFace

RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals are on of the best option for a mountain bike.

The body of the pedals are made of a nylon composite while the axle is made using chromoly steel. This combination gives these bicycle pedals strong and tough.

They have 8 hex pin system which results in better griping and traction. The pins are made of steel and can be removed at any time.

These pedals provide great grip and enhance overall comfort.

In addition, The RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal weighs only 340g (less then a pound), so they are very easy to carry.

They come in a variety of colors, such as yellow, green, pink and more.

Additionally, these Mountain Bike Pedals Come with a one year manufacture warranty on the product.  They can be replaced or repaired free of cost within one year.

Chester Mountain Bike Pedal by RaceFace is one of the best products in this price range with lots these features and options.

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RockBros Mountain Bike Pedals ReviewMountain Bike Pedals by RockBros

RockBros Mountain bike pedals are the universal size of – 9/16 inches. However, are wider than the normal sized pedals, which gives rider enough space to rest his/her foot on.

The dimension of pedal is 3.82*3.74*0.67 inches, thus making them perfect for the soles to rest on.

There made up of aluminum alloy for exceptional strength and also come with a ANTI-SKID nails for better and efficient paddling.RockBros Mountain Bike Pedals Side

The RockBros Mountain bike pedals come lubricated and sealed. This helps in smooth function pedaling.

Installation of these pedals are pretty easy. The pedals come marked ’ for right side and ’ for left side.

The colors available in the pedal are blue, red, orange, green etc.

They’re used on BMX Bikes, MTB Bikes, Cruisers, Cyclocross Bikes, Road Bikes, Racing Bikes, Touring, and Track Bikes.

The Mountain Bike Pedals by RockBros really have an an edge over many other bicycle pedals in the market.

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FOOKER MTB Bike Pedal ReviewMTB Bike Pedal by FOOKER

Fooker MTB Bike pedals are made up of nylon composite material. This makes them more comfortable for the rider than other pedals that are in the market.

The size of the pedal is 4.30(L)*3.94(W)*0.98(H) inches. Due to their vast size, they are suitable and comforting to soles, thus providing safer and enjoyable ride.

The weight of each pedal is 0.79 lbs and can be easily installed or removed.

Some of their unique features include being waterproof, dust-proof and anti skidding.FOOKER MTB Bike Pedal

The anti skidding nail increases friction. This prevents the bike from slipping and ensures maximum safety.

The Fooker MTB Bike pedals come with needle rollers which gives them more stability and increases their service life.

The pedals are marked ’ for right and ’ for left which makes them easy to install. Also their Cr-Mo steel spindle makes them suitable for most of the mountains bikes.

These pedals are suitable for mountain bike, road bike, BMX bike, Fixie bike, MTB bike, cycling bike.

The pedals come in a variety of colors which include black, red, blue, yellow and blue.

Along with all the above features the manufacturer is offering an extend 3-year manufacturing warranty against manufacturing defects.

The MTB Bike Pedal by FOOKER are one of the best options available in its price range along with maximum features. The extended warranty provided by the company gives it an added advantage.

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Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Bike Pedals

Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Bike Pedals

With pedals, you can never be too careful. What glimmers may not always be gold but this case you get exactly what you see. The Imrider bike pedals are as voguish as a pair of pedals can get. Their sleek black body shouts of unsurpassed efficiency and strength. As a mountain bike rider, you need pedals that can stand tall through any storm and essentially have your back. The Imrider bike pedals do just that if not so much more.

Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Bike PedalsLightweight but undeniably sinewy, these pedals are made to last years upon years. Made from high-quality polyamide, these pedals possess a rare yet powerful combo of characteristics. For instance, they are durable, affordable and super functional. The make material is both corrosion and abrasion resistant. You don’t have to worry about damages from rock and ground strikes. The pedals’ platform is wide gives the feet plenty of space to angle out if need be.

The well thought through platform design makes this the grippiest pair of pedals around. Graced with anti-skid spindles, the pedal’s surface possesses a steady grip. You can’t wiggle your foot around on this pedals to shift it, you have to lift it up. That’s the level of grip you enjoy from these pedals.

Once in place, the Imrider bike pedals turn smoothly with naught vibrations and noise. They are also an easy install. This combination of feature results in long comfortable rides with as minimal glitches as possible.

The Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Bike Pedals good points are the strong steady grip, Pocket-friendly price tag, Seamless turning all through, and Durable and sturdy make material.

The Downside of these pedals are that they have been known to click after extended use and the bearings aren’t very smooth.

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 Mzyrh Mountain Bike Pedals

Mzyrh Mountain Bike Pedals

Perfect beginners, these pedals put the rider’s safety above all else. If you study these pedals keenly, you’ll agree to fact that they are crafted with impressive expertise. Do not let its low price tag fool you; these pedals have teeth and can bite hard. Right from its structure down to its sufficiency, the Mzyrh bike pedals scream top quality.

 Mzyrh Mountain Bike PedalsMade from high strength Aluminum Alloy, these pedals can take quite a bashing and escape unscathed. On the surface seats lubed seal bearings. These hold the feet in place and prevent unwanted disconnections. This anti-skid cleat design promotes a solid grip through any weather or terrain. If you’re looking for high pedaling efficiency, look nowhere else.

Lined with reflectors, these pedals ensure visibility even in nocturnal conditions. This makes it safe for use even by kids. It is important to mention that installing these babies is pretty much a walk in the park. It features extra light spring in the pedals which make it easy to click them in and out of place. While they may feel a tad bit, the punch well above their weight.

The Mzyrh Mountian Bike Pedals strong points are the Durability thanks to the high-quality aluminum parent material, easy installation, and they are Ideal for beginners.

Downside of these pedals are they are Heavier than you may expect.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, the RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals are lightweight and can be easily carried. The RockBros Mountain Bike Pedals’ diverse use makes them special among the market and Fooker MTB Bike Pedals’ anti skidding feature is its greatest asset.

So I hope now you will be able to make better and smarter decision when purchasing your bike’s pedals. I hope you will recognize my feedback as one of the best mountain pedals review you have come across in the recent times.