About Us

about us pedalSwift.comHi,

I’m the Owner and Chief Editor of pedalSwift.com.

Like a lot of you, I used to ride bikes A LOT as a kid. I’d ride to school, the beach, which were quite a distance from where I lived.

I also used to ride my relatives homes during summer vacation. They all lived miles and miles from my house. I’d visit, say over night and in the morning. I’d ride back home.

I loved riding my bike.

But as you get a little bit older and get drivers license. Riding a bike didn’t look so attractive anymore. So none the less I didn’t do much (or any) riding for many years.

A couple years ago some of my friends started to get into biking. Not just road biking, but riding the trails.

Last year I had several Opportunities to ride some of these trails and also just ride around the many parks we have here in Michigan.

I had such a good time.

So at the beginning of 2017 I decided this year I would really get into all the aspects of biking I could.

I’ve been working on getting more healthy for the past few years. Eating better, excising, and adding biking with my friends seemed like a great idea. Also, the city in which I live in is very (and I mean very) bike friendly. They even removed one lane from 2 of our main streets and turned them into a bike lane. So I can bike to many locations around town.

So for the past several months. I outsourced great writers that are experts in biking and biking related products. After doing a ton of research myself. I’ve edited the articles to give the most important and in depth information.

We’ve starting out with the basics. Primarily information for the beginners and people that want to get back into biking in general.

As time goes on we will be writing even more in depth and more advance articles on biking and biking gear.

If you have any questions, comments, or even advice. Please share them in the comment section of the article or send a quick email on our contact page. I read all of them and please note.

We NEVER share or sell emails addresses with anyone. I don’t like it when others do it to me and If your like me. I’m sure you don’t like it either.

I hope you enjoy the site and HAPPY CYCLING!