How Many Miles Should A Beginner Cyclist Ride & How You Can Increase Your Distance

How Many Miles Should A Beginner Cyclist Ride & How You Can Increase Your Distance


So, how many miles should a beginner cyclist ride? Well, every one have different levels of stamina, speed, not to mention skill level, confidence, and overall fitness.

If you are using the bicycle to commute to work you don’t have much choice. You would ideally want to cover at least the distance to work.. If you are using the bicycle for fitness or recreation, there are no rules, but you would need to prevent overexertion since this can harm your body.

Also, you would need to think of the amount of wear your cycle can take. Some bikes can take on tough terrain so you can go on rocky or bumpy roads with ease. Other bikes can cover long distances on city roads but will not be able to offer similar levels of service on rough roads.

If you want to be able to cover longer distances on different types of terrain you need to have stamina, and you need to have the right bike.

Here are some tips on how you can cover longer distances on your bike, particularly if you are a beginner.

Choosing The Right Bike

How Many Miles Should A Beginner Cyclist Ride - Mongoose Impasse
Mongoose Impasse Bicycle

Bikes are designed for a diversity of users. One of the things to consider would be your age. An age appropriate bike will enable you to handle difficult roads with ease and lessen the chance of falls.

Also you need to have the bike correctly tuned to your riding style. Thus you would need to adjust seat height and other factors such as the position of the handles and the pedals are very important.

Ensure the pedals are correctly aligned to your feet, and your feet can easily rest on the pedals without slipping.

Don’t go for hard seats as these seats can be difficult on your bones, and you might be left with a sore back. Ensure the seats have the right amount of cushioning so that you can cover long distances without being hampered by friction or the hardness of the seat.

Also, you may want to wear cycling gloves if you are going to ride long distances. This gives your hands a firmer grip on the handlebars. It also makes the ride more comfortable for your hands in cold weather or if you have to maintain a hard grip on the handlebars for too long.
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Adjust Your Speed

Much depends on your speed. If you are a fast cyclist you can cover longer distances with ease. If you are slow, you may need to spend more time on the road, which can be very tiring.

However, beginners should avoid going all out in the speed department, since this can hamper safety. Instead, you should aim for building speed through gradual practice.

Most beginners can try moderate cycling speeds, riding for around 30 minutes daily. Then, you can try to increase the time to 45 minutes. This will also help you gradually build stamina.

Also, this workout will help strengthen the muscles that will help you maintain balance on the cycle. These include the shoulder, back, and neck muscles.

Most beginners feel a bit of ache in the leg muscles, or the shoulders. This is not very serious; as long as you don’t overdo the workouts and gradually increase the time you spend on the bike.

Only when your body has built the stamina that you can increase the length of the workouts.

Riding Upright

How Many Miles Should A Beginner Cyclist Ride - Riding Upright

Beginners often struggle to get this position right. To be able to keep the bike balanced you need an upright position.

Beginners often hunch their shoulders and bend their back. This makes it harder for you to maintain balance on the bike and your muscles have to work harder too.

This can also lead to muscle pain and cut short your long distance tours on the bike. Instead focus on gradually building stamina on the bike, and always be aware of your body position.

If you notice that your back is bending over the bike, then sit up straight. This will prevent back muscle pain later.

How To Ride Longer Distances Video

Click Above Image To Watch Video

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Increase Speed Gradually

Pay attention to your speed. Beginners should take things slow, and never rush. Once you have the hang of the bike, how to balance, and how to brake, you can increase your speed.

This should be gradual. Adjust your speed in slow increments. First, ride faster for 2 minutes, and then slow down to a comfortable speed. The next day, try to ride fast for about 10 minutes, then again slow down to a comfortable speed.

Always slow down if you feel your body is beginning to tire out, and you are finding it difficult to maintain your speed.

As your stamina improves, you will be able to reach higher speeds and cover longer distance on each bike ride.

Practice On Different Terrains

How Many Miles Should A Beginner Cyclist Ride - Different Terrains

Much depends on the road you are riding on. If you have a smooth road, with little traffic, and low inclines, then you can cover the distance easily.

However, if the road has large inclines. Maybe you have to navigate through heavy traffic, and also have to deal with bumpy road conditions, then you will most likely have a hard battle riding.

The best thing for a beginner is to by practicing on roads that are slightly inclined. Never push things by trying steep inclines, and avoid heavy traffic roads. This can be dangerous for the beginner.

Look for ways to practice moving around standing obstacles, such as trees, stones, or even traffic cones. This will enable you to learn maneuvering without risking life and limb.

You should try and maintain a consistent training routine, if you are want to build stamina, skill, and endurance to ride longer distances on your bike.

Final Thoughts

Beginners should take these lessons seriously and maybe even join a bike riding group or training school to hone their skills and stay motivated.

Also, networking with other beginner rides and seasoned bicyclists will allow you to learn more about cycling, good bicycling tip, and get good safety related information.

So, how many miles should a beginner cyclist ride? Well, there really are no rules as to how many miles you can ride when you are starting out as a beginner on the bicycle. Just start out slow and work your way up.

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