Bicycle Gear Reviews YS Bike Computer Review – Top Bike Computer Choice [2023]

YS Bike Computer Review – Top Bike Computer Choice [2023]

YS Bike Computer Review – Top Bike Computer Choice [2023] post thumbnail image

YS Bike Computer Review - Top Bike Computer ChoiceFinding the right bicycle computer might seem overwhelming. Many of the options offer a variety of different features that different types of riders might prefer. The YS Multi-Function Bike Computer Review will show you all the features and you can decide what is best for you.

This review will explain, in depth, the most important features of this useful product. We’ll cover each feature separately so that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.

Key Features:

YS Bike Computer Review

  • Small Size, Light Weight, Wireless & Waterproof
  • Easy To Install & Use
  • Large LCD Display
  • Day and Night Backlight

Small Size, Light Weight, Wireless & Waterproof

The last thing you want when you’re on a ride, whether it’s competitive or leisurely, is bulky equipment in the way. Riders love the proportionately large screen on such a small and lightweight computer.

YS knows you don’t want to be carrying extra weight, so they’ve created an efficient design to maximize visibility and minimize size.

Wireless design is simply top notch for bike computers. Not only does a wireless design mean less weight, it also means that there are fewer parts to experience breakage or wear and tear. No concerns about catching the wire on something mean more fun riding!

And of course, you don’t want weather to restrain you from riding. That’s why YS’s rugged bike computer is waterproof! Whether there’s a sudden downpour or you just want to cycle on a drizzly day, you’re covered.
YS Bike Computer Review

Easy to Install & Use

When you get a new piece of bike equipment, the first thing you want to do is take it for a test drive. That’s why YS designed this superb bike computer to be easy to install and use. You’ll have it installed and be ready to hit the road or trail in no time.

Not only is installation simple, but also YS Bike Computer comes with clear and easy to understand instructions. You can install it on either the handlebars or stem of your bike. A two-sided sticker provides stability, while nylon cables hold it firmly in place.

There’s no need for complicated wiring schemes, since it’s already wireless. All you need to do is place the wireless sensor and magnet on the frame of the bike.

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How To Mounting Bike Computers Video Easy Assembly – Watch Video

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Large LCD Display

Being aware of your surroundings is vital when you’re riding. This computer has an exceptionally large, crystal-clear display. This allows you to easily take in your stats without neglecting to give the road your attention.

The YS Multi-Function Bike Computers large display also makes it possible for you to see several statistics at one time. You’ll know your speed at a glance, along with the distance you’ve traveled, and how long you’ve be riding. No need to try and look at your watch or your phone when you have this computer on board!

Speed is most prominently displayed at the top right of the screen. Below the speed, the computer displays time ridden or distance in medium sized digits. The rider can rotate through which information they want to see.
YS Bike Computer Review

Day and Night Back-light

One of the challenges of digital displays is the way they vary in visibility based on the lighting. YS has taken care of that with an adjustable back-light that is readable regardless of the lighting outdoors.

When you’re cycling on a bright, sunny day, just switch the back-light to daytime mode.

The night back-light setting is perfect for riding at dusk, or even when it’s full dark outside. Even if you don’t ride in the dark, it can be very helpful on overcast days. And of course, it’s always possible to run late and need it unexpectedly.

The information your bike computer provides is only useful if you’re able to see it. Choosing a bicycle computer with an adjustable back-light for different lighting conditions is a must!

Final Review Thoughts

The YS Multi-Function Bike Computer is a great choice, no matter what kind of cycling you prefer. If you tend to ride in cities and towns on streets, it allows you to remain alert while gathering important data. If you prefer trail riding far from civilization, you have the security of knowing your stats without needing GPS.

The YS Bike Computer has every vital feature for a safe, fun ride, and much more. From riding in various conditions to tracking your stats for fitness purposes, this tool is a major help. If you don’t yet have a bike computer or if you’re looking for an upgrade, it’s a great choice.

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