Top 5 Best Bike Flat Pedals Review & Buyer’s Guide [2022]

Bike Flat Pedals Review
While some people pa little to no attention to them. Having the best bike pedals are a crucial part of any bike. In fact, they are one of only three contact points the bike meets with your body. Therefore, finding the best bike flat pedal is crucial if you want to have a perfect bike.

In recent years, the pedal design has improved significantly. Pedals have become a lot slimmer. That lowers your center of gravity, eliminates pedaling flat spots, and vastly improves ground clearance.

And just like you assume, pedals come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and prices. That makes picking the right pair a chore for some people. But we’ve done the footwork for you. We’ve picked out some of the best models on the market to help you with your choice.

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Flat pedals come in different shapes and sizes. Every single pair you come across possesses an array of unique features that sets it apart from the rest. Even so, they’re all designed to rev up rider experiences in varying prerequisites.

Typically, pedals serve a predominant role in the cycling process. They provide grip, allow for seamless steering and bolster the dynamic factor. Seeing how crucial their role on a bike is, the right pair is essentially a necessity.

That said, it’s important to mention that your pedal choice should be heavily informed by your cycling style. Varying flat pedals generally run distinctively. A basic idea of what you need or want goes a long way into informing you ultimate choice.

There are certain aspects that typically make or break pedals. Before hitting the market, knowledge of some of these aspects is necessary. The subsequent sections shed light on a few such factors.

Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal Nylon Fiber Non-Slip 9/16 Inch Bicycle Platform Flat Pedals for Road Mountain BMX MTB Bike

What To Look For When Buying Flat Pedals

Pedal Size

The pedal size, in relation to the cyclist’s foot size, determines the amount of overlap experienced. Too much overlap is a nuisance; it translates to consistent contact with the ground. That not only causes significant damage to the pedal, but is also a bit disorienting to the cyclist.

As a mitigation step, ensure your pedals fit for feet just right. This exclusively keeps things a tad bit neater when cycling regardless of the terrain.

Pedal Thickness

Pedals are progressively getting thinner with time. While this majorly a good thing, there’s a downside to it. On the brighter side, thin pedals lower the center of gravity which results in improved control. They also translate into increased pedaling power and thus smoother pedal motion.

However, a core demerit, although small, comes into play. Thinner pedal offers up reduced room for bearing fitting. Some manufacturers may even opt to use bushings instead. Bushings serve the purpose alright; however, they may not last very long.

RockBros Lightweight Mountain Bike Pedals Nylon Fiber Bicycle Platform Pedals for BMX MTB 9/16Pedal Shape

Most pedals these days adopt a revolutionary concave shape. This shape is intended for a more optimized outer bearing contact. The rider gets more pressure from the outer bearings. This is pleasantly so without the midsection interference.

Pedal Material

Modern-day pedals are mainly molded from three materials. Top of the list is reinforced nylon. Nylon is often cheap and considerably light. Its also pretty tough and can hold out against scratches for a long while. Finally, they come in beautiful jollity colors.

Then there’s aluminum. These pedals are light with sturdy bearing pins. In most cases, they come furnished with extra machining for extra grip.

Finally, we have magnesium. These are pretty much like aluminum pedals. The only difference is that they are usually lighter. Also, they are not quite as strong and wear easily.

Pin Placement and Size

Taller, larger pins give a more solid grip. Unfortunately, they are more susceptible to bending.

Pin placement determines the amount of grip you get from a flat pedal. Different pin placement areas allow a cyclist to customize the feel or grip they get for a pedal. In addition to that, when it comes to pins, the more they are, the merrier the effect.

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Top 5 Best Bike Flat Pedals Review

SHIMANO PD-GR500 Pedals Black; One Size

Shimano PD-GR500 Multi-Use Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

If you’re an inexperienced rider, then we have something perfect for you. The best option for beginners is to go with wide pedals. And the Shimano PD-GR500 has a great platform that allows you to position your feet any way you want. But they also work well for people with small foot size.

SHIMANO PD-GR500 Multi-Use Flat Mountain Bike Pedals; SilverAnother good thing about these pedals is that they have a good range of tension. That allows the rider to start things off with an easy out-and-in time and increase the tension up to stay perfectly clipped in the thigh. In short, with these pedals, you’ll never have to worry about your feet sliding off.

The body of PD-GR500 pedals is made out of aluminum, which means they are built to last. While they are not the thinnest pedals on our list, they still feel comfortable in thin shoes. Another downside is that they don’t look too attractive.

But trust us – they definitely deliver on performance. These are simple pedals, with no bling or flashiness made for performance.

The wide bearing placement will provide you a balanced load distribution for supreme efficiency with every foot stroke. If you’re working on a tight budget and are looking for something inexpensive, these are the best pedals for you by far.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Shimano PD-GR500 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals at



• The price is noticeably low.

• Their size is good for every foot size.

• Work great for inexperienced riders.

• The pedals are endurable in almost all weather conditions.

• Their grip will ensure that your feet stay on them at all times.



• They are considerably thicker than other pedals on the list.

• They also weigh a lot, which may make it easy to get your feet tired.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Shimano PD-GR500 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals at

SHIMANO PD-A530 SPD Dual Platform Bike Pedal

Shimano A530 SPD Sport/Multi-purpose Pedals

Once again, we have a Shimano model on our hands. Since the platform is noticeably big, these pedals work best for people who have big feet. This will make sure that the pedals stay on your feet, no matter what terrain you’re riding on and how much friction the bike is undergoing.

SHIMANO PD-A530 SPD Dual Platform Bike Pedal After a few months of owning these pedals, most people start noticing just how durable they are because their grip will remain completely the same in a number of conditions and climates. What we are saying is, the durability is pretty impressive.

We can’t talk about Shimano A530 without mentioning the design. They are very visually appealing, and the color will look good even after a couple of years. They are uniquely shaped, and their design allows them to deflect any blow very nicely.

Their thin profile allows you to navigate almost any terrain, regardless of the obstacles that you might find in your way.

The only real complaint we have is that they may be too large for people with small feet. You may find yourself banging into your pedals after a dozen or so rides and your feet might slip off them from time to time. Other than that, the pedals are fantastic.

To sum up, these pedals have a great grip; they are endurable; they have big platforms, and are beautifully designed. What more can a person ask for?

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Shimano A530 SPD Pedals at



• The pedals have an amazing grip.

• Their design is good-looking.

• They are slim but have enough weight.

• The pedals won’t bent under a huge weight.



• The price tag is a little pricey.

• The platform may be too big for some people.

• The shape leaves something to be desired.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Shimano A530 SPD Pedals at

VP Components VP-Vice Pedal Set, MTB BMX Bike Pedals, 9/16-Inch Spindle, Aluminum Platform with Replaceable Anti-slip PinsVP Components VP-Vice Pedals

The second manufacturer we’re talking about today makes a ton of pedals. VP has a long and storied history, and the company is widely recognized for selling relatively cheap, but sturdy pedals. And these particular pedals are no exception.

VP Components VP-Vice Pedal Set, MTB BMX Bike Pedals, 9/16-Inch Spindle, Aluminum Platform with Replaceable Anti-slip Pins Right out of the box, you’ll notice the feel of quality in the VP pedals. They are made out of solid materials, and they can definitely take some abuse during your rides. That means, they will easily last you for a decade, a decade and a half.

The VP-Vice Pedals are good for basically any terrain. Most mountain bikers will tell you that VP is their first choice when shopping for new pedals. Riding through chatter sections and washboards will feel seamless with these pedals.

The grip is solid, but you may feel a bit of lift while you’re driving. The grip is actually the weakest aspect of these pedals.

Since mountain terrains are filled with rocks, the pins on your pedals are bound to suffer some damage after a year or two. Luckily, this particular set of pedals comes with additional pins, so even if they suffer some damage, you won’t have to worry about ordering new ones.

The last thing we should mention is that the pedals are a little bit small, so if you wear size 12, you may want to look for a different pair.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the VP Components VP-Vice Pedals at



• They have a solid construction.

• The bearings are extremely durable.

• They are also pretty thin and comfy.



• May be small for people with big feet.

• The grip isn’t really perfect.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the VP Components VP-Vice Pedals at

RockBros Mountain Bike Pedals Platform Cycling Sealed Bearing Alloy Flat Pedals 9/16Rockbros Mountain Bike Flat Pedals

RockBro pedals possess a certain rectitude that has proved very alluring. Basically, they make faithful and consistent cycling companions for years on end. This explains why the manufacturers have an astounding following all across the world. And looking at the RockBros mountain bike pedals, we wholeheartedly agree.
Feature Rundown

RockBros Mountain Bike Pedals Platform Cycling Sealed Bearing Alloy Flat Pedals 9/16The RockBros mountain bike flat pedals are palpably sculptured for universal use. For one, the standard 9/16 spindle makes it them an easy fit in a range of distinct bicycles. In addition to that, these pedals are dual sided; that makes them very versatile.

The pedals are made from a solid combination of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Here’s a breakdown of the integration: The body is largely carbon fiber lined with aluminum nails. It also features CR-MO steel bearings which are designed to hold out for a long long time.

The sealed bearings are smooth and reasonably lubricated. They seemingly protect the spindles from water and dust. This helps keep the pedal motion smooth and pleasantly quiet.

The pedal’s anti-skid aluminum nails facilitate an insane grip. This bolsters pedaling efficiency even in the most slippery and wet conditions.
The Good

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Rockbros Mountain Bike Flat Pedals at



• Impressive grip capabilities.

• Very lightweight body.

• Dual-sided mountain bike pedals.

• Usable in pretty much any bike out there.

• Available in an array of colors.



• A little pricey.

• Initially, the pedal surface too greasy, but fades away with several uses.

• Carbon fiber body wear a bit too fast with heavy impact.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Rockbros Mountain Bike Flat Pedals at

CRANKBROTHERs Crank Brothers Stamp Bike Pedal

Crankbrothers Stamp Flat Bmx/Mtb Bike Pedals

The Crankbrothers have amicably mastered pedal workmanship. They just keep pushing things to a whole new level. And fresh out of their legendary oven, their hand us highly acclaimed the Stamp 3 flat BMX/MTB bike pedals.

The Stamp 3 models have all the ingredients for a pair of eminently adept pedals. Tailored from high quality materials, these pedals are built to stand the test of time. Their user friendly design makes them a cinch to work with, let alone run.

CRANKBROTHERs Crank Brothers Stamp Bike PedalLet’s kick this off with the construction material. The Crankbrother’s Stamp models are molded from forged 6061-T6 aluminum. The material has a brawny nature that can get through thrashing and emerge unscathed. Even so, they come off pretty heavy in relation to contending models.

The pedal’s body has a thin profile with perfectly chamfered edged. The platform is fairly wide providing a large footprint surface. This makes it proficient in that the cyclist gets a tremendous amount of foot space and liberty. The thin profiled pedals also have a concave shape further increase the overall grip.

When it comes to the bearing, the Stamp 3 feature removable pins. These adjustable pins, 10 on each side, make customization super easy. There are also interior and exterior bushings meant to reflect pedal efficiency. From the look of things, these pedals were made to allow for maximal user manipulation.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Crankbrothers Stamp Flat Bmx/Mtb Bike Pedals at



• Large footprint platform.

• Impeccable traction.

• Durable design and materials.




• Fairly expensive.

• The adjustable pins are not easy to work

• Heavy to the feel.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Crankbrothers Stamp Flat Bmx/Mtb Bike Pedals at

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Final Thoughts

There are literally thousands of options out there. Knowing what exact model will fit your needs is almost impossible if you don’t do your research. Since we’ve done the research for you, chances are, you’ll be able to find your pair of pedals today.

All of the pedals we reviewed today perform extremely well, all are endurable, and also won’t hurt your wallet too much. We hope that we managed to help you find the best bike flat pedal for your taste. Put a little effort to find the right pair now and you won’t have to think about this problem for years.

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