6KU Fixie Review: Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Track Bike VS. Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Road Bike

Bike lovers have a variety of bikes to choose from. When it comes to single speed-fixie bikes, the choice they have to make is strenuous as there are so many types of single speed bikes to choose. This 6KU Fixie Review show help.

Knowing the pros and cons will help ease the stress of bike selection. This 6ku fixie review takes you through the features of two bikes which are the road bike and the track bike in order to help you make a choice when it comes to these two.

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6KU Fixie Review: Single-Speed Urban Track Bike VS. Single Speed Urban Road Bike
6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Track Bike Review

The track bike is good deal when it comes to saving money because it is not overly priced. It has a lightweight and is easy to handle especially when you are looking for a bicycle to train for a competition. The bike is firm in all respects and great to use in hilly areas. You can make fast sprints and rides with this bikes whether you are moving up hill or downhill.

Single Speed Fixie Urban Track BikeThe bike comes with an easy to read manual that can help you make some adjustments to the track bike whenever you desire to. You do not need a mechanic to help you with these adjustments the manual works perfectly. The front and rear brakes of the bike can be easily removed when needed. So you do not need to worry when the time comes to change your brakes. You can easily remove the brakes and replace it with a new one even in the absence of a mechanic.

The bike is easy to maintain because the manual spells out instructions that will help bikers take good care of the bike. By following every instruction carefully, you can be assured of having your bike lasting for a long period of time.

The track bike comes in a five different colors which are black, navy, burgundy, celeste, and white. There is a color for every personality. Navy or black for those who are not so expressive and celeste and burgundy for the more expressive personalities.

Owners of the track bike can enjoy a hassle free warranty especially when the problem is from the factory or as a result of shipping. The company is willing to change your bike for you. You do not have to bother your head over having to experience warranty issues because the process is stress-free.

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The Pros and the Cons:



• Bolts and chain were appropriately lubricated.

• Welds look very high quality.

• Handlebar grip tape has some squish to it.

• Visual appearance is high quality.

• Brakes were well calibrated out of the box.



Pedals are fairly cheap and large.

• Wheel reflectors are a little wobbly.

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6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Road Bike Review

The bike has a variety of color options to consider when one decides to make a purchase. You are not restricted to a black. You have many options to select from.

The road bike is great on both smooth and rough roads and with its single gear, you are assured of maintaining a constant speed as you ride the bike.

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road BikeThe bike requires expert hands to assemble the parts together. It would be difficult for a novice to pull through a part assembling successfully. However, with solid, steel body, it makes you enjoy rides on either rough or smooth roads.

The road bike is light in weight thereby making it easy to carry wherever you want to go. The bike is available in various sizes hence you can get one that best suits you. You don’t want a case where your feet do not touch the ground whenever you mount the bike.

The bike can be ridden by both male and female. However, it is most suited for adults and not safe for children to ride as handling a bike with narrow tires can be a challenge. Parents are therefore advised not to use this bike to introduce their children into the world of biking.

The road bike has the option of a fixed wheel or free wheel ride. Hence, you don’t have to buy a bike and now adjust yourself to using it. You can always switch to the kind of ride you want. Especially, when a great majority of bikers are used to the free wheel ride and actually enjoy it because they can rest their legs after pedaling for a long period of time. When you use biking as a tool for working out, fixed wheel is your best choice because the moment you stop pedaling the bike stops moving so your legs have to constantly move so you can reap the benefits of biking.

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The Pros and the Cons:



• Smooth Ride well built and sturdy..

• Lockscrews in the track ends.

Nothing to tune or adjust.

• Round handlebar mount included.

• Two zip tie mounts for oval bars.



• Doesn’t Work Windows 10.

• It doesn’t have autostart/autostop.

• Ideal for commuting.

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6KU Fixie Track VS Road

The Road Bike vs the Track Bike

Both of the bikes are lightweight hence making them very portable. They both have rear and front brakes which can easily be changed without a headache making it easier to replace the brakes anytime you feel the need to.

The road bike and the track bike can boast of a variety of colors to choose from when you want to purchase a bike.

6KU Fixie Track VS RoadThe road bike has both a fixed wheel and a free wheel. The track bike suffices with a free wheel. If you have no need for a fixed wheel, then there is no need to purchase the road bike. However, if you are looking at learning to use the fixed wheel, the road bike is the choice that best suits you as you can always switch to the free wheel.

The track bike comes with a manual that makes it easy and fast to assembly the parts on your own. Hence, no extra cost in acquiring a mechanic to assemble the parts together for you.

Both bikes have thin and narrow seats which are initially uncomfortable when you start using the bike and take some time having to adjust to them. You can rid yourself of this discomfort only my wearing bike shorts.

The pedals of the bikes are not made of quality material to make them last longer. You will therefore, have to invest in more quality pedals to enjoy a smooth ride.

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Final Thoughts

Through this 6ku fixie review, the reader has received a great overview of both bikes and as such can make a decision when it comes to which bike to choose. The track bike is children friendly as compared to the road bike which best suits adults. With the vast color range, anyone is sure to find a color he loves in the whole.

The bikes are a great buy considering they give smooth rides and are cheap, compared to the various features they possess. The lightweight of the bike makes it easy to carry the bike from one place to the other especially for a vacation.