Bike Riding Lessons for Kids – Explained By Experts

Bike Riding Lessons for Kids

Some of the most memorable moments for you is the time you spent on your bike, with friends or alone. Exploring your neighborhoods and other places when you were kid.

To ensure that your kids can experience the thrill and adventure you once had, you will want to give them bike riding lessons to start.

As you may know, it’s not very difficult. Bike riding once learned, can be very useful for them for the rest of their lives.

Bike Riding Lessons for Kids

Stabilizer Support (Training Wheels)

One of the things to consider, before buying a children’s bike with stabilzers, would be the age of your child. Be sure to check with the manufacture what ages, the bike you are interested in, are designed to fit.

Bike Riding Lessons For Kids - Wald 10252 Bicycle Training Wheels
Bicycle Training Wheels

Another thing to consider is. Younger kids are generally safer riding bikes with stabilizers. There’s a less chance of accidents and falls, because there motor skills might not be very developed enough yet.

Once your kids show the confidence in their riding skills and you’re there to keep an eye on them. It’s time to remove the stabilizers and let the children learn how to ride the bike on their own, maybe with a little help from you.

Don’t Put In Too Much Effort

Some parents feel that they need to hold the handlebars and/or hold the bike to keep it stable while the child rides. This ok in the beginning, just be sure that at some point. You will have to let go, or children will never learn to ride a bike on their own.

Instead, you should allow the child to explore their own skills at handling the bike on their own. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t watch them from a safe distance as the child learns to balance on the two wheels.

You should keep an eye on them at the beginning, and after they’ve seemed to have learnt the skill. They won’t need so much supervision.
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Choose A Good Bike

Bike Riding Lessons For Kids - Unisex Kids Bike w/ Training Wheels
Unisex Children’s Bike with Training Wheels

Many parents try to save money in the long term by buying a bike that is too big. This can make the bike riding lessons very difficult for their child.

If the child has a hard time mastering balance because their legs cannot reach the pedals easily, they might lose interest in learning. Instead, invest in a bike that is just the right size for the child and offers comfortable handling.

This will help the child master the bike more easily.

For growing children you would need to invest in a few sizes of bikes, over the years. Keeping up with their current skill sets and body size.

Teach Them Safety Rules

While you would not initially let the child out into areas with traffic, you can still teach them all the safety rules. Also, you will want to teach the child to handle the handlebars and the brakes correctly, before they clamber on to the bike.

The braking system is designed for safety, and knowing how to use the brakes correctly can increase the safety of the ride. Also, you will want to ensure that the child knows they must not go to open roads or places with traffic, unless you give them permission.

You will also need to teach them ways to keep their bike safe. This includes using locks when they are parking the bike.

In the early stages of learning to ride a bike, you will want to limit how far from your home or your supervision.. A good idea is to only allow them to cycle in the yard or in the park, particularly younger children, such as toddlers.

Once the child has the skills to use the bike, and you feel they are old enough. You can relax the rules and allow them to ride on sidewalks.u

This gives the child new challenges and places to explore. They’ll maintain their interest in riding the bike and have fun doing it.

Teach Your Child To Ride A Bike Video

Click Above Image To Watch Video

Don’t Be Discouraged By Falls

Some parents are frightened when the child falls while trying to ride the bike. As long as you take some basic precautions, falls don’t cause serious harm.

Bike Riding Lessons For Kids - Child Falls Off Bike

If the child senses that the parent is frightened about the fall, it can discourage them from riding the bike too. Therefore, you need to ensure that you don’t get to upset if the child falls.

This is another reason why the bike should not be too big for the child. A right sized bike minimizes the risk of injuries when falling from a height.

Encourage Group Cycling.

When children are out with friends on the cycle, they can enjoy the joy of the bike riding experience much more.

It provides a push to their sense of exploration that includes plenty of fun. Seeing their more skilled friends may give them the motivation to improve their skills at riding as well. Support from friends and family can sometimes help straggling children catch up, ensuring they can also join in the fun.

Bike Riding Lessons For Kids - WOTOW Multi-Function Bicycle Repair Tool Kit
Multi-Function Bike Bicycle Tool Kit

A real good idea is to take bicycling trips with the entire family during days off. You can join in family friendly bicycling events, to ensure that all kids have a good time.

Ensure The Cycle Is Well Maintained

A well-tuned bicycle offers smooth performance and safety. It also makes riding lessons a lot easier.

Also, a well-maintained cycle lasts longer. It is a good idea to take care of tire pressure, oiling, and other needs, to ensure that the brakes are in good order and the tire pressure is not too low.

You will also need to change the position or height of the handlebars, and other parts, based on the comfort levels of the child.
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Final Thoughts

Mastering how to ride a bike has immense value. It teaches children to enjoy the ride and not worry about outcomes, and this can be a good life lesson.

It also teaches team spirit, although the bike is also wonderful for solitary adventures. When people are looking for a stress free option for mobility, and one that is inexpensive, a bike comes first to mind.

Knowing how to ride a bike will ensure that even as an adult, the learner can go places and not be hindered in their commuting choices. Riding a bike also encourages children to spend time outdoors and in fun activities.

This can help them maintain their health and give them fun as well as exercise.

Also, riding bikes can make it easier for children to find friends, as they can go on group journeys to school and to after school activities. Once set, the child can enjoy thrilling rides to places near and far.

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