Best Touring Bike Tires Review – Top 5 Road Bike Tires [2022]

Best Touring Bike Tires Review – Top 5 Road Bike TiresBuying new tires for your bike shouldn’t be difficult, especially now that there are a lot to choose from. But then again, you might need the best touring bike tires review because there are a lot to choose from. It will be a big problem if you don’t know which ones to choose.

It is important that you always consider how you use your bike when you choose your tires. You can’t buy a new set of tires just because it looks nice. The type of bike you’re using and your type of riding should influence what tires you’ll need.

In just a span of five minutes, you’ll learn five of the best types of tires you can choose. You’ll no longer panic whenever you need to replace your tires.

Best Touring Bike Tires Comparison Chart

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Top 5 Best Touring Bike Tire Reviews

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire

GatorSkin DuraSkin tire is one of the best touring bikes out there. It doesn’t select who can use it, as it’s available to everyone. As a matter of fact, it’s perfect for commuting, sport riding, and even winter training riding.

The design ensures the protection of the riders, with its excellent sidewall protection. It also features a safety system to reduce the risks of punctures. That what they said, so I had to try it myself.

I use the 700mm by 32mm whenever I do long distance riding or sometimes tandem riding. The recommended pressure for the tire is 94psi but I often go for 84psi. Lately, I have gone down to 70psi at a 1,000-kilometer ride whenever the road gave me discomfort.

I bought this because I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I heard its design made it less prone to punctures and flats. A lot of people even said that they never had punctures or flats, even on a 5,100-kilometer ride.

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire

However, in a 1,000-kilometer ride, it had just about as many punctures as my old tires. I also got an unprovoked flat. I can’t remember hitting or running over anything that would have caused it, though.

That’s the only major problem I have with it, though.

On the bright side, I think it’s impressive for it to have 4 tire sizes. The sizes include 700×23 mm, 700×25 mm, 700×28 mm, and 700×32 mm. This gives bikers the opportunity to try out this GatorSkin DuraSkin tire.

I’d also like to say that the level of comfort these tires gave me was beyond compare. From the time I started riding my bike, I could not help but appreciate how comfortable I was all throughout. The grip was also a highlight while I was riding my bike.

I could also not ignore the fact that it has a very flexible pricing range. Its pricing depends on the size of the tire and its color (folding or non folding).

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• Variety of sizes

• Amazing grip

• Good pricing

• Folding colors



• Not flat resistant

• Hard to install


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Schwalbe Marathon Supreme HS382 Touring Road Bike Tire

Schwalbe’s Marathon Supreme HS382 is known for its durability and its perfection. Thanks to its “impenetrable” HD SpeedGuard layer, it reduces the risks of a flat tire. It also extends the life span of the tire.

This features LiteSkin Sidewalls, that keep the ride supple. In short, it’s a touring tire that can do everything. It also features a RoadStar triple compound rubber that makes it easy for riders to grip when it’s wet.

I’m surprised that this doesn’t offer a variety of options for its consumers. The default size for this model is 700×35 mm. So if somebody needs a different size, he or she has to look for another model.

Another issue I had with it was when I tested it on a rainy afternoon. It wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped it would be. I think it’s because it was raining but shouldn’t it have been a little smoother?

Other than those, I have no more complaints. In fact, this is one of my favorites. The experience I had while riding for 3,000 kilometers was great. I was satisfied with the rolling all throughout the ride.

Also, I couldn’t complain about how comfortable it was for me. I had terrible experiences in the past but this was definitely not one of them. I can guarantee that this is one of the most comfortable experiences I had while riding.

Normally, I would always experience at least one flat in every one to two weeks. There was even a time that I experienced multiple flats in one ride! When I switched to Schwalbe 9 months ago, I haven’t experienced a single flat yet.

I didn’t change routes. There are still gravel and the path is still pretty much the same. I’m very glad I made the switch.

Compared to cheaper tires what you had to constantly fix and replace, Schwalbe is worth its value.

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• Good rolling

 • Comfortable

• Rain handling

• Flat resistance



• No other sizes

• Not the best in mud

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Schwalbe Marathon HS Wire Bead Tire

This Schwalbe product has an incredible resistance to puncture and an improved durability. It has a protection belt that is made of special rubber. This makes it resistant to shards and thorns.

This improvement is making the Schwalbe Marathon HS Wire Bead Tire the new favorite. It also features a reflective stripe on its sidewall to make it more visible.

This feature is very helpful for bikers who like to ride when it’s already dark. They can easily be seen, thanks to the reflective stripe on their sidewalls. This ensures that they are safe from road accidents.

I accidentally bought this 7 months ago as a spare tire for my HS382 tire. Let’s just say I wasn’t well-aware about bike tires and I thought they were the same. It was too late when I realized they’re not the same.

Schwalbe Marathon GG RLX Wire Bead Tire

I still used, though, and, one thing I noticed was that it was well-fit – too tight, apparently. It was almost impossible to take it off. As a matter of fact, I spent almost 5 hours to take it off (I took a rest for 20 to 30 minutes).

But, it still didn’t disappoint me when I used it for 2,500 kilometers. The road wasn’t smooth, that’s for sure. There were gravels but I never had issues with punctures.

I have read reviews where people complained at how this tire isn’t resistant to punctures. But all I could say is that Schwalbe Marathon never fails to deliver. On a 2,500-kilometer ride, the tire has been durable and has not shown any signs of punctures.

They said tires may be puncture resistant but not puncture proof. This means that they’ll be punctured soon, especially if exposed to very rough roads. Luckily, Schwalbe Marathon HS Wire Bead Tire isn’t only puncture-resistant but also puncture-proof.

I also haven’t experienced any flats yet. One time, I ran on a rough wood and I thought I’ll experience my first flat, but it didn’t happen. Everything was okay and nothing happened to my tire.

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• Puncture resistant

• Good grip

• No flats

• More visible at night



• Heavy

• Too tight


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Panaracer Tour Tire With Wire Bead

Panaracer Tour Tire is one of the best tires made by Panaracer. The tour is the standard all-around touring or commuting tire. Because of it’s wide range of sizes, riders have the opportunity to find the perfect one for any usage.

This tire is very easy to install and it doesn’t hurt you. Other tires take hours to install while this one only takes within a few minutes. Aside from installation, taking it off is very easy, too, unlike the Schwalbe Marathon HS.

This tire comes in different sizes that are perfect for the needs of the riders. The sizes range from 26×1.5 inches, 26×1.75 inches, 26×2.0 inches, to 00cmx28 Wire Bead. They also come with 700×32 mm, 700×35 mm, 700×38 mm, and 700×42 mm.

With all these options, it won’t be hard for riders to choose the right one for them.

Panaracer Tour Tire

So I had put it into test, where I rode 1,500 kilometers using 2 Panaracer Tour Tires. One thing that I noticed was that sitting on it for too long felt so uncomfortable. It even hurt my buttocks.

It felt so different while I was riding. I’m not sure if it was because the bike ran slower or if it’s really just uncomfortable to sit while using these tires. The feeling wasn’t like the same when I used Schwalbe tires.

On the contrary, I would say the quality of the tires are extraordinary. Throughout the 1,500 kilometers, I never experienced any flat tires nor punctures. And that’s something I like about these tires.

Just like Schwalbe tires, these are durable and of good quality, too. Besides that, these tires are affordable. Compared to other tour bike tires out there, this has one of the most promising prices.

It doesn’t rip you off and you get the value for your money. Why do I say that? It’s because it offers various sizes for riders and the price depends on the size. Lastly, the product isn’t easily worn out so you don’t have to keep replacing it.

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• Comes with various sizes

• Cheap price

• Easy to install

• Great quality



• Uncomfortable

• Ran slower

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Continental Grand Prix 4-Season Cycling Tire

The Continental Grand Prix 4 is manufactured with DuraSkin. This means that it is capable of holding up under conditions that are extreme. As a matter of fact, bikes using DuraSkin during contests are less likely to have any tire problems.

Continental has been making their tires by hand since 1871. They strive to maintain the integrity of their tradition until today. All of these tires are hand-made in Germany.

These tires come in two sizes: 700×23 C and 700×25 C.

It doesn’t offer a lot of sizes unlike Panaracer, so other riders may not find its tires very helpful. Besides, this one costs higher than other tires.
I tried to test this beast for a 1,500-kilometer run to see how it will go. But I noticed that the sidewalls aren’t made from the best materials. I thought that the sidewalls are going to wear out sooner.

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season

But that doesn’t mean that Continental Grand Prix is a bad product. As a matter of fact, this is my top pick out of the 5 tires. That’s because it’s the reality of an imperfect product but still worth spending for.

It’s imperfect because as a rider, we’re supposed to look for tires that are flat-proof. But then, there’s no such thing as flat-proof. Well at least I can say rhat other tires have high resistance to flats.

This is a perfect example of a flat-resistant tire. It doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of flats but it does reduce the number of flats. Instead of having 4 flat tires in a span of 1 week, it is reduced to just one or none at all.

I can still say that the Continental Grand Prix tire can still be considered a great quality tire. That’s because amidst the rough roads, it doesn’t get punctures and flats quickly. If you compare it with other famous tires, this one is still better in terms of durability.

How long did it take for it to have punctures? Well, I couldn’t answer that yet because mine never had punctures.

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• Fewer flats

• Very good quality

• Fast Install

• Puncture resistant



• Higher Rolling Resistance

• Plastic sidewalls

• Too expensive

• Only has 2 sizes available


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Final Thoughts

Based on the best touring bike tires review, I have never seen a tire that is 100% flat proof. It’s safer to say that 4 out of 5 tires are flat resistant. That’s because tires will eventually wear out, causing flats and punctures.

Not all tires offer different sizes for riders. Some of them offer a lot of sizes while some of them offer just 1. Not all tires are comfortable when used while some of them are.

So, what does this mean? This only means that the best tires for touring bikes don’t have to be perfect. One tire will always have a better feature compared to the other, according to your need.

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