Best MKS Pedals Review – The Top 5 Best Bicycle Pedals [2022]

Best MKS Pedals Review - The Top 5 Best Bicycle PedalsBiking has been one of the best exercise or outdoor activity that one can do during the summer. If you search over the net, you can find many different types of bicycles and pedals as well.

Bicyclists need to find pedals that are suited the best for them.

The pedal is a very important part of the bicycle as if this is not comfortable then the experience of cycling will not be good.

There are many models to choose from and prices do vary. Those who are only looking for
replacement bike pedals also face the same challenge.

Reviews have played an important role in every consumer’s decision.The leading company when it comes to pedal parts have shared the Best MKS Pedals Review. Continue reading on to find out more.

Best 5 Best Bicycle Pedal Comparison Chart

MKS Sylvan Touring Bike Pedals

MKS Sylvan Touring Pedal Double Sided

MKS FD-7 Folding Pedals

MKS Urban Platform Pedals

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The ease with which you pedal determines your overall power as well as comfort when cycling. In other words, you pedal good, you cycle well. This is why your bicycle should have the right pair of pedals; one that works perfectly to suit your needs.

On purchase, bicycles do not always come with pedals. And when they do, the pair availed may not always fit your preferred prescription. In both instances, you are left with one priority; buy yourself a suitable pair of pedals. Much like buying a bicycle, buying pedals can be pretty daunting. Pedals are of different shapes and sizes and picking that perfect pair may take some time.

We’ve summed up this guide to help anyone looking to get themselves a pair or more of pedals. The subsequent sections will cover vital topics encompassing the pedal purchase process. It also contains the best MKS pedals reviews around anywhere. MKS are creators of some of the market’s most top rated pedal. A sneak peek into what they have to offer will prove rather helpful.

Types of Pedals

Before buying any type of pedals, you need to be sure they fit right into every facet of your cycling profile. There’s an endless range of pedals to pick from in the market. Whether based on model, type or price; there’s something for everyone. You may have to rummage through a whole bunch of them but you will find the ideal pair eventually. On that note, let’s narrow down our focus on the types of pedals on offer in the market today.

1. Platform/Standard Pedals

These nature of pedals are best used for casual or leisure cycling. Also known as flat pedals, these are probably the most common type around. They are beginner friendly, inexpensive and are compatible with any nature of footwear. One is also easily able to take the foot off when stopping.

On the downside, however, the lack of attachment to the pedals makes it easy for the foot to slide off when pedaling. They also make it difficult to apply their full pedal force.

2. Clip-less Bike Pedals

A large number of mountain and road bikers prefer these nature of pedals due to their stability. Clip-less pedals come with attaching cleats. This fits into the rider’s shoes to hold their feet in place.

As you may have guessed, you need cycling specific shoes for these kinds of pedals. Such shoes are often stiff with holes through which you can fit the pedals cleats. Clip-less pedals give the cyclist total control power when riding fast. Riders are encouraged to ensure their shoes are compatible with the chosen pedals to avoid any inconveniences.

3. Pedal Toe Clips and Straps

As the name implies, these come with toe-cages in which the rider fits the foot while riding. They also sometimes come with additional straps to secure the leg onto the pedals. They are light, very secure and are often durable.

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Top 3 Best MKS Pedals Review

MKS Sylvan Touring Bike Pedals

1. MKS Sylvan Touring Bike Pedals

If you have larger feet, this might be what your looking for.

With its 9/16 inches size, alloy body and cage, it has been the all-time favorite of many bicycle owners. It doesn’t allow movement of one’s feet unless you want it to move.

This pedal can be quite heavy when compared with other models. However other pedals will allow your foot to slip on, but this won’t.

At first, you will also notice that the bearings are too tight. One thing you can do is to loosen the locking nut.

MKS Sylvan Touring Bike PedalsAfterwards, release it and snug the smaller nut. The jam nut will then need to be tight.

This lock-nut design of this bicycle pedal has made it easier to carry out adjustments.

Once you have it set, check whether it works better. There are minimal cases wherein the service may need to be fine-tuned. In such cases, it is highly recommended to go with a sealed bearing version.

It would make your life a whole lot easier.

Another thing you’ll see is that the pedal may have some grease in it. It can be a nasty surprise, but it can actually just be old grease that may add up to the overall capability of the pedal.

In cases like this you will need to lubricate or rebuild it, disassembly has never been a problem.

You don’t also have to worry when finding or purchasing a pedal wrench. The MKS Sylvan Touring Bike pedal actually has a 6mm Hex/ Allen key inside it.

An Allen wrench can be used to allow the removal or attachment of the pedal to the crank.

The MKS Sylvan Touring Bike Pedals is made in Japan and comes in pairs for a very reasonable price.

For more information and current pricing. CLICK HERE

The Pros and the Cons:



• Hex / Allen key on the inside pedal for adjtmt on the fly.

• Stick tightly to shoes.

• Easy to flip the pedals and get your foot in the clip.

• Pedals don’t flex like the cheaper plastic ones.

• Excellent value.



• Bearings are a bit iffy.

• Little gritty feeling when you spin.

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MKS Sylvan Touring Pedal Double Sided

2. MKS Sylvan Touring Pedal Double Sided

MKS pedals are nothing but excellent ones. Most local bike shops offer the same look of pedal, but the quality isn’t the same with MKS.

The traditional design and functionality is still the same today. Its platform gives freedom to use almost any type of shoes. The cleats often get worn down and may result in unanticipated movement.

These pedal also work if you are not a fan of toe-clips and straps.

MKS Sylvan Touring Pedal Double Sided

The bearings are slightly greased and need to be adjusted. It is quite common for the MKS models to require fine tuning as well as re-greasing since some are too tight.

You may need to take it apart to be able to have it in good shape and bring it back on again.

On top of that, its double-side feature greatly helps. This is because one won’t have to think of aligning their foot on one side just to control it.

So, whenever you are approaching a traffic light, rest assured that you can choose any of the sides.

Plastic pedals have been in the market that with only a few usage, will likely fall out. These plastic ones are mostly used on BMS style bikes.

Considering the nature of how these bikes move, plastic pedals are not a good choice. Although it can be bulky, it doesn’t offer the same durability with the alloy-made pedals.

Last but not least is the clean and stylish look it adds up to the bike overall. Unlike colored ones, the aluminum pedal suggests a vibrant yet simple touch.

Even if it’s just your first time buying this pedal, you won’t have problems integrating it in your bike.

The MKS Sylvan Touring Pedal Double Sided can be at a higher cost but the performances it adds up is still worth it.

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The Pros and the Cons:



• Nicely finished classic style of pedal.

• Lightweight.

• Wide platform for wide feet.

• Excellent choice for a commuter bike.

• Good price/overall quality ratio.



• Bearings feel a bit tight.

• Dust cap wrench to protect surface.

• May require re-greasing & fine tuning of tension on the bearing races.

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Mks Fd 7 Folding Pedal

3. Mks Fd-7 Folding Pedal

Getting tired of using plastic pedals? It’s now time to make the change.

Even though plastic pedals come upon purchasing a new bike, its life span is always cut short.

This is because of the low quality that often results in it being broken or it stopping functioning with just a few tries.

With the quality construction of Mks Fd-7, one can be at ease of its longevity. It’s very sturdy.

Mks Fd 7 Folding PedalThe best thing about this pedal is its ability to spin.

The pedal tends to spin well and is solid. Even in the harsh seasons, the pedal stays with its distinct spin.

One can also benefit from the little nubs. It provides a lot of grip and helps the bike rider not to slip off.

In cases you are in a hurry to go to the city, this pedal does not flex. Meaning, you won’t likely be losing the pedal.

After a year, there will also be no instances that it will fold up accidentally.

The Fd-7 Folding Pedal also comes with a large Allen key.

When it comes to the bearing, it is of high quality and the mechanism is ever sturdy.

Cyclists who have heavier weights will have to go with this pedal. It offers a solid support under the feet and makes the rider more comfortable.

If you have arthritic hands, you are doing yourself a favor with purchasing one of this. It actually does not require a lot of effort when it comes to the folding mechanism.

It is also helpful when biking during the night since the reflectors increase.
The drawbacks of using this pedal includes the heavyweight it has, trapped sand, and greased latch.

The Mks Fd-7 Folding Pedal pricing may be a factor to think about twice when buying this pedal, but be sure to keep in mind the benefits it has to offer.

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The Pros and the Cons:



• Bearings are obviously higher quality.

• Folding mechanism both easier to actuate.

• Spindle is real straight.

• Spot for a wrench, & hex slot on the back for adjust on the fly.

• Made of a sturdy and heavy metal.



• Too short when extended and too long when folded.

• Rounded and smooth surface gives zero grip.

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Mks Lambda BMX Platform Bicycle Pedals

Mks Lambda BMX Platform Bicycle Pedals

Straight from Japan, these pedals are probably the best platform model you will ever encounter. A good number of their users have attested to the MKS Lambda efficiency regardless of the riding situation. Amicably, MKS already has a shimmering reputation in the industry.

Mks Lambda BMX Platform Bicycle PedalsIts prowess when it comes to molding noteworthy pedals is legendary. The Lambda BMX pedals are a perfect testament of that fact.

First and foremost, these pedals are super lightweight. Sculptured from aluminum, they only weigh 420 grams per pair. Its highly polished alloy body wears a beautiful silver color that remains unscathed for a long time. Despite being light, these pedals are pretty sturdy; they are built to stand the test of time.

The extremely wide surfaces minimize any chances of feet slipping off. In addition to that, the anodized finish gives its surface a super grip that’s definitely a bonus. The C-shaped patterned platforms are designed to ensure reinforced and constant footing on the pedals. Even in rainy situations, users are able to retain their grip without much hassle.

For that cherry on the cake, the Lambda pedals feature orange reflectors for visibility in the dark. These thoughtful pieces are designed to ensure cyclists safety in more than one way. When it comes to platform pedals, there’s not a better choice out there.

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The Pros and the Cons:



• Wide patterned surface.

• Reflectors for better visibility.

• Extremely lightweight.



• Complaints of the pedals being too slippery.

For more information and current pricing. CLICK HERE

MKS Urban Platform Pedal Sealed Bearing Silver Alloy

MKS Urban Platform Pedal Sealed Bearing Silver Alloy

Its always good to give credit where it’s due. And in this case, the MKS Urban platform pedals are pretty badass. In all honesty, we wouldn’t expect anything less from MKS. However, its always mind-blowing every time these genius creators give us yet another stunning product.

MKS Urban Platform Pedal Sealed Bearing Silver AlloyThe MKS Urban platform pedals are one of a kind; despite being platform pedals, they are surprisingly stable. Pedal stability is very important when cycling; a minor slip up could have fatal effects. With the MKS Urban pedals, safety is the number one priority.

This light alloy pedal features a flip tongue which helps maintain smooth rotations. On the surface, the pedal is laced with a triple seal bearing. This feature ensures optimum performance by deterring mud and dust build up. Weighing only 406g, these pedals are feather light making control a cinch.

These are tremendously versatile. Their toe-clip compatibility gives them a dual functionality aspect. In situations where you feel you may need a bit more support, all you need to do is fix on some toe-clips. Regardless, they super feel smooth when riding; you need not worry about any amount of shakiness with these pieces.

If you’re looking for functionality without necessarily using cleats and cycling shoes, these are the pedals. They work great with soft soled shoes. In short, any type of shoes works for these pedals, especially for short distance rides. Plus it doesn’t hurt that its silver furnished body is as sleek as they come.

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The Pros and the Cons:



• Toe-clip compatible.

• Flip tongue for simplified rotation.

• Triple seal bearing.



• A tad bit small for platform pedals.

For more information and current pricing. CLICK HERE

Final Thoughts

Pedaling is the driving force of any bicycle ride. A good pair of pedals lets you drive insane amounts of power into your bicycle’s drive-train. This guarantees you speed and stability all through. Platform pedals are comfortable and are highly recommended for casual riders.

After reading the above you have gotten an idea of some exciting bike pedals MKS has to offer. They offer many features that are appealing.

For instance the MKS Sylvan Touring Bike Pedals for those with larger feet. This is due to the unique size of the pedal and also its wonderful lock-nut design.

The MKS Sylvan Touring Pedal Double Shield has a traditional design and is an easy to use pedal.

Sturdy pedals are present with the Mks Fd-7 Folding Pedal.

The pedal is also exciting as it can spin. Bike pedals must be suited to one’s body. It should be comfortable to use.

A bike pedal that suits someone else may not be good for you. This is because these tend to be different according to one’s feet size, weight, etc.

More often than not, it doesn’t matter what type of shoes you choose to wear, they work just as good. MKS gives its users a range of competent platform pedals to pick from. No matter which model you pick, you can never go wrong with MKS.

Therefore if you wish to enjoy your cycling experience take out time looking for the best bike pedal for you.

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