Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Shoes [2022 Review + Buyer’s Guide]

Best Mountain Bike Shoes 2019 Review
The Best Mountain Bike Shoes have become very versatile. You can find any of these shoes in retail shops all over plus the option of buying online. With more and more upcoming shoes in the market, the problem is also increasing. More people are finding it difficult to distinguish a suitable fit for them. There are a lot of factors to look out for in regards to the heel, the fit of the shoe, the outer sole features among others.

For that reason, reading this article will be very beneficial to you in all aspects. You will learn about all the factors to out look for when you are purchasing your mountain bike shoes. This refers to price considerations, features, pros, and cons. Besides, you will get a glimpse of 5 of the best mountain bike shoes in the market. Without further ado let’s get right into it!

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Shopping is always a fun activity whether it’s window shopping or the actual buy of something. There’s nothing as fulfilling as putting on new shoes and being able to use them and efficiently. With that, here is a comprehensive look at the mountain bike shoes buyers guide.

Before you actually look at the guide, it’s important to understand a simple fact. There is a relevant difference between road shoes and mountain bike shoes. Which is;

Road shoes have a smoother sole, but, the mountain bikes have rough soles. They have 3 bolt cleats for easier road riding. But, the mountain bike shoes that just have 2 bolt cleats that align properly to the bike’s pedals.

Other than that, they do have just the same qualities. you can use this buyer’s guide to get you those stunning shoes.

There are 3 main characteristics of mountain bike shoes. These enclose all the facts you need to know about purchasing these shoe ad. They include;

Mountain Bike Shoes Buyer's Guide - Five Ten Freerider Mens Mountain Bike Shoes

The Sole Materials

There is a great difference between a flat shoe and a heel. Better yet, there is a great difference between a stiletto and a block heel. With the same concept, the proper shoe sole can bring about the main difference. plus it can make deciding on the apt shoe a whole lot easier.

First, the stiffness of the shoe. The stiffer the shoe, the more flexible it will be. This also transmits the more power gets transferred to the pedals. Which makes it all easier and simpler to ride. But the stiffness does pose some bit of drawbacks.

One is that the stiffness of the shoe will also bring about greater vibrations in your feet. The vibrations will cause you to tire more faster than usual. Another drawback is if you had any prior feet problems. The stiffness of the shoe can heighten the problem in your feet posing a greater health risk to you than before.

Another factor to look for while looking at the sole is the price of the shoe. Sometimes all you need to know about the shoe is the price. The greater the price the better it is in terms of quality and stiffness.

During manufacturing, such shoe’s soles are made with 2 materials. That is nylon and carbon. From the rate of expansiveness, the slow could be made with nylon only, nylon and carbon or a full-on carbon sole. The most expensive shoes are made with full-on carbon soles. They are not only stiff but they are also durable and provide great functionality.

Mountain Bike Shoes Buyer's Guide - Five Ten Hellcat Mens Mountain Bike Shoes

The Upper Material

Besides the material uses to make the sole, the upper material or covering of the shoe plays a huge role as well. First off, the ventilation. A good shoe should allow tour feet to breath and regulate the air getting in and out of your shoes.

Regulation is good especially when it comes to winter times. Going mountain biking in the winter with the wrong shoes could give you frostbites. Besides that, bring about feet problems due to the cold air entering through your shoe.

There are various ventilation options in these mountain bike shoes. There are mesh panels, these have one of the best ventilation systems. But they are quite hard to clean unless you are purchasing a black shade. That shade will not show the actual accumulation of dirt.

Another variant is the holes type. This might actually be the best in both ventilation and cleaning. Another great type is the man-made fibers that are very easy to carry for.

Another material quality to look out for is the general material used to make the shoe. Man-made material is fine. It could be long-lasting, but the best quality is the kangaroo leather. This has a top-notch quality with good features like a perfect fit of the shoe and comfort-ability.

The last quality to look at on the upper material is the closure system. There is no specific method of closing the shoe that totally stands out. This is in terms of providing the best strength but there are 2 common types that go will with mountain bike shoes. These are the Velcro and boa closure system.

Boa is actually very common as it’s a type of lace that you fasten to fir your leg perfectly. It’s quick, reliable and light. The other type, the Velcro has its benefits of being a fats fastener. But it has its drawbacks. This is the Velcro may wear out quickly. This means you may need to replace or change the shoe altogether, not so long lasting.

Mountain Bike Shoes Buyer's Guide - Diamondback Men's Trace Clipless Pedal Compatible Cycling Shoe

Individual Considerations

This section is actually very simple. It’s all about what you want from your shoe, you are the wearer and the purchaser hence all the choices will be yours. The first thing to notice is the size and shape of the shoe.

Different companies offer different shoe types. They all come with different designs as you will see below. Some may prefer longer, wider or shoes with greater volumes.

Wider shoes can prevent pinching every now and then. The longer or narrow shoes provide a good fit for and perfect closure. When buying the shoes, it’s advised to actually fit the shoe. Especially while in the shop or before paying for the buy of the shoe.

Another good tip when wearing the shoe is to stand in your toes while in the shoes to get a feel of the heel. A good heel cap also offers a good transfer of power.

If you have the hot feet condition, it’s advised to take a deeper look into the air holes on the shoe. The fitness to ensure you will not buy a shoe that might worsen your condition. As you are fitting the shoes, ensure to be dressed in one pair of socks. This is to get the perfect feel when you will actually be mountain biking.

Another quality to consider is the look of the shoe. Certainly, you may not choose to buy a good shoe but looks horrible according to you. So consider how the design fits your dressing or style and proceed from there.

With those tips on the buying guide am sure you will not be having any more problems choosing the right shoe for you.
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Product Reviews of These Best Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain Bike Shoes Buyer's Guide - Five Ten Men's Freerider Bike Shoe

Five Ten Men’s Freerider MTB Bike Shoes

The Five Ten Men’s Freerider MTB bike shoes are a gracious addition to the Five Ten renowned brand. This brand located in California is well known for producing high-quality footwear. They offer top-notch performance and high friction footwear. This gives them an edge against their competitors in the industry.

Established in 1985, Five Ten have provided some of the best shoe collections. They manufacture for the riskiest and most accelerating sports out there. This ranges from kayaking to hiking and mountain riding shoes. All their shoes are crafted with the best materials to last a lifetime. while still serving the best for their clients.

Their products are not just safe but secure. They are guaranteed to bring satisfaction to their customers. They uphold innovation in every one of their additions and they are not about to stop now.

This shoe comes available to all downhill riders, off-road riders, and other users. It has its own unique design weighing about 3 pounds or less.Five Ten Men's Freerider Bike Shoe,Grey/Black,9 D US

Sole Material

The sole is made out of rubber just like any other mountain bike shoes. But what makes it stand out is the stealth of the rubber. It is made with exemplary precision to fit all their athletes’ needs. The amount of effort and finesse placed on the sole rubber is like no other.

A lot of time has been dedicated to this sole to ensure that it’s extra grippy. It also has to cling tightly onto the pedals to allow for maximum power transfer from the legs to the pedal. This is made possible even without the cleats on a clipless designed shoe.

One drawback though about the sole on this mountain bike shoe is the flatness. The lack of connection between the shoe’s sole and the pedals on the bike. This requires you will need to exert a little more force. This is to properly cling to the pedal which could cause you to be easily fatigued from the activity.

Upper Material

The upper material used in the shoe includes a suede leather. That provides some bit of warmth to the shoe as well sleekness in its design.

It also has a mesh panel work at the top to allow for easy aeration. You are well assured of free air in and out of the shoe. The meshwork may not be the best design. But Five Ten know their way around to ensure you are not getting any hot feet conditions as you enjoy your sport.

In terms of cleaning, the outer material is very easy to clean with the simple water and soap remedy. This is all thanks to the fiber material used that is very easy to tend.

Individual Considerations

One thing to note about this shoe is the attractive design that calls you to purchase it. Available in dull colors including grey and black. The shoe makes it easier to wear every now and then seeing that you might not be able to see any dirt remnants.

The shoe is available in various sizes. They can be measured out with either the US size conventions or the EU sizing system.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Five Ten Men’s Freerider MTB Bike Shoes at



• Very comfortable to wear.

• Can be worn outside the sporting activity.

• Airy mesh-work panel for gold air circulation.

• Can be budget friendly.



• They are not compatible with the SPD cleats.

• Easily prone to fatigue due to the shoe being clip-less.

• The mesh panel is susceptible to weather and tear after some time.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Five Ten Men’s Freerider MTB Bike Shoes at

Mountain Bike Shoes Buyer's Guide - TriSeven Mountain MTB Shoes

TriSeven Mountain MTB Shoes

The Triseven is a renowned brand from Europe that’s is well known for its triathlon products. Especially ones associated with cycling. For some years now, TriSeven has dedicated its time and effort to be the best. All the designing and developing some of the best shoes for athletes here are in the market takes a toil.

It offers nothing short of quality and unmatched value. This is compared to other shoes with some of it’s best features highlighted below.

TriSeven Mountain MTB Shoes - Lightweight, Breathable Synthetic Leather, Anti-Slip Heal & SPD/Indoor Cycling Compatible! (46) BlueSole Material

Another great feature is that it is SPD and SPD- SL compatible. This not only means great compatibility with the bike’s pedals. But a more power transferability. You will be less prone to fatigue compared to the flat soled shoes.

It also has a midsole made with Ethyl Vinyl Acetate. This is for improved efficiency and better comfort while walking. The midsole is some form of cushion that allows you feet to exert pressure on the shoe without pain or strain.

Upper Material

The shoe is made with synthetic microfiber leather material. this comes with mesh panels for breathing purposes. It also has the lace and strap fastener. That’s assured to offer perfect fitting of the shoe as well as comfort while walking or riding.

Individual Considerations

The shoe has an anti-slip heel mechanism. That not only provides for comfort of the shoe but also allows the foot to be stable as you ride the bike. You don’t want the shoe slipping off as you ride.

When it comes to this look, TriSeven has a way with colors. They embrace all sort of colors from turquoise blue, pink, shades of neutral, black and white. The colors too alias come blended and mixed to fit any style and clients design needs.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the TriSeven Mountain Shoes at



• The shoe includes the SPD cleats.

• Versatile uses for both indoor and outdoor.

• Rigid soles provide great support.

• Great aeration with the mesh panels on the shoes

• Quick and easy lace and steel fasteners.



• The EU sizing convention is rather confusing.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the TriSeven Mountain Shoes at

Mountain Bike Shoes Buyer's Guide - Tommaso Montagna 100 Men's Mountain Bike MTB Spin Cycling Shoe Compatible

Tommaso Montagna 100 Men’s Mountain Bike Cycling Shoes

Tommaso Montagna 100 Men’s Mountain Bike Spin Cycling shoes are a part of the Tommaso company. They are an Italian shoe company. They are widely known for manufacturing short attire precisely Cycling items.

For some years now, Tommaso has worked to ensure the safety and comfort of athletes. They endeavor to take hikes, ride the mountain tops or take up spin classes every now and then. With that came the evolvement of these shoes that are now among the best mountain bike shoes in the market.

Weighing about 2 pounds, this shoe had been envy not just by the astonishing design it has. But the features and quality it has.

Sole Material

To start off, this shoe boasts a stiff fiberglass sole. The sole has been reinforced with polyamide for extra transfer of power in your legs. That’s why the shoes have been among the best shoes. Not only for mountain riding but use in indoor activities like at a spin class.

Still, in the sole, the shoe has been fitted with removable climbing spikes. That offer more support during walking in adverse conditions like over muddy areas.

Tommaso Montagna 100 Men's Mountain Bike MTB Spin Cycling Shoe Compatible with SPD Cleats Black - 44Upper Material

So what about the closure? It has a Velcro feel with other variants having additional straps. All for your comfort during wearing, walking, and riding. The 3 Velcro straps on the shoe are meant to provide a perfect fit for your leg. And to avoid any forms of strain that may be felt due to unwarranted spaces.

The shoe also has to mesh inserts panels for proper ventilation in the shoe. The tongue of the shoe is also designed with a material that is also breathable. Still, on its sleek design. The interior had been modified to wick away any accumulated moisture. This is to allow you to walk or ride easily even in hot seasons.

Individual Considerations

The Montagna 100 is said to be perfect for both commuting and mountain biking. From its outward look, its nothing more than exquisite. The 3 Velcro straps add an element of design to the shoemaking stand out even more.

Regardless if you are a fan of the type, shape of the size of the shoe, it actually looks fashionable for a sporty attire. The shape suggests a longer shoe. This allows for a tighter grip of the shoe. And, the leather used to make the shoe allows for the fit to be nothing short but perfect.

The common color for the shoe is black. But, there are also other hues such as white. There is also a blend between colors where the supplementary color only appears as a line. Unless you prefer something wider or greater in volume this is a great pick.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Tommaso Montagna 100 MTB Cycling Shoes at



• It can be used for mountain rides, spin classes, and other activities.

• The shoes come with a 2 years warranty on the quality.

• There is precision on the fit of the Velcro straps.

• Ergonomic shoe altogether with interior ventilation and comfort.



• Velcro straps prone to wear and tear after period of usage.

• Mesh panels susceptible to wear and tear after constant cleaning.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Tommaso Montagna 100 MTB Cycling Shoes at

Mountain Bike Shoes Buyer's Guide - Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes
Zol Predator Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes

The Zol brand presents the Zol Predator MTB and indoor Cycling shoes. They are meant to be as versatile as they sound. Weighing about 13 ounces. The shoes offer great quality features and comfort through and through.

With the company mainstream products being cycling products. They have specialized in making their products as lightweight. The company has maintained a sharp detailed eye to their clients.

Sole material

The sole has a 2 bolt cleat compatibility with SPD, plus any other mountain bike pedals. The nylon fiberglass is double injected to provide more stiffness. Rigidness, and comfort while riding the bike.

The insole is also uniquely designed to be perforated. This is so as to allows for sweat and water from the shoe to easily drain away. Especially during the hot season or for those who may have the hot feet condition. Having a perforated insole allows your feet to breath and prevent further conditions. Ailments like the famous athlete’s foot that comes with an accumulation of sweat. Especially over long periods of exposure to moist environments.

Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes 45 Upper material

One unique feature about this shoe is the carbon fiber 3-piece hook and strap fastener. This attaches to the shoe that’s not only comfortable to the wearer but provides a perfect fit of the shoe.

The shoe also provides capabilities in the aeration spaces to allow for your feet to breathe.

From an outward look into the shoe, you can notice that it looks to be heavier than other shoes. But in fact, it has a light feel to it. The only thing that makes it stand out is the wideness of the shoe that allows your toes to wiggle in the shoes easily. Another great technique when it comes to the flexibility and surface area of the shoe.

Individual Considerations

This shoe is known to offer support for indoor cycling, downhill and mountain riding. It has a stunning design that comes in various colors. Plus it is suitable for anyone with the above-mentioned features.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Zol Predator MTB & Indoor Cycling Shoes at



• The shoe is lightweight.

• Easily breathable interior for cool temperatures in the shoe.

• The fiberglass nylon sole offers the perfect rigidity for biking.

• Diverse capability with its 2 bolt cleats.



• Inacurate chart sizes makes it difficult to find the right size shoe.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Zol Predator MTB & Indoor Cycling Shoes at

Mountain Bike Shoes Buyer's Guide - Gavin Off Road Mountain Cycling Shoes MTB

Gavin Off-Road Mountain Cycling Shoes

The Gavin Off Road MTB Cycling shoes are among the great collection of the Gavin brand. The company has been leaders in the industry. They produce stunning and high-quality bike shoes. Although some may not actually recognize this brand. They do produce some of the best triathlon products in the industry.

This specific Off-Road Mountain Cycling shoe weighs approximately 2 pounds. It comes with a stylish design.

The shoe offers versatility in usage in that you can use them for on and off-road cycling. This MTB has its fitting sizes fitted with EU sizing conventions. This is actually common among Gavin shoes.

Sole Materials

The MTB shoe has a nylon fiberglass sole that offers stiffness and rigidity in riding. This is therefore very flexible when. Plus it offers greater power transfer from the feet to the bike’s pedals.

The sole is also known to reduce the amount of flexing involved. This is if the sole was not designed in that way with the lightweight materials used.

This Off Road shoes have tout lugged soles. This is highly recommended for traction purposes. Another great element on the soles is the ability to add on SPD cleats. They are sold on a separate basis but they are great to use with the shoes.

Gavin Off Road Mountain Cycling Shoes MTB Upper Material

Gavin uses various fastening techniques. But with this Off-Road Mountain Cycling shoe, it has the hook and loop straps, 3 of them. These offer greater fit of the shoe compared to other methods

Ventilation wise, the shoe offers mesh panels. They are very breathable allowing your feet to feel more comfortable. It also offers air vents at the bottom, where the sole is to keep the feet aerated. You are assured to walk on cool feeling shoes.

The material for the show is synthetic microfiber leather. That is also durable, though, strong, great texture and very light in terms of weight.

Individual Considerations

Look wise, the shoe comes various colors. Including black, blue, light shades of green with blends between colors as well. The shoe also has reflective heel tabs that make it easier to ride even in the night time or on low light areas. This is not only safe for the riders but secure as well.

When it comes to fitting the shoe, you will find that the heel cups are molded. This offers greater support and stability when you are riding.

The shoe is quite worth the money. With its ability to be worn with both casual attire and sporty costumes. You can easily and comfortably walk and ride with these shoes.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Gavin Off-Road MTB Shoes at



• Budget-friendly process tags.

• A strong closure system for a perfect fit.

• Great logged soles for traction.

• Great compatibility with pedals using their cleats.

• Use of high-quality material .



• Adjustability of the cleat bolts to the pedals is rather difficult.

• Sizing of the shoes comes in EU conventions .

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Gavin Off-Road MTB Shoes at

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Final Thoughts

Purchasing the wrong shoe can have adverse effects on your health. Not just feet problems like bunions or constant pain or strain on the legs. But too much fatigue can also cause you health problems.

The above article has clearly explained the factors to look out for. This includes the type of sole that would be best for mountain biking, the best materials. Also, the fastener type, important features like stiffness, ventilation, and cleaning.

Besides the elaborate buying guide. This article also highlighted the 5 best mountain bike shoes you should add to your shoe rack. All the features have been highlighted. Together with their strong points and drawbacks of each shoe.

With this article, there’s nothing else holding you back from getting what you want. With most of these shoe pocket-friendly as well, you are set to get your money’s worth.

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