Best Baby Bike Trailer: Top 5 Bike Trailers [2020 Review + Buyer’s Guide]

Child bike trailers bring superior convenience to parents who love to explore the world on a bike but hate to leave their kids behind. Although the market offers a bunch of models to pick from, the best baby bike trailer are never an easy find.

More often than not, only a handful of products on sale are befitting. There’s always the lingering risk of making a fallacious purchase.

The only way to dodge such a situation is meticulous research before hitting the market. That way, you can be sure of your child’s comfort and safety whenever you take a ride together.

Seeing the undeniable predicament that cycling parents face all too often. We thought it right to help ease this path for them.

We’ve whipped up the best child bike trailer buyer’s guide you’ll encounter anywhere today.

Are you stuck on how to single out the best trailer? Maybe worried that your budget may not get you exactly what you want? Rest easy; we have your back.

Let’s just say this write up could be the guiding light to your most pertinent options. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Top 5 Best Child Bike Trailers Comparison Chart

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Why You Need a Child Bike Trailer

Now if you intend to take your little bundle joy out on your cycling adventures. Then you already know you need a trailer.

If you’re still skeptical about getting one, allow me to help settle your mind. There are a bunch of benefits that come with using a bike trailer.

Here’s a brief outline of some of the blatant ones.


When all you want is to tag your baby along on your bike, you have a multitude of ways through which you can do so.

Cargo bikes are often most people’s first and most eligible option. Sadly, because of their usually staggering price tags, not everyone can afford one.

Nevertheless, all is not lost thanks to the more pocket friendly trailers. They offer the same amount of convenience and adeptness only at a lower price.

Not to mention the added advantage of flexibility as we’ll soon discover.

Great for exercise

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Child Steel Bicycle Trailer, RedTrailing extra weight on a bike sure takes a lot of energy. While this is mostly regarded an inconvenience, it’s a great way to get your body working.

You get a thorough workout for your core and legs without putting much thought into it. And the best part is that you get to share quality time with your little one in that very process.


The great thing about trailers is that you can detach them from your bike when not in use. In addition to that, other than having your baby on board, you can also throw in any extra cargo in the trailer.

Its a super convenient extension that’s useful in multiple ways. However, it is barely a nuisance when not needed.


Even in the event of an accident. Trailers are designed to keep children safely tucked away from danger and injury.

Parents are able to ride on without having to worry about any major mishaps.  Trailer cocoon cabins are designed to take the beating.

One behalf of its passengers in the face of disaster.

Kids love it…

A majority of kids love riding on a trailer while exploring the world in the company of their guardians.

Children get all giddy over the thought of a trailer bike ride. And who would blame them, its exhilarating.
Aosom Elite 2-in-1 Double Child Two-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Trailer and Jogger with 2 Safety Harnesses - Black/White

Choosing the Right Bike Trailer

Choosing a bike that perfectly fits your needs is far from easy. The same goes for bike trailers.

Above all else, you must identify what you want or need; jot down a list if you have to.

Once in the store, check for a trailer that fits your prescription. You may have to make a couple of compromises, but chances are you’ll secure your ideal trailer.

That said, there are a few essential factors that one should consider before coming to a decision. A keen analysis of the following will lead you right to the best possible option.


In this case, you must ask yourself one imperative query. Is the trailer single or multi-functional?

Trailers vary in size and functionality. Some can carry two kids simultaneously while others are restricted to one.

Some more advanced models serve as strollers too; these are super versatile. Also, always regard the amount of cargo space available.

Even in the case of single trailers. You may need to trail extra cargo; space is of the essence when it comes to bike trailers.

Frame material

The trailer frame determines its overall strength and weight. If the frame material is heavy, you’ll be trailing one heck of a hefty load.

Needless to say, light materials are very convenient. However, be sure to check on their resilience as well.

Aluminum is the most popular material thanks to its dual power facility. It is not only ultralight, but it is also incredibly strong.

Steel frames are often impressively sturdy; on the downside though, they weigh a ton.
Clevr Red Collapsible 2 Seats 3-in-1 Double Bicycle Trailer Baby Bike Jogger/Stroller Jogging Running Kids Cart Bike | Suspension & Pivot Front Wheel

Harness Points

When it comes to harness points, the more the merrier; at least in the case of security.

3-5 harness points ensure maximal security once the trailer is hooked to the bike. This means the trailer will stay glued on no matter how bumpy ride gets.

The only downside to multiple harness points is that it may take you longer to fix the trailer on to the bike.

Padding and Safety

Remember, a bike trailer is meant for kids and pets. They are often fragile and need a heavily cushioned ambiance to avoid injuries.

Heavy padding is especially important around the head and neck area.

You also need to check whether the padding is detachable. This is for easier and frequent cleaning.

Weather and Bug Proof

Other than accidents, the trailer should also shield your kid from elements such as dust and rain. Extra fittings such as screen nets are always a bonus since they keep bugs out.

In that same note, the trailer should be well ventilated. Smooth airflow is essential for the child’s comfort.


The trailer size is just as important as any other factor if not one of the most essential.

Size determines the ages through which a child can comfortably fit in a trailer’s cabin.  Due to their low ceilings, some bike trailers may require replacing as the kid grows older.

Its always advisable to find flexible trailers that offer enough space for a kid to grow into.  Its never pleasant when you have to replace a trailer when you could have just bought a more suitable, one in the first place.

Now that we know what to look for in a good child bike trailer, its time to explore a few available options.

Each of the following reviews comprises of a detailed analysis of some of the best child bike trailers in the market today.

5 Best Child Bike Trailers for 2020 Review

Best Baby Bike Trailer: Best Baby Bike Trailer: Smooth Sailer Child Trailer

Bell’s Child Bicycle Trailer

Straight from the Bell factory. The Smooth sailer child trailer is hands down one of the best within its price range.

To start this review off, we must acknowledge this trailer’s affordability. Despite being a double trailer.

Its pricing is very reasonable making it a pocket friendly option for any parent working on a budget.

In most cases, a cheaper price tag often translates to low quality products. Yet, the child trailer by Bells is an exemplar trailer that fulfills all basic cycling expectations, one may have in mind.

The two passenger trailer is sturdy, secure and convenient in every possible way. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, let’s take a look at the assortment of proof well laid on its plate.

The Body Frame

Best Child Bike Trailers - Smooth Sailer Child TrailerThis trailer ‘s frame is sculptured from hard-wearing steel. As you can guess, steel is as solid as you can get.

The material is well known to provide years on years of steadfast service.
Although steel is regarded a bit heavy. Its durability factor makes it a favorite to a good number of avid cyclists.

Its also explains its exceptional ability to hold up to 100 pound of weight at a go.

The trailer’s cover is a waterproof sail that’s made to hold all through its lifespan.

It features two windows on either side. Each comes with a plastic cover for protection against adverse weather conditions.

Its front also comes with a plastic cover to keep elements such as dust and water off the interior.

The windows also feature a mesh that helps keep off teeny perils such as bugs.

Down below, the trailer is well equipped with 16 inch weather resistant wheels. There very capable of taking on rugged paths.

It also features a third front wheel that attaches to its front when the trailer is in stroller mode.


Best Baby Bike Trailer: Smooth Sailer Child TrailerLike mentioned earlier, the trailer can be transformed into a stroller when not in use on the bike.

It comes with an extra wheel and a back fold away handle that come in handy when in stroller mode. To save on space, the smooth sailer trailer flat folds for no brainer stowing.

In addition to its two passenger capacity, the trailer has extra storage space. You can toss in any extra paraphernalia into the trailer for hassle free transit.


Of all its features, you have to love its fast and secure installation process. In a snap, you’ll have this trailer securely tied to the bike and ready for use.

Its 5 point harness system creates a rock solid attachment to the bicycle. Fixing on 5 harnesses sure sounds like a lot of work.

However, Bell made sure it was super simplified with this trailer.

The unfastening process is also pretty nippy. Its quick release system is mighty handy and saves a tremendous amount of time.



• Stroller mode makes it very flexible.

• Plastic covers offer sufficient protection from the elements.

• Plenty of storage space.

• Sturdy, durable make material.

• 2 passenger trailer with a 100lb weight capacity.



• Limited stroller features make it a bit unstable in that state.

• Insufficient interior cushioning.

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Best Child Bike Trailers -In Step Sync Single Seat Foldable Tow Behind Bike Trailers

Instep’s Single & Double Seat Foldable Tow Behind Bike Trailer

Available in both single and double seat states. The InStep bike trailer is few of the most pliable trailers available.

It features a extensive list of features that make it a top rated trailer.

It has also been labelled, on multiple occasions, as a banger for the buck making it a superb purchase.

Anyone who’s looking for a trailer worth every last cent spent, should definitely consider the this model.

This tow behind bike trailer is designed for maximal protection. Of both its passengers and cargo.

It is also designed to cause negligible quandaries to the the bike’s cyclist. In fact, the rider hardly feels it when on the road.

This trailer brings forth a fresh list of useful features that only add on to its worth, as a contender in this swamped market.

The Body Frame

Best Baby Bike Trailer: InStep Sync Single Seat Foldable Tow Behind Bike Trailers This trailer prides itself on being very lightweight. Its aluminum body frame may be feathery, but is built to stand the test of time and any sort of bashing it may encounter.

A nylon cover offers adequate shelter for the trailer’s interior and most importantly, its passenger.

The cover features a 2 in 1 canopy feature, which makes it an efficient shelter.

The two layered cover serves as a bug screen as well as a weather shield.

It features two transparent nylon windows. This gives its passenger a good glimpse of the outside world.

A mesh window at the back offers sufficient airflow through the trailer.

Its double layered front panel pulls all the way up to pave way in and out of the cabin.

16 inch pneumatic tires come with molded rims which not only look great, but also reinforce its capacity on the road.

The InStep trailer has a maxi weight capacity of 40lb. This means you can easily carry your baby and additional gear, in the trailer with zero worries of it toppling over.


Best Baby Bike Trailer: InStep Sync Single Seat Foldable Tow Behind Bike Trailers First and foremost, this trailer is compatible with most bikes in the market.

Its versatile bike coupler makes it an easy fix to a multitude of bike models. This makes it a rather prevalent choice among the masses.

It also comes in an array of color choices namely blue, green and red. Its folding frame design makes it a cinch to store.  It also coverts into a stroller giving it an upper hand over contending models.


A five point safety harness system offers consolidated security to the trailer, once hooked up to a bike. These strong safety harnesses are hardly offer up any challenges during installation.

A quick release wheel and easy assemblage parts, guarantees snappy erection and deconstruction at any given time.



• Easy handling due to its lightweight nature.

• Foldable design for easy storage.

• Also works as a stroller with equal efficiency.

• Compatible with most bicycle models.



• The interior padding is wanting.

• Not very durable due to its basic natured materials.

• Tires wear easily especially when over inflated.

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Best Baby Bike Trailer: Burley Design Honey Bee Bike Trailer, Red

Burley’s Kids Honey Bee Trailer

When it comes to high end trailers, you can count on Burley to blow your boots off.

The Burley kids’ honey bee trailer is amicably a top roller in the bike trailer market. Although its price tag is undeniably hefty, its users claim it is worth every penny spent on it.

And I couldn’t agree more. Just by looking at it, you can tell this trailer is state of the art.

Its combination of features is well thought through. Its evident its manufacturers took time in its conception.

This trailer offers everything from safety to comfort.

Its interior is designed to let kids travel in style. The Burley kids’ honey bee trailer is impressive by any standard.

Besides, I can confidently say that there’s probably not a safer trailer out there. Here’s why.

The Body Frame

Best Child Bike Trailers - Burley Design Honey Bee Bike Trailer, Red Aluminum frames are known to be very light and therefore, most suitable when it comes to bike trailers.

The Honey bee features heat treated aluminum frame tubes that prove to be as tough as nails.

With a carrying capacity of 100lb. We would expect nothing less.

The frame is then covered using a water resistant polyester cover. The cover is both weather resistant and extremely durable.

This bike trailer also features polyester seat fabric that reaffirms its interior’s longevity.

The exterior cover features reflective material and reflectors. This enhance its visibility even in extremely dull conditions.

The double seat trailer comes with hammock style seats. They are fabricated to promote extreme comfort.

These seats also come with Velcro for additional padding, in case the the seats still feel uncomfortable.

The Velcro lets parents fix on extra cushioning. This consolidates the seat’s comfiness a bit more.

Its 20″ wheels retain stability even at high speed; this trailer is unlikely to topple over.

Even when heavily loaded, its wheels remain astonishingly faithful all through.

Its windows are tinted to offer protection from UV rays. The rear window offers adequate ventilation for the trailer cabin, even when fully sealed.

The interior also houses rear cargo space for additional luggage.

Auxiliary safety is further provided through its built-in roll cage frame. The roll cage is meant to offer a bubble like effect, in case of an accidents. Ultimately securing the passengers’ well being.


Best Baby Bike Trailer: Burley Design Honey Bee Bike Trailer, Red When it comes to what else this trailer has up its sleeves, there’s a tremendous lot.

For one, it folds up into a compact space saving mass that should offer naught trouble during storage. Its adjustable ergonomic handlebars double as roll bars, when the trailer folds forward into bike mode.

It also comes with a 1 wheeler stroller kit for eased use in stroller mode.

Whether in trailer or stroller mode, its retains meticulous responsiveness. This makes steering smooth and snappy.


With a five point harness system, putting this trailer together is a walk in the park.

Rapid assembly makes it an adept option. Its disintegration process is also a no-brainer activity, that only takes up a couple of seconds.

It also has a parking brake at the park to secure its position when parked.



• Easy to push and steer even on unwieldy paths.

• Its design is efficient and ultimately comfy for kids.

• The trailer is weather resistant.

• Accident proof – Wide wheels/integrated roll cage frame.



• Hammock/reclining not paded enough.

Handle does not lock tightly in place.

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Best Child Bike Trailers - WIKE WDOTRAOG Moonlite Bicycle Trailer

Wike’s Moonlite Bike Trailer

If you’re looking for malleability, look no further.

The Wike Moonlite bike trailer is as flexible as they come, with unique features that make it an outstanding jewel.

Its overall classic design is like none ever seen before. It also gives it special capabilities that other contending bike trailers, may not possess.

Even as your baby grows, this bike trailer remains befitting all through, thanks to its expansive measurements.

And as many parents positively can attest to, a bike trailer of such a nature is a rarity.

Even though its not regarded the best trailer in the game. It’s definitely a top shelf product by most standards.

Don’t believe me? Just take a the brief tour below outlining its most eligible features.

The Body Frame

Best Baby Bike Trailer: WIKE WDOTRAOG Moonlite Bicycle Trailer The Wike Moonlite bike trailer comes in an authentic cloak. This not only gives it a dapper flair. It also enhances its overall performance.

Its double hoop construct plays an imperative role in keeping its passengers safe. The hoops strengthen the sides against any heavy impacts.

The hoops are reinforced and can withstand any bashing, to keep the interior unscathed.

This factor is further backed by a hard roller cage; an addition just as sturdy.

This allows it to juggle upto 100lb of weight without much of a struggle.

The trailer’s hard plastic flooring does a lot more than just sit there. It keeps external elements and perils off the interior.

The plastic flooring is also tremendously easy to clean up in case of any spills excetra.

It also has bug and rain screens for even more protection against, unforeseen elements.

The bike trailer also features a bonus bright safety flag. This gives away its position even in the dead of the night.

Its amazing wheels allow for an easy, comfortable ride even on bumpy rides.

The trailer is designed for all round maximal performance. 360 degree impact protection and handling.


Best Child Bike Trailers - WIKE WDOTRAOG Moonlite Bicycle Trailer Here’s the thing, this trailer bike folds surprisingly fast. Disassembling only takes a couple of seconds.

Its wheels are removed by the simple push of a button. Pretty neat, right?

When it comes to storage space, you get more than enough with the moonlite bike trailer.

It features under the seat storage space as well as a deep storage pocket in its rear. As if that wasn’t enough space already.

It also includes two additional inside pockets for toys. That is definetely a clever way to keep kids well occupied during a ride.

Loading and unloading is super convenient for parents and especially for bigger kids.

Its cushy passenger seats are great for kids to a point they can snooze off on without hurting them.

They also feature two five pointed bibs; each for one passenger.

They work great in keeping them glued to their seats.


Two bicycle hitches allow for easy and unsullied attachment to the bike. Its five harness points offer a solid grip to the bike without the possibility of detachment.

Appropriate installation results in easy tows and turns. Regardless of the weather or terrain.



• Hard plastic flooring offers protection & makes easy to clean floor.

• Easy to assemble and disassemble.

• Solid cage that keeps the passenger protected.

• Dual passenger sitting.



• Doesn’t come with a jogger/stroller kit.

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Best Child Bike Trailers - Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer + Stroller +Jogger (Two Seats, Charcoal/Red)

Hamax’s Outback Muilti-Sport Child Bike Trailer

Its durable, its sleek, its badass on the road; say hello to the Hamax Outback Multi-sport trailer.

This trailer has got to be the creme de la creme of all child bike trailers out there. Right from its design, down its material, this trailer screams next level quality.

Its features push its functionality to an unfathomable league, that only a handful of other trailers tread.

As you can guess, any product with all these bells and whistles costs a nail and a tooth.

Buying the Hamax Outback trailer might punch a hole in your bank account. However, its platter is one filled with an exotic assortment of capabilities.

Its style is one of a kind, its efficiency is unheard of; this trailer is truly a diamond in the rough. Let’s take a look at its features.

The Body Frame

Best Child Bike Trailers - Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer + Stroller +Jogger (Two Seats, Charcoal/Red) I honestly doubt there’s a lighter trailer in the market today.

The Hamax Outback trailer body frame is molded from high grade aluminum. While its construct material is light, it packs incredible resilience and durability.

The frame features a sleek aerodynamic style that makes it easy to steer and control.

The frame comes covered with a water resistant material that possess a reflective characteristic . Its also cordially weather proof.

The trailer’s interior is spacious and neat. Its evident that its creator gave special priority to maximum space.

The interior is lined with a rubber mat that adds a dash of elegance to its ambiance.

It features reclining padded seats with adjustable headrests and built-in neck support. These offer unimaginable comfort to the passengers no doubt.

There’s not a single doubt on your child’s comfort when in this trailer. Ever little sign indicates he or she would love it.

The cabin comes with UV protected windows and a removable sunroof.

It also comes with a adequate ventilation for maximal airflow, even when completely sealed.

Its wheels are thick for reassured stability even on bumpy terrains.

To further back that up, it features adjustable shock suspension to keep the trailer rock steady on any ride.


Best Baby Bike Trailer: Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer + Stroller +Jogger (Two Seats, Charcoal/Red) Its spacious interior offers up a lot of storage space for extra regalia.

It doubles as both a trailer and a stroller/jogger when the need arises. Its seats are adequately padded and even come with padded five point safety harnesses.

It also features a three option protection aspect comprised of a sunshade, a bug screen and a rain cover.

Needless to say, there’s more than one way to keep your baby safe within the confines of this trailer.


Its color-coded safety points come in very handy, when it comes down to securing connections.

It takes a jiffy to assemble this trailer in whatever form. Its foldable nature makes it easy to store.

Its also easily achievable thanks to the trailer’s quick release parts.

If you keenly regard the color coded connections. You should have no trouble setting this trailer up.

It also brings you parking brakes for security when the trailer is stationary.



• Maximum internal speed and cushy seat makes it super comfortable.

• Has passed safety inspections with flying colors.

• Aerodynamic design: Maximum steering & enhances responsive.

• Three option protection from elements.



• Hefty price tag: Hard to get option for a majority of people.

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Final Thoughts

Child bike trailers come in different forms and types. They vary in price, in size and in the assortment of features each has to offer.

More expensive bike trailers, as you may have noticed, offer exclusive advantages that most cycling parents would kill for.

Even so, you may find cheaper models that are just as adept; be warned though, those are rare.

Ultimately, there’s only one very important fact you must keep in mind when it comes to finding the right trailer

Safety is a no compromise aspect.

Considering the trailer is meant for the carriage of young ones. It’s only logical to ensure their full protection all through. The good thing is that most trailers prioritize safety above all else.

Conclusively, child bikes trailers are nothing short of ingenious creations. They give kids a chance to experience a sporty thrill at an early age under the watchful eyes of their parents.

Distinct parents prefer different models for their kids. Nevertheless, an appropriate pick brings both the parents and their children the promise of endless glee.

It is a beautiful way to solder that nuclear bond. Any of the above models are bound to satisfy their owners depending on their various prerequisites.

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