Best Mountain Bike Computer: Top 5 MTB Computers to Buy [2020]

Having the best mountain bike computer allows you to take your bicycle with you everywhere and have fun. It is one of the activities you can do together with family and friends as well as your own.

Now only you will get the exercise to help you stay fit. It will also allow you to see the great outdoors and experience new places around. There are a couple of things you might want to have with you on a bicycle tour, so take a look.

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Types of Cycle Computers

Cycle computers are revolutionary gadgets that have perked up the cycling world tremendously. They have been around for a while and are seemingly advancing with time.

They come in many different forms. They vary in price, functions featured, size and complexity. One thing you can bet on is that there more than enough options up for grabs.

Let’s take a quick at some of the most common types you’re likely to encounter.

Classic Style Cycle Computers

These type of computers are very simple and have remained so for a long while. As the name implies, there are a bit traditional in nature and offer the simplest form of stats.

For people looking for a basic monitoring gizmo, something maybe for speed and distance, this kind will do just fine.

They are often inexpensive and very facile. Most will come with basic functions such as speed, distance and time.

Some may throw in extra functions such as trip distance, and calories burnt. However, if you’re looking for something a lot more complex, well, you best look elsewhere.

GPS Advanced Devices

Now, these are a lot more sophisticated in terms of functionality. They provide more information and are therefore more expensive.

Physically, they often feature a much larger head unit. They are also able to talk to a vast number of sensors e.g AM Sensor, Cadence Sensor and Speed Sensors. Since they are GPS enabled, they keep tabs on stats such as location and distance covered very easily.

Even better, they let you upload data gathered on to a computer for deeper analysis. These work great for serious trainers who intend to monitor their every move.


You’re probably thinking; are you kidding? No, am not and yes, your phone could help monitor your cycling stats. Smartphones are the simplest and cheapest options available.

If you have no intention of hooking anything up on your bike, this is a great option. With the help of third-party apps, you can record particular data easily on your phone.

They are also GPS enabled and we all know that’s a bonus.

On the downside, unfortunately, you cannot record any direct data from your bike. Nevertheless, smartphones can prove incredibly efficient as cycle computers.

If you’re on a tight budget but still need to keep up with your cycling information, this is a more than adequate option.

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Computer Reviews

Best Mountain Bike Computer Reviews: CatEye Padrone Wireless Bike Computer

Padrone Bike Computer Review by Cateye

The CatEye Padrone Bike Computer certainly packs a punch. It comes in an assortment of colors, simple to install, and it’s very sturdy.

Even if it falls on the ground, the screen won’t shatter into a million pieces.

CatEye Padrone Wireless Bike ComputerThis computer will give you all the statistics you’ll need. Current speed, maximum speed and average speed of your bike ride.

It measures the distance, you have covered, and the elapsed time as well. Also there’s even a clock, so you don’t have to pull out your phone or bother with a wristwatch to keep an eye on the time.

The CatEye Padrone computer has an internal memory, which will save your stats, while you are changing batteries.

This is useful for people who have set themselves a challenge to make, such as covering a lot of miles over the course of a season. These statistics keep people motivated to go out and use the bicycle.

Pressing buttons while trying to find the right menu can be quite annoying, while riding. It can also be dangerous, so CatEye included a feature that allows you to move between different screens with very letter effort.

The sensor knows if you have stopped biking. It will pause counting your time and your average speed. This gives you a very accurate reading at the end of your ride.

The CatEye Padrone Bike Computer is easy to mount and adjust, so you don’t have to waste time fiddling with the device, instead of spending your time riding.

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• Easy to set-up.

• Large, easy to read display.

• Small, aerodynamic size.

• Cateye app will sync with strava to upload your rides.

• This is a no-frills, cost-effective way to track your progress.



• It can’t be paired with heart rate monitors, cadence meters etc.

• To remedy the above requires spending 3x the price.

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Best Mountain Bike Computer Reviews: Magellan CY0315SGHNA Cyclo Bike Computer

Cyclo Bike Computer Review by Magellan

If you want to track your speed and distance, you might want to invest in a bike computer equipped with GPS. Magellan is one of the most popular GPS manufacturers.

Magellan CY0315SGHNA Cyclo Bike ComputerThe Magellan Cyclo Bike Computer is a good choice, if you want to track your endurance and intensity. It does this by tracking your speed, and heart rate.

It also displays an easy to follow map, which gives you a choice of 3 routes for you to choose from and also prevents you from getting lost.

The Cyclo Bike Computer allows you to enter coordinates into the GPS system, for your exact destination. Just follow the arrow pointing you where you need to go.

You can program the bike computer to work for the specific route or level of exercise you want to achieve. It even includes difficulty and elevation in the route coverage.

The unit requires 2 batteries, which comes in the package. However the batteries are not re-chargeable, so you’ll have to buy new batteries from time to time.

Overall, it is a trustworthy system that will be able to help you on a regular ride or in a sticky situation.

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• The display is crisp and bright.

• Works for Mac OSX, Windows 7, Windows 8.

• Ability to download gpx files and use turn by turn navigation.

• The functions are numerous.

• Handlebar mount included and two zip tie mounts for oval bars.



• Doesn’t Work Windows 10.

• It doesn’t have autostart/autostop.

• Hard to update the firmware.

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Best Mountain Bike Computer Reviews: YS Bike Computer

Wireless Multi-Function Bike Computer Review by YS

Calculating the distance of the trip as well as the speed has not because easier and more accurate due to the YS Multi Function Bike Computer.

It comes with a number of features, such as measuring the distance and speed of your bike ride.

YS Bike ComputerThe Multi Function Bike Computer comes with easy to read instructions. The manual will give you all the steps you need to mount this compact device on your bicycle as well as how to start using it.

One of the components that you need to install is the sensor. Be sure to that all the components are property placed from one another. If they are not, the components will not work. Check the manual for the proper distance.
Sometimes speedometers can be inaccurate. With this digital bike computer, every thing is very accurate.

It has an easy to read in bright sunlight LCD display, so you can read the numbers while you are on the move. Be aware of the road safety, and take you eyes off the road for too long.

Since it is quite compact, you can easily take it off and put it in your pocket. This is a good way to reduce the chance of theft, of the unit when you are away from your bike in public.

Also, you won’t accidentally knock it off while breaking or changing gears.
It doesn’t matter if you are riding in daylight or on dusk, the colors will allow you to see the display. Make sure your bicycle has all the right lights for riding in the dark and wear reflectors on your gear.

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• Easy to program.

• Easy to read when moving.

• If you don’t want to spend extra money on a unit with GPS.

• Light weight.

• Water proof.



• Took awhile to install.

• Button is harder to push.

• Interface is a bit confusing.

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Best Mountain Bike Computer Reviews: Planet's Bike Protege 9.0 Wireless Bike Computer

Planet’s Bike Protege 9.0 Wireless Bike Computer

Planet bike is an industry pioneer. Ever since its conception, it has managed to cement a place in the market as the creme de la creme.

Through a series of high end, top rated products, we have all come to love and know Planet bike as the master creators they are.

Planet's Bike Protege 9.0 Wireless Bike ComputerNow, the Protege 9.0 is in every way a Planet bike product. As a cycling computer, it carries all the bells and whistles of a worthy companion on the road.

With up to 9 functions up on offer, this gizmo offers some pretty hefty assistance. The functions on its platter are by no means few; and better yet, there are all incredibly accurate.

The functions include speed, ride time, trip distance, 2 wheel sizes, clock, max speed, average speed, and temperatures. This level of versatility makes the Protege 9.0 a pro league device.

Any serious biker would appreciate its adeptness tremendously.

The head unit looks ultra clean. Its 4-line macro monitor LCD display is well legible. At any one time, it can display 5 pieces of data simultaneously.

The Protege 9.0 features digital wireless technology. That means you don’t have t worry about nuisance wiring running across your bike.

Its magnets fit spokes of up to 4 mm; this makes them super pliant in especially on installation. I love that gadget can be programmed for 2 bikes at the same time.

When it comes to installation, this piece is made for extreme convenience. It features a universal stem/handlebar compatible brackets.

You’ll have it up and running in a matter of seconds. Although its a bang for the buck, the Protege 9.0 is a superb product that works meticulously all through its lifespan.

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• Easy to set up

• Clear reliable readings

• Reasonably priced

•  Wireless system works incredibly well

• Accurate data



• No visible button; this makes it difficult to change functions.

• No display back-light. 

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Best Mountain Bike Computer Reviews: Cat-Eye's Vel 7 Bike Computer

Cat-Eye’s Vel 7 Bike Computer

CatEye sure knows how to awe the masses. Having been around for little over half a century. They’ve managed to expand their genius to extraordinary heights.

Their debut into the cycle computer market was back in the early ’80s. With over 30 years of working knowledge, they have managed to tailor one heck of a cycle computer.

Cat-Eye's Vel 7 Bike ComputerThe Velo 7 is a wonder regardless of how you look at it. It has great features, work sufficiently and, above all else, is very affordable.

To start things off, let’s talk about its display. It’s reasonably large and easily legible. A brief glance at the head unit would be more than enough for you to catch the relevant stats.

The simple screen layout also makes reading tremendously easy and nippy. Speaking of stats, the Velo 7 offers up quite a number of functions. These include total distance, trip distance, elapsed time, pace arrow, clock and speed( average, current, and max).

It comes with a wired speed sensor which proves to be quite the efficient annalist. It comes with auto on and off merit. This basically means it stops when you do and comes back to life when you commence your ride.

Its battery is very durable with a life span of well over 3 years. That combined with the fact that its also waterproof. Guarantees users a long time of steadfast service. It’s definitely a must-have product.

Moving on to installation, you might be in for a bit of a task. The wired sensor may make things a tad bit complicated when setting up.

However, CatEye made sure to throw in instructions to make your work easier. Its zip tip mount is compatible with FixTight universal brackets fit great on most bikes.

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• Simple and inexpensive.

• Water resistant head unit.

• Reliable and accurate stats.

• Easy to read.



• Is primarily for road and cross-bikes; doesn’t work well with mountain bikes.

• Some may regard the visible wires a sore sight.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the best accessories to take with you on a bicycle trip can be essential. It’s smart to not only pack a pump and a tire repair kit, but also a bike computer. Just in case.

These three computers offer you a way to measure your progress on the individual trip and your fitness goals.

It’s an excellent way of gathering data and keeping track of all your riding statistics. It’s also a good way to keep you motivated and interested in the biking.

Besides, you never know where a surprise trail can lead, so after reading about all the features on offer you might want to go out and explore.