Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump Review – High Performance At A Reasonable Price

The Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump is a high quality floor pump, made for all styles of bikes and all types of riders.

It fills bike tires, as well as other inflatables, quickly and easily.
Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump - Features

The Features:

  • Rapid-T Valve: Fits both Presta and Schrader valves with a simple switch, seals strong so there are no annoying leaks.
  • Includes: Glueless Emergency Puncture Kit so you’ll never have to worry about being left stranded, also ball inflation needle and inflatable device valve.
  • Inflates to 160 PSI: with a strong steel barrel and reinforced handle, this bicycle pump inflates fast.
  • Large Accurage Guage: A cycle pump that has been built for PSI precision and easy reading.
  • Built to Last: Comes with 5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty, you can buy this Floor Pump with confidence!

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Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump Review Video

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Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump Review


The Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump has a high quality, strong, all steel barrel design. It feels durable and not too heavy.

In addition it comes with a wide, and lightweight nylon base foot plate. It’s very stable and wide enough for anyone with larger feet.

Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump - Steel BarrelThe pump also comes with large, ergonomically designed hand grips. This makes it more efficient and easier to use.

Be sure to grip the handle near the center, while pumping. This will avoid the chance on braking the handles. This is common occurrence on most, if not all bicycle pumps.

Both the foot rest and handle are comfortable and well designed.

This bike pump, like most others bicycle pumps, has a plastic mechanism. , so it may be susceptible to damage. However the

Vibrellia pump feels pretty stout, so you should get a lot of life out of it.

The pump has good action, well built, and comes with a high quality finish.

The pump might be too large to take with you on your bike rides. However it’s a great addition to your garage or car trunk.

Its well made and comes with a 15-year warranty replacement.

Presta and Schrader Valve Compatible

The Vibrelli Bicycle Pump is designed with Vibrelli’s Rapid T-Valve. It allows you to switch between Schrader and Presta valves with out having to change the pump heads.

Putting Schrader valve adapters on Presta valves can be kind of a pain.

Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump - V-ValveWith this bike pump’s two-sided pump head for both value types, is a great solution. It easier then switching innards or having one universal head that fits both valve types, but doesn’t fit quite right for both type valves.

Having both connectors on one head makes filling tires a lot faster and easier, as no adapters are needed.

All that is needed is changing the direction the two-way nozzle, before inserting it onto the value.

After you connect the nozzle to the tire valve, just flip the switch. The head latches on the valves very securely.

This locking feature makes the seal strong, with very little air leakage.

It can be a little tricky attaching on some rims, where the tire stem frequently slips into the rim while placing the nozzle over the stem. You basicallly have to hold the valve, place the nozzle over the stem and flip the locking switch, all at the same time.

This is however, pretty common with all bike pumps on the market and not just this model.

The connection stayed secure until the nozzle was turned to the center to detach. The nozzle came off easily and didn’t leak very much air.

High Pressure Pumping

The Vibrelli Performace Pump can inflate up to 160 PSI. The strong steel barrel and also the reinforced handle makes this possible.

This bike pump has a good balance between volume and pressure. The longer barrel allows for a larger volume of air to be pumped into the tire, with each stroke.
Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump - Pressure Gauge
Pumping up to 80 – 100 psi is fairly easy and will only take 8-10 pumps. Even if you are low on air, you only have to pump a few time, because the shaft has so much girth.

However anything over 100 psi does take quite a lot of pumps, but its not too much work.

As with any pump you lose a small amount of air when taking the nozzle off the tire. The air loss is is pretty minimal with this pump, maybe less then 4 or 5 PSI.

This bicycle pump works really well on Presta. Just a few strokes will get you to 120lb. However, the Schrader side gets about 2 lbs per stroke. So you looking at about 20 strokes to pump up mountain bike tires.

Even on Schrader type valves, this bike pump still makes inflating your tire faster and easier then a lot of pumps on the market, in this price range.

The Vibrelli Performace Bike Floor Pump seems to get the job done.

Attached Pressure Gauge

The Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump comes with a large pressure gauge that is well constructed and accurate. Unlike the smaller gauges, which are common, on the market.

The gauge also comes with both bar and psi scale. You’ll be able to see the PSI, in your bike tire, in real time.

The gauge is easy to read, even when your are pumping the tires from a standing position.

Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump Accessories

Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump - Accessories

Hose Clip

The bicycle floor pump comes with a clip that secures the hose, when the pump is not in use.

The hose clip is located on either side of the handle. This works well, so you can loop the hose over the handle and clip to the other side.

This also keeps the handle secured in the down position for storage.


The bike pump also comes with a sports ball inflation needle as well as another attachment for inflating, inflatable devices such as pool toys.

These attachment fits nicely on the side of the barrel with a pump storage clip.

Glueless Puncture Kit

As an added bonus. The Vibrelli Bicycle Floor Pump comes with a light weight, pocket size puncture kit.

Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump - Patch KitThe patches are thin and about the size of a quarter, and no glue is required.

Just simply locate the puncture hole, rough the surface with the sandpaper, that comes with the kit, patch, then inflate.

A lot of patch kits on the market come with rubber cement, and/or with slightly thicker patches, do a better job.

However if your stranded somewhere away from home with a flat tire. This kit will get you back on the road quickly.

It would have been nice if there was a way to attach this kit to the pump itself. However, if you have a small bike bag attached to your bike. You could always keep this kit in there at all times, just for emergencies.



• Locking feature on the nozzle.

• Small, compact, and lightweight for a full size floor pump.

• 3 footed base prevents wobbling.

• Easy to read pressure gauge.

• Bonus patch kit.



• Valve works but a little cumbersome to lock it down.

• Short stroke requires more effort.

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Final Thoughts

The Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump is a great lightweight performance bicycle pump for competitive and social riders.

It’s made has an all steel barrel design, for strength and a wide nylon foot base plate. It has good pumping action and comes with a high quality finish.

The two-way nozzle fits both Presta and Schrader value stems. It can be tricking at times connecting the hose to the valve stem, however after a while you do get use to it.

You can pump up to 160 PSI if needed. The pump has an even balance of volume and pressure.

A pump that needs over 100 PSI will require a little more effort, however it’s not too much extra work.

Lastly the Vibrelli Bike Pump includes an attached pressure gauge, which comes in real handy while pumping. Also attachments for inflating other inflatables, and a glueless puncture kit, is also included.

Its well made and perfectly balanced with a 15-year warranty replacement.

It’s a good quality pump at a reasonable price.

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