5 Best MTB Stems Review + Buyer’s Guide [2022]

5 Best MTB Stems Review + Buyer’s GuideWhen it comes to mountain bikes, each part of its physique matters. No matter how negligible its function is, each unit is just as imperative as the next one. Mountain bikes are agile, powerful and tremendously handy.

However, this is only so if its components are all running as they should. That said, let’s quickly shuffle to this guide’s core focus; MTB bicycle stems. Here’s a little fact; most people have owned and ridden bikes at some point in their lives. Trouble is, very few are well versed with bicycle parts and their various functions.

Ever heard of a bicycle stem? If you have, you know its plays a very important role in keeping any bike up and running. If not, well, welcome to your first bicycle stem crash lesson.

Top 5 Best MTB Stems Review Comparison Chart

31.8 Stem 50mm Bike Stem Mountain Bike Stem Short Handlebar Stem for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, MTB, BMX, Fixie Gear, Cycling (50mm Black&red)

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MTB Stem Buyer’s Guide

Chances are you have never had to go stem shopping all by yourself before; right? I mean, that is what repair shops are meant for after all. However, most avid cyclists prefer a more hands-on approach when it comes to either fixing or customizing their bikes. If you fall under the latter category, then you’re in the right place.

The market, as expected, presents us with a vast pool of bicycle stem models to pick from. A spontaneous shopping spree is hardly the best idea when it comes to MTB stems. You need prior knowledge of what works best for you. Maybe even explore some potential options to ease up your process.

On that note, we’ve compiled a detailed bicycle stem buying guide. It is meant to offer immense assistance for those looking to get a bike stem. Here, we outline what to look for in a suitable bicycle stem.

We also throw in a couple of detailed reviews of some of the most popular bike stems around. But enough babbling already, let’s draw the curtain on the next chapter.

Factors To Consider When Buying an MTB Bike Stem

Wake MTB Stem 31.8 90mm 0-60 Degree Adjustable Bike Stem Mountain Bike Stem Short Handlebar Stem for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, MTB, BMX, Fixie Gear, Cycling (Aluminum Alloy, Lightweight, Black)Stem Length

Here’s the deal, when it comes to stems, length in everything. It affects the overall bike handling and responsiveness. That said, the perfect length for a stem is not only necessary but is very much essential.

There’s one main guidepost everyone looking to buy a stem should keep in mind. The more aggressive the bike gets, the shorter the stem gets as well. The sense behind this is that shorter stems provide a more intense responsive feel. They also offer quicker handling aspects thus better control.

Longer bike stems, on the other hand, shift the cyclist’s body weight forward. This allows for a better pedaling position. They also provide more efficient power transfer resulting in more relaxed cycling. Consequently, your choice should suit your riding style, physique, and general bike resilience.

Stem Rise

The rise, much like the length, is a crucial factor. Often measured in degrees, it refers to the angle of the stem body. The angle ranges from zero to a max of six degrees. Some are adjustable and can be dropped to achieve a lower rise. It determines the handlebar height and hence the bike’s height as well.

Clamp Diameter

The clamp diameter comes in two standard sizes; 31.8mm and 35mm. Today, the 31.8mm diameter is much more popular as it has been around much longer. Older bicycle models will often require a 31.8 mm clamp.

The 35mm diameter clamps are much newer in the market. So as you may have guessed, most new age bikes are well adapted to fit these novel clamps. Their dimensions make them an easy fit.

FUREEY Mountain Bike Stem,31.8mm 50mm Bicycle Stem Aluminum Short Handlebar Stem Riser Ultra-Light MTB BMX DH FR for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycling Handlebar AccessoriesConstruction Material

The stem body material says a lot about its longevity and efficiency. The most common fabric used is aluminum. This is thanks to its brawny yet lightweight capacities.

Aluminum is relatively cheap to process. That is the sole reason why this high quality metal remains affordable to most average earners.

Steel is often found on cheaper bicycles such as kid bikes. It’s usually significantly heavier and may feel burdensome when cycling.

Carbon fiber is the most resilient and therefore the most costly of the three. High-end bikes will feature carbon fiber stems. These are both ultra light but very sturdy. However, their manufacturing process is more complex. This explains their bulky price tag.


Its important to ensure that the stem dimensions are in proportion with those of your bike. This paves way for a swift, snugly fit.

It also saves you the humongous headache of having to struggle with a stem either too small or too big for your bike. In other words, getting the dimensions right is a tremendous time and energy saver.

Cross check the length, cramp diameter and angle. Make sure your bike fits the prescription. If possible, you could even carry it a long for a more conclusive fitting.

FOMTOR 31.8 Stem 60mm 7 Degree Light-weight Bike Handlebar Stem MTB Stem Suitable Mountain Bike Road Bike BMX MTB (31.8 x 60mm)Threaded Vs Threadless Bike Stems

The debate on what differentiates a threaded (quill) and threadless stem has been going on for ages.

A good number of people can never really tell the difference between the two. And who can blame them; the lines are not exactly well defined. With that much clear, we felt it was our duty to set things straight once and for all.

Now the quill stem is a bit old school. It inserts right into the steerer tube and by no means extends above the headset.

A threadless stem instead clamps around the steerer to extend above the headset. These are modern and have seemingly displaced their quill counterparts.

Regardless, each type has a string of merits over the other. But from the look of things, its clear threadless stems are more convenient. That would explain why the world embarked on them at the cost of quill stems.

Types of Bike Stems

Bicycle stems come in a total of three types. They are categorized depending on their specific length and rise. Each type proves just as efficient as the others when put under the right prerequisites. Here we go.

RaceFace Respond Mountain Bike Stem (Black, 31.8-mm Clamp, 10-Degreex45-mm, 1-1/8-Inch)Cross Country Race Stem

These are the longest available in the market. They measure anywhere between 120-100mm with a zero or lesser rise. This allows for a more stretched-out position for rider comfort. The ultimate power transfer increases drastically with this kind of stems.

Trail/Enduro Stems

These are considered mid-length stems. They stretch 60-80 mm with a moderate ride angle. They offer swift steering response and a comfortable upright riding position.

Downhill Stems

They are the shortest with a length ranging from 40-50 mm. Most come with a zero degree rise, which is the safest for this level of low. Their responsiveness is nippy. Some are even integrated to match specific suspension folks.

From just what we’ve covered, you are now well versed on all bike stem basics. Even so, do not get all giddy just yet, that was just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more information encompassing stems out there. Try and gathered a little more knowledge on stems for your own benefit. You’ll thank me some day.

With that out of the way, its time to narrow down to this article’s main focus; the product review. Take your time through it, you might just find what you are looking for.
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5 Best MTB Stem Reviews

Best MTB Stems Review - RaceFace Respond Mountain Bike Stem

Race Face Respond Mountain Bike Stem

Raceface is well known for its top-selling bike units. Once again, they give us a true-blue, sinewy and durable product that has taken the market by a storm. The sheer amount of plaudit floating about in regard to the Raceface Respond MTB stem is outrageous.

The stem is a sight to behold. Having this on your bike does its overall visual profile a whole lot of justice. It’s also made with mind-blowing precision making it almost faultless.

They say its the little things that count. With the Raceface Respond MTB stem, that’s pretty obvious. Most people who’ve owned this stem love it. We’re about to show you why.

RaceFace Respond Mountain Bike Stem (Black, 31.8-mm Clamp, 10-Degreex45-mm, 1-1/8-Inch)General Dimensions

The Raceface Respond MTB stem is a relatively short stem. Its 45 mm of height gives it an improved response capacity.

Its 31.8 mm clamp is a no brainer fit to most handlebars. And when it comes to the clamp angle, the 10-degree rise is perfect for a painless cycling posture.

This stem’s design is meant to wade off unnecessary body pressure. Pains experienced on the neck, back and shoulders seem to disappear when using this stem.

Also, the above measurements collectively allow for rapid yet precise responsiveness. The bike’s handling feels better by a long shot with this stem.

Design Perks

Now the Raceface Respond MTB stem has quite the reputation. People love it for its agility, efficiency, and longevity. This all comes down to its design. Let me explain how.

For starters, it’s aluminum body is tough as nails. Its high strength feature makes it super durable. That also makes it fatigue resistant. In other words, premature wears and tears are unlikely with this stem.

The U-shape handlebar clamp works for better load transfer through the stem body other than the bolts. Additionally, the stem face-plate is meant to evade unforeseen bendings and breakages. That, alone, is enough to guarantee a long life of quality service from this one.

The pre-greased aspect of the clamp bolts helps keep things neat during installation. Its installation is an easy fix; and when the need arises, adjustments are a cinch. It literally fits the handlebars like a glove; and that’s with very little struggle.

To wrap this up, let’s narrow down to its overall appearance. This stem is basically a tall, lush glass of swag. Its body is very stylish and comes in a range of colors. Its minimalist character makes it all the more attractive.

What People Think…

You know what they say, the customer is never wrong. And in this case, owners of the RaceFace Respond stem have openly voiced their opinion.

People seem to love this stem. Most are drawn to its sturdiness while few others love its affordability. Its weight is an issue to most. However, they also admit that little hiccup can easily be overlooked.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Race Face Respond Mountain Bike Stem at Amazon.com



• Reasonably priced.

• Straightforward and sure body design.

• Impressive control and handling.

• High strength, heavy duty prima material.

• Solid and secure clamp hold



• Way too heavy.

• The angle may not feel right/perfect.

• Heavy competition making it a less preferred option.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Race Face Respond Mountain Bike Stem at Amazon.com

Best MTB Stems Review - Truvativ 40 0-Degree 42 Height 31.8 1-1/8 Hussefelt Stem (Blast Black)

Truvativ 40 Hussefelt Stem

Now here’s a short profile stem that fits a low budget bill with satisfying ease. The Hussefelt stem is a chunky gizmo that’s a stunning performer in every way.

This stem gets the job done so flawlessly it leaves almost nothing to desire. Well built and sturdy, its a long term bike piece with a whole bunch of merits to offer.

The Hussefelt stem has a gorgeous body which comes with an impressive color scheme. Its cosmetic aspect is simply to die for. Great way to improve but also sort of accessorize your bike’s facade. That said, let’s get deeper into what this stem has to offer.

Truvativ 40 0-Degree 42 Height 31.8 1-1/8 Hussefelt Stem (Snow White)General Dimension

This stem is short but it is by no means small. Its 203 grams are considerably hefty. This very weight might even be a deal breaker for some people.

However, that heavy build is probably the reason behind its rock solid resilience. The Hussefelt stem is meant to last for years on end while maintaining a consistent front.

With a 40 mm height, this stem is perfect for downhill and enduro bikes in general. The length is considerably proficient especially when it comes to handling and bike control. As you race down a steep path, this stem helps you retain overall supremacy.

Despite the overwhelming instability threat, this bike offers rock-solid dormancy of your bike hence guaranteed safety.

The zero degrees rise works great on aggressive bikes. The angle keeps the body stacked upright during rides. This then translates to an upward rigid stance which eliminated possible body strain. You can ride your bike around all day and wake up feeling ace the following day.

Design Perks

Any aluminum lump of mass is considered relatively beefy. The Hussefelt 6061 aluminum body is not just beefy, its super robust. Yes, the stem’s body is indeed heavy; am guessing that’s not exactly what you want to here. However, that does very little to reduce its agility on the bike.

The 4 bolt face-plate is essentially ingenious. It grips hard on its position strengthening the stem’s performance. The thought of a heavily grounded foundation for anything always makes the mind rest easy. That, in a sense, is what this stem’s magic grip does for it cyclists.

When it comes to aesthetics, this stem is as snazzy as they come. Its beautiful build is made carefully and curved with meticulous workmanship. The brand’s name is shaped out gorgeously on the stems facade. It also comes in a range of thoughtful colors that allow buyers a more customized option.

What the People Think…

The Hussefelt stem is clearly well-built. Most of its users seem to agree that this stem is one of the best bets for your money. Considering what it can do, its price is remarkably affordable.

Conclusively, its a worthy purchase if you disregard its hefty body weight.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Truvativ 40 Hussefelt Stem at Amazon.com



• Very affordable.

• Helps maintain a consistent upright posture.

• Rock solid grip.

• Ideal for downhill biking.



• Heavy body built.

• Complicated installation due to stiff fittings.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Truvativ 40 Hussefelt Stem at Amazon.com

Best MTB Stems Review - RaceFace Ride Mountain Bike Stem Raceface Ride Mountain Bike Stem

Raceface delivers nothing but high-quality products. While the Raceface ride MTB bike stem is only a drop in a brim-filled bike, it shines bright. For a cheap stem, this one is unbelievably impressive. Widely known for its super lightweight body, it is indeed one of a kind.

Normally, lightweight parts can hardly stand the heat that comes from intense cycling. However, the Raceface ride MTB stem is a feisty little gadget. Its lightweight feature does nothing to undermine its brawniness when at work.

It grips hard and steady. Its height is super convenient and promotes a healthy tiding posture. Its everything you’d want in a stem all wrapped in a huge, pocket-friendly ribbon.

Best MTB Stems - RaceFace Ride Mountain Bike Stem General Dimensions

Right from the word go, it’s evident that this stem is very light. This aspect is amicably its best selling factor. At 175 grams, it weighs significantly less than most of its contending models.

Nevertheless, it remains beefy and strong with a fascinating amount of resilience. That unique faculty makes it super ideal for most bikers.

When it comes to height, this stem comes lofting at 40mm. This mid-length stem enhances upright riding postures.

It is designed to reduce exhaustion and annoying muscle aches after a long period of cycling. This length also makes it a great enduro option for anyone looking for a cool new upgrade.

A +/- 6-degree rise is incredibly flexible. It allows for various bar height options. Riders are able to adjust the stem to their preferred position for better handling.

This level of pliancy empowers the Raceface ride stem and betters its performance. You also get a lot of control on the bike’s movement. Ultimately, you get a whole lot of liberty when steering/pedaling.

Design Perks

Now the Raceface ride mtb stem is nothing fancy. Even so, its beautifully curved body comes with a lot of straightforward merits. The face-plate is characterized by accurate detailing. This revs up the stem’s look as well as functionality. As we all know, a tough face-plate means longer service periods.

A 4 bolt bar clamp secures the stem pretty rigidly on the handle bar. The four bolts are meant to stress saturation. The bolts achieve this by equal distribution of the load among themselves. As a result, you get a no slipping, no breakage benefit that’s a pleasant bonus.

When it comes to sturdiness, nothing beats this little fella. This stem is surprisingly strong despite its super light structure. Most Raceface stems pride themselves on their high strength, fatigue resistant construct. This stem is no different; it remains persistent and tough to the very end.

Finally, when it comes to style, this stem is largely subtle. Its body is not at all mind-blowing. However, it provides pure crafty personal style. If you like to keep things simple, this is the stem for you.

What the People Think…

This stem is signature Raceface in every aspect. Affordable, super adept and surprisingly stout. People also seem to love its grounded grip on the handlebars once installed.

Did I also mention everyone seems to dig its subtle yet snazzy style? Mountain bikers also love its agility and steadfastness.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Raceface Ride Mountain Bike Stem at Amazon.com



• Cheap price tag.

• Lightweight body.

• A long and hard grip.

• Flexible rise angle.



• Complains of fitting complications.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Raceface Ride Mountain Bike Stem at Amazon.com

Best MTB Stems Review -31.8 Stem 50mm Bike Stem Cycling Mountain Bike Stem

KRSCT Mountain Bike Stem Review

The KRSCT bike stem is universal; it can fit on pretty much any bike. Its versatility is not the only thing causing a fuss when it comes to this stem.

It is hands down one of the market’s lightest bike stem anywhere. Its lightweight structure maybe the sole reason behind this stem’s tensility. This stem is small but might, fine but ardent; it is a tiny powerhouse.

Stems this lightweight are a rarity. That’s why we’re basically drooling over the KRSCT bike stem. Besides that, it’s also unique in a multitude of ways making; its a diamond in the rough.

Regardless of your riding style, this baby works. Its a versatile miniature gizmo with an insane amount of capabilities. With this, you can ride confidently while enjoying the immense control and faculty it freely avails you.

31.8 Stem 50mm Bike Stem Cycling Mountain Bike Stem Short Handlebar Stem Riser ultra-light MTB BMX DH FR for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycling Handlebar Accessories General Dimensions

For starter’s, let’s talk weight. This stem is 128 grams only; I know, it’s impressive. Its light body is seemingly virile; that explains why it is a universal stem.

Its weight does not diminish its strength by any means. It remains a high strength component totally capable of holding a bike together.

This stem has a 31.8 mm clamp diameter; its an easy fit on most bikes. Its 50mm length allows for a helpful weight shuffle to the bike’s front. This results in better-pedaling efficiency and steering power.

Design Perks

Any fatigue resistant body must have a mouth full of sharp teeth. The KRSCT bike stem comes in a skeleton body that’s surprisingly strong. It is designed to promote an upright body stance; takes off the edge on the neck and sholders.

Their aluminum alloy bodies possess reinforced strength and stability. They take pressure quite well and can stand solid for years on end. Vibrations seem to fade away almost instantly with this stem.

The KRSCT bike stem is a snap install. Its close gap face-plate design is a nice touch. It allows for lighting fast fitting with essentially naught complications. Interlocking U-shaped handlebar clamp Geometry is simply genius. It allows for better weight transfer to the bike’s body through the stem but not the bolts. This allows for prolonged, top-notch performance.

The clamps have a tight hold that keeps every steady. That combined with the stem’s phenomenal workmanship makes it quite the catch. The stem’s height and angle keep the rider’s posture positively upright. Intricate details are a big part of this stem; we love it.

What the People Think…

A majority of its users can’t seem to get enough of its unique design. This stem’s profile authentically different; people love that. Other than that, it is regarded rather beastly and very durable. Its clamping power has also been mentioned a lot; it is phenomenal.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the KRSCT Mountain Bike Stem Review at Amazon.com



• Strong aluminum structure.

• Extreme clamping power.

• Comfortable riding position.

• Easy install.

• Proper load transfer.



• Might break when manhandled.

• Is not exactly the best looking stem around.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the KRSCT Mountain Bike Stem Review at Amazon.com

Best MTB Stems Review - FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem Fifty-Fifty Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem

Now Fifty-Fifty is pushing the limit with their aluminum mountain bike stem. It’s revolutionary intricately cut stem comes with a bunch of whistles and bells. This stem is very light; however, its a monster at work. Its brawniness is exceptional. With this stem on your bike, you can say bye to any unnecessary vibrations.

Its design is a breath of fresh air. It has a contemporary demeanor that we just can’t get enough for. The stem is also very fairly priced; its very budget friendly. This right here is a very rich package. It is even more admirable considering its accessible to pretty much anyone.

FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem for 1-1/8 Steer Tube 31.8mm Handlebar(35mm) General Dimensions

In terms of weight, this stem is a feather. It only weighs 128 grams which is little compared to most other. This makes it super easy to work with and also to install.

The fact that its a light stem does not make it less efficient. It works very much like its heavier counterparts if not better.

It comes in two lengths; 35 and 50 mm. Depending on what you prefer, this stem is a great shorter option. This height is great for upright postures.

Its creators intended to eliminate any possibilities of body pain after a cycle. And from the look of things, it’s safe to say they succeeded in their endeavor.

The 31.8 clamp diameter is an important aspect of the stem. It makes it an easy fix on most handlebars. The clamp size also provides a significant grasp once the stem is in place.

Design Perks

Strength is a no-compromise factor when it comes to stems. The FIFTY-FIFTY Mountain Bike Stem a beast where power is concerned. It’s aluminum structure possess high levels of dexterity. This makes it a competent, long-lasting component. It also works well in damping excessive vibrations for steady steering.

Close gap face-plate design goes a long way in easing installation. The design is user-friendly and swift to work around. The stem sits real tight once fixed on. With the bolts fixed on right. nothing can bulge this stem. This allows for maximum bike control regardless of the terrain.

One look at this stem will draw you to its drastic design in an instance. It is a beautiful modern piece. It adds a mean spicy look to any bike it sits on. That said, we love that it has a fresh look to it. That’s always a bonus.

What The People Think

This is a great affordable piece that basically leaks style. Its also hella strong and has a legendary grip. It’s worth every penny spent on it especially considering how easy it is to install.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Fifty-Fifty Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem at Amazon.com



• Pocket-friendly.

• Maximum bike control.

• Very light body structure.

• Built to stand the test of time.

• Very durable – high strength materials.



• Chambered edges may scratch your bars when installing.

CLICK HERE for More Information and Current Pricing on the Fifty-Fifty Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem at Amazon.com

Final Thoughts

By now, it is very clear that stems are an intricate part of the bicycle structure. They help keep you in control while boosting power transfer. Bicycle stems can even be a way to showcase your own personal style without trying too hard.

Now, the market can be a confusing place if you have no idea what you want or need. Do you due diligence first before embarking on a stem buying endeavor. This way, you can evade the overwhelming confusion that is so easily acquired in the process.

Needless to say, take your time with it. That’s the only way to know for sure that your pick works right for you. We do, however, hope that our guide has been of some kind of help to your cause.

We do also hope that maybe one of our reviewed pieces impressed you enough to spark a purchase. If not, do remain true to the search. Your dream piece will reveal itself eventually.

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