Mountain Biking For Beginners – A Complete Guide

Mountain Biking For Beginners - A Complete Guide


It is a workout to ride your specially designed mountain bike off road and rough terrain. If you want to do the mountain biking, you must be ready to have a good endurance and self-reliance.

Here are my guides about Mountain Biking for Beginners. You will learn a lot about the benefits, styles, equipment and even the basics.

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Mountain Biking For Beginners – The Benefits


Getting You Close to Nature

Nature is always the best place to go. People say that if you get away from the city crowd. You will feel happier than ever. Sometimes, you need to meditate yourself in nature life to relieve your stress.

Getting close to nature also provides you a new inspiration to live.  The relaxing wind, green and blue scenery around you will perfect your off day.

A Real Sense of Adventure

Mountain biking is a real risk-taking, challenging sport to fulfill your desire for adventure. Your life will never be flat anymore, by being an adventurous person.

Meeting New Friends

Great stuff always invite great friends to come into your life. It couldn’t more fun than doing your hobby together with a bunch of buddies. You’ll bike, hang out and share a lot of laughter together.

Mountain Biking For Beginners - Meet New Friends

Boosting Your Confidence

The risk-taking adventure of mountain biking will make you strong. Anytime you face the obstacle in your way, you’ll be trained to resolve your own problem. Thus, confidence will come to you and boosted each time you do the mountain biking.

It’s A Fun Workout

Mountain biking is a lot more fun than a daily boring run on a treadmill. It will not only boost your heart rate too much, and will give you a real sense of challenge.

Mountain Biking Equipment

Before you do the mountain biking, you have to know the equipment needed. I’ll divide it into three parts: mountain bikes, protective gears and accessories.

Mountain Biking For Beginners - Merax Finiss 26
Merax Finiss Mountain Bike

Mountain Bikes

The Bike used for mountain biking is of course different with your daily bike. Mountain bikes are engineered to be durable and strong in rough terrain and road.

While there’re lots of mountain bikes out there, I suggest you to choose based on your need. Of the terrain, you can choose whether your bike is rigid, hardtail or full suspension. Also, you have to consider determining the wheel size, 26, 27.5 or 29 inch.

Protective Gears

You don’t want to hurt yourself, do you? Then you have to bring the protective gears with you while mountain biking. Some gears can prevent you from unwanted severe accidents.

A helmet is required to protect the most important part of your body, brain in your head. Also, you must use a pair of bike gloves to protect your hand to any scratch. Last, body armor and pads are important to protect other parts of your body.

Mountain Biking For Beginners - Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump with Guage
Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump


They’re not about style. Accessories are about your comforts in riding the bike. While they’re not as important as the protective gears, accessories are part of mountain biking.

Cycling Glasses you wear are not about making you cool. They are used to prevent dust and or rocks getting into your eyes. You must also wear clothes that can absorb your sweat and that are comfort to wear.

Moreover, you have to consider bringing bottles of water, a bicycle pump and bike tools with you in case you need to make a repair.
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Mountain Biking Styles

Styles in mountain biking are on your preferred way to bike ride. Mostly, styles are based on the purposes and terrains you want to use in biking.

All-Mountain/ Enduro

All-mountain or Enduro is a biking style to conquer a mountain. You have to climb up the mountain and then descent. Enduro itself takes its name from the world competition of the kind.

Trail Riding

Mountain Biking For Beginners - Trail Riding

Trail Riding is the most common in recreational mountain biking. These trails are designed for the rider to climb and ride descent routes. These routes or trails are not limited only on a mountain. It can be roads, unpaved paths, forest tracks, etc.


Downhill is simply riding a mountain bike from uphill then back down to the bottom. You will feel a terrific feeling from the fast  descend and avoiding any obstacles that may be in your way.

Free Style

As its name, the purpose of this style is to bike freely. You can climb the mountain high, down to the hill, do some free style actions and so on.


Cross-country biking offers a high speed climbs and descends on any kind of terrain. You have to use a lightweight bike to do this style of biking.

Mountain Biking For Beginners Basics

After you understand a lot of things about mountain biking, it’s time to learn the basics. To do the mountain biking, you have to master these three parts, going uphill, going downhill and braking.

Going Uphill

Mountain Biking For Beginners - Riding Uphill

Going uphill means you have to be ready for an exhausting time riding your bike. You may feel it heavy and hard to move your bike even a yard distance, at times.

That’s why it’s important to know how to use your gears and techniques for riding up steep hills. It makes it a lot easier. The important thing is shifting your gear to a lower state. The low gear can decrease the pressure you feel while pedaling. Although it will make your speed go down for a while, but it’s better than burning yourself out or pulling a muscle while pedaling.

Other tips, you have to sit still in your seat while sometimes-lean forward. It will help you to move your weight on front side your bike. Thus, you will have an easy time to climb the hill.

Going Downhill

When you’re going down, you have to do the exact opposite ways as going up. Going downhill seems fun, fast and easy. Yet, most people aren’t aware that they may lose control in steering and possibly fall off their bikes.

Going down means you have to shift your gear up. The low gear can’t function well on high speed. So, it’s important to shift up your gear as soon as you go downhill.

Also, you need to stand on your pedals and not be in a seated position in the saddle. By rising your body above the saddle; you will be able to overcome the dangers of down hill roads.

Mountain Biking For Beginners - Braking


Using your brakes properly is important to reduce your mountain bike’s speed and to help you maneuver on the trail. However, braking will need some proper knowledge to do it right. Otherwise, it may force you into unwanted accidents.

Braking becomes a key for you to go downhill successfully. When going downhill, your front tire will hold more weight. HOWEVER, you may have a better chance of being thrown over you handle bars. Its best to use you back brakes to start. If you are not slowing as much as you need. Use your front brakes lightly along with the back brakes or pump your front brakes on and off.

Final Thoughts

Finally, those are my guides about Mountain Biking for Beginners. Now, you know all about the mountain biking in a brief. I hope you enjoy it and consider doing mountain biking once you read this article.

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