Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes – Are They Right For You In 2018

Electric bikes are a perfect alternative to conventional bikes. But like with any other product, there are pros and cons of electric bikes. We will consider the reasons why you need these bikes and the challenges that they present. This article will keep you informed when buying the bike.

Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes

The Pros of Electric Bikes

Use of electric bikes offers a person with an opportunity to get fit. There is no need for enrolling in a gym program. A ride on an electric bike provides an excellent chance for burning extra fats in the body. Cycling improves one’s health and well-being.

Electric Bikes Use Batteries,  Not Petroleum.

Charging is cheaper than buying petroleum fuel. The bikes are cheap to run and save owners money that can be used to do other things. The bikes are budget friendly.

No emission of greenhouse gas. They also reduce traffic jams on the roads. Traffic jams increase air pollution. The use of these bikes reduces pollution of the environment. The use of electric bikes is critical in addressing global warming.

Electric Bike Pros and Cons - Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike
Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike with Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, Battery Charger

Riding Electric Bikes Is Sweat Free.

The use electric motors make cycling easy. The energy required to ride these bikes is less than the one needed for a conventional bike. You arrive at your job faster with no sweat!

There Easier For One To Arrive At Their Destination Fast.

The bikes are smaller compared to cars meaning no time and money is spent on parking space. Electric bike users never get stuck on jams reducing time spent to arrive at a place.

Electric Bikes Enable Someone To Go Further.

These Bikes Are Preferred For Long and Hilly Journeys Over Conventional Bikes. One can go beyond the distances covered by conventional bikes and public transport.

Electric Bikes Cut the Need for Public Transport.

This increases convenience as the bike owners decide when to move. In some occasions, the bikes are faster than public transport.

They Can Carry Heavier Cargo Than Conventional Bikes.

The energy required to carry such cargo is not as much as that used when using normal bicycles. The use of electric bikes reduces the time needed to complete a task. The time saved can be used to do other productive things.

Electric Bikes Are Cheaper To Run And Maintain Than Motorbikes or Vehicles.

The purchasing process is easy; no driving license, and no insurance is required. Even when you haven not ridden for some time, you regain the skills on time. It is easy to own and use this bike.

Electric Bikes Pro and Cons - Cyclamatic CX2 Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike
Cyclamatic CX2 Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery

Riding An Electric Bike In The Morning Keeps You Awake.

The wind drives away the sleep. It makes you ready for the day. The bike also gives you more time on fresh air.

They Can Go To Areas That are Inaccessible With Conventional Bikes.

A person can access areas with many obstacles without getting burned out. Electric bikes are convenient and make cycling enjoyable.

Electric Bikes Are Not Noisy Like Motorbikes.

They don’t cause disturbances to those people around. Journeys with these bikes are quiet and enjoyable. One can hear a danger before it happens.

Continued Use of Electric Bikes Reduces The Wear and Tear On Your Car.

This is because of the reduced use of the car. The cost of running and maintaining the car decreases. Research has shown that about half of trips made in America are less than three miles. This makes the use of electric bikes ideal.

If Your Partner Loves Cycling And You Don’t.

Electric bikes allows you to bike with him or her which means spending more fun times. You can also ride with your parents as it uses little energy. Electric bikes make relationships stronger and bring people together.

More Electric Bike Pros Video – Watch Now.


Despite the advantages that we have seen above, electric bikes have their drawbacks.

The Cons of Electric Bikes

One Of The Main Disadvantages Of Electric Bikes Are Their Cost.

Compared to conventional bikes, electric bikes are more expensive to buy and maintain. The bikes use batteries and motors which may need replacement after some time. This is a cost that normal bicycle users never incur.

Electric Bikes Are Heavier Than Conventional Bikes.

They have motors and batteries, which add their weight. Hence, they are difficult to ride when the battery dies or when they have flat tires. If this happens in the middle of nowhere, the bikes become impractical vehicles.

Fewer Companies Manufacture Them.

This means the number of models available is also small. Some people may fail to get their preferred bike. This may hinder their popularity.

Problems Associated With Electric Bikes Is Legality.

There is a difference in the way various countries and regions define them. As a result, there are different laws depending on the classification of the bikes. They are also illegal in some places where the use of other electric vehicles is legal.

Pros and Cons of Electric Bike Path

In Some Places, Electric Bikes Are Not Allowed In Bicycle Lanes.

They are also not allowed on non-motorized paths. The electric bike rider has no alternative but to ride on car lanes, which are very dangerous.

Electric Bike batteries take a long time to re-charge.

This is unlike petrol driven motor vehicles that start immediately after refueling. When making regular trips, the problem is not as real as when on long journeys.

Electric Bikes Have Low Resale Prices.

It is also hard to find a market for a used electric bike. An electric bike that requires battery replacement may have almost no value at all.

There Distance Before Recharging Is Required Decreases Over Time.

As the battery ages, the distance it covers reduces. Older batteries need regular recharging reducing productivity and convenience enjoyed before.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge of the various pros and cons of electric bikes is critical. It helps in making informed decisions. The bikes have been gaining popularity because the pros outweigh the cons. When buying an electric bike, choose the one that suits your needs.

Electric bikes are in the early stages of development. The new models that are coming up are more advanced than previous models. Most are lighter and more sophisticated. Their performance is also far much better than conventional models. Look for latest trends when purchasing an electric bike.

Electric bikes are a way of solving the various challenges in the world today. They are making this world a better place to live. Despite the few disadvantages associated with the bikes, they are worth their value. They are a solution to many problems we are facing in the world today. They are the future.

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