Best Upright Exercise Bike Review – Top 5 Exercise Bicycles [2022]

Best Upright Exercise Bike Review – Top 5 Exercise BicyclesExercise bikes are a great way to achieve a low impact cardio workout; especially when at home. Bike exercises tone the muscles and strengthen the lower body. The best part though is that such exercises are extremely easy on the joints.

With the subject being upright exercise bikes, an acknowledgement of their dynamic capabilities is definitely in order. These type of bikes are designed to mimic actual outdoor bikes. With that in mind, it is no surprise that they are capable of relatively intense workouts.

If you’re looking to purchase one of these, you’ve come to right place. The fact of the matter is that getting the right upright bike is not as easy as most people hope it to be. Reason? Too many options to pick from. It can get pretty overwhelming when you can’t pin point the best models from the rest.

This article bring you some of the best upright exercise bike reviews anywhere today. The intention is to help you get the best value for your money. This guide outlines what makes or breaks a stationary upright bike. It also features some of the market’s most top rated bikes currently. Let’s get down to business.

Top 5 Best Upright Exercise Bike Comparison Chart

Schwinn Upright Bike Series

Schwinn Upright Bike Series

Nautilus Upright Bike Series

How to Choose an Exercise Bike Video

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If you’ve shopped for exercise equipment before, you are aware of how daunting the process can get. If not, well, you need to know it may not be as straightforward as it seems. Like most other gadgets, exercise bikes come in all shapes and size. The vary in terms of price, functionality, capabilities features and type.

When choosing an exercise bike, you must get down and dirty in order to find out what best works for your needs and budget. Fortunately, they are a few core aspects through which you can gauge your decision. These should never be overlooked. That said, here’s a brief glance at some few such factors.


Exercise bikes come in three particular types. Each type serves a purpose unique to itself. In order to know which type best works for you, you must first understand the functionality of each.

1. Upright Exercise Bikes

Like mentioned above, these are very much like your typical outdoor bike. They mimic outdoor bikes in terms of functionality and design. Riding one of these even might feel like an actual cycle outside.

Their main advantage is that they can accommodate rides while the trainer is standing. The pose is meant to challenge the rider even further for maximum effect. They are also much more compact in size; the tend to occupy very little room.

2. Recumbent Exercise Bikes

These are designed to offer maximal back support. They feature large, reclined seats with multipleadjustment points. With this kind of bike, you can adjust your seating position until completely comfortable. Their step through frame design make it perfect for senior trainers and people recovering from injuries.

3. Indoor Cycle Exercise Bikes

These are made with avid cyclists in mind. They are basically the most intense of the three and are best used by advanced level trainers. They feature racing style pedals and extra heavy flywheels.

Also they reflect the feeling of riding in hilly, steep or difficult landscapes.

Resistance Levels

Different bikes come with different levels of resistance. Entry level bikes may feature less than 10 resistance levels while more advanced bikes may feature over 20. The higher the resistance, the better the merit. This is because they give the rider a wider range of force to shuffle through. However, if you are a beginner, an entry level bike is the most suitable. The flywheel weight is an important determinant of the bikes resistance. If you’re looking for quieter rides, a flywheel at least 9lb would be best. A heavier flywheel also means more resistance.

Extra Features & Accessories

Bonus accessories always make a product better. With bikes, they make exercise a lot more enjoyable. Features such as USB ports, media trays and bottle holders come in handy. Built in console speakers are also a great addition. They let you play your favorite music while you sweat off those extra pounds.

LCD monitors are more than essential as they help you keep tabs on your progress through the sessions.
Integrated heart rate monitors are very important during a workout. A bike with incorporated sensors would be a clever pick.
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Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews

1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

What’s sturdy, super pliable and incredibly thrifty? You guessed it, the Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike. Now when a gadget is as popular as this bike is, you can be sure it has quite a lot to offer. Despite its rock-bottom low price, this machine is everything its makers make it out to be, if not more.

If you’re looking for a compact, low budget yet very adept upright bike, this right here is it. And the fact that it’s fold-able only gives it an upper hand over other contending models. Let’s take a detailed look into what exactly you can expect from the Exerpeutic folding upright bike.

The Drawing Cards

For a fold-able bike, the Exerpeutic folding bike is pleasantly brawny. Its tubular steel frame is not only built to stand the test of time but is also incredibly resilient. The bike’s weight capacity is 300lbs; this is in spite of its lightweight structure. The fact that its fold-able does nothing to diminish its power. When not in use, you can fold this machine to almost half its normal size.

That compactness aspect makes it the perfect choice when dealing with limited space.And let’s not forget that you need not empty your pockets to get your hands on one of this. It is indeed a banger for the buck; in other words, you will most definitely get what you pay for.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike


Expediency sure its unquestionably cheap and sturdy; but just how functional is this bike? The answer? It is practically one of the best fold-able upright bikes out in the market yet. Engineered purposely for low impact workouts, this bike may not fully work for serious athletes. However, that does make it any less competent. It has eight tension magnetic resistance levels; they work just fine for both starter and intermediate trainers.

You can easily shuffle through the levels with the aid of a convenient, easy to use knob.Paired with a high torque three-piece crank system, the bike’s double drive transmission system runs smoothly regardless of the level of resistance.It also comes with hand pulse sensors which help monitor the heart rate all through a workout. The sensors are strategically fitted on to the handlebars.

This makes it possible to measure the heart rate without having to disrupt the training sessions.On its front panel sits an LCD screen console. The display trots out important metrics such as distance, calories burnt, speed and also serves as an odometer.


Working out is an acute activity. It is therefore imperative that the body is comfortable enough to handle the tension. This bike sees to it that its riders are as cozy as possible. For one, its large seat is sufficiently padded for maximal comfort. The seat is also adjustable to fit varying heights and body shapes.Its pedals are large enough to effortlessly accommodate the feet.

They also come with straps that competently hold the feet in place; you need not worrying about your legs slipping off. Its X-designed frame makes mounting and unmounting a no-sweat process.Lastly, the bike also features a phone/remote holder on its front. It serves as a considerate quick access panel for important gadgets.

Assembly and MobilityRight off the box, the machine comes with most of its parts assembled. The remaining part of the job is easily achievable within a span of 20-60 minutes.Once assembled, the bike comes with transportation rollers which make moving it a piece of cake. This is especially useful when moving it to and from its designated storage area.When folded, this bike is super compact and can easilybe stowed pretty much anywhere.

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• Banger for the buck; economical, affordable price tag.

• No brainer assembly.

• Very compact; great for small spaces.

• Fold-able for eased storage.

• Handy remote, phone or tablet holder.



• One year limited warranty.

• No preset work out programs.

• Only best for entry-level workouts

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2. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn is one of the industry’s giants; there’s a good reason why. Schwinn bikes always seem to be on a level of their own, this one is no different. The Schwinn 170 upright bike is a contemporary bike design to fit right into a modern day trainer.

Its easy to use, well thought through structure sets it aside from the rest of the crowd. Its technological asset is heads down one of its best selling features. It is also the one thing that gives it an upper hand in a rather saturated market.

Drawing Cards

The Schwinn 170 is a bike made for unrivaled efficiency. From its construct down to its remarkable silence when in operation, it is one heck of a bike. This edgy bike can handle weights of up to 300lb. Its frame structure is both resilient and durable; when taken good care of, the Schwinn 170 is bound to serve its users for years on end.

The bike is an unquestionably smooth ride. With a high speed, high inertia drive system, what else would we expect. Further, its perimeter weighted flywheel takes on tension resistance like a boss. That lets you to enjoy a seamless, fruitful session.

And above all else, the bike’s customizable operating system and workout programs make it a diamond in the rough.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike


For anyone with a serious set of fitness goals to achieve, the Schwinn 170 is undoubtedly one of the best options out there. Why? It is in every way fabricated to aid trainers achieve their milestones.

Its dual-track console, unique to Schwinn bikes, is one of the features that revs up its applicability. The console displays relevant measures such as distance, speed, calories burnt, revolutions per second, among other things. It also allows users access to the 29 preset programs incorporated into the the bike’s system.

These are 12 profile programs, 9 heart rate programs, 4 user custom programs, 2 fitness tests and 1 quick start programs. Needless to say, even an amateur would find this machine an easy and quick fix into their preferred routine.
The grip heart rate monitor allows users to keep tabs on their pulse without having to pause their session.

The deal gets even sweeter when you stop to consider the bikes compatibility to fitness apps such as RideSocial and MyFitnessPal. This apps make it a cinch to track your progress over time. They also help home trainers connect with fellow home trainers. That kills the tedium that come with exercising within the confines of your house.

Through its integrated USB charging port, you can download useful data from your phone directly into the machine’s system. It also features a pair of built-in chamber speakers, an adjustable fan and a media shelf.


First things first, the bike’s step through design is a definitely worth a mention. Its creators made sure getting on and off the bike would be as hassle free as possible.

Next comes the Schwinn 170 seat. It is not only large and properly cushioned, it is also adjustable. The seat is designed to eliminate unnecessary discomfort even through the longest of rides. Besides that, its pedals are also as efficient. They are both large and strapped to secure the feet adequately through the intensity of any workout. The earlier mentioned fan, media shelf and console speakers are made to bolster a riders comfort even further. It also has a bottle holder that ensures your drink is just an arm’s reach away.

Assembly and Mobility

The Schwinn 170 comes with clear assembling instructions. In just under an hour, you can have the machine up and running.
Moving it is even easier thanks to its integrated transportation wheels. Considering it is not at all that hefty, the ease with which you can roll it around might come as a pleasant shock to many.

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• RideSocial and MyFitnessPal compatible.

• Excellent warranty.

• Easy assembly.

• 29 preset workout programs.



• Its console metric are not always accurate.

• The grip heart rate monitor may have trouble working at times.

For more information and the best pricing go to AMAZON.COM

Schwinn Upright Series Bike – 130 model 3. Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

Next up on the list is the Schwinn 130, a model very similar to the Schwinn 170. Although this bike lacks some of the 170’s strongest features, it is still a badass piece of equipment. With exceptional goal tracking capabilities, this bike means serious business.

Like all other Schwinn products, it is a popular piece within the fitness community. Reason? For an entry level upright bike, the 130 screams top notch performance. With a combination of mechanical prowess and technological efficiency, the 130 is like no other bike within its price range.

The Drawing Cards

One look at this machine is enough to tell its built for endurance. Its frame structure is super brawny but retains a subtle design that’s easy for use. The structure is secured by oversized stabilizer that give quite a solid grounding through sessions. Its weight capacity is 300lb.

Its front is dominated by a dual-track LCD display which plays an imperative role in goal keeping. The console simple arrangement provides uncomplicated access to the controls.

The bike offers a range of 20 levels of resistance; there’s definitely something for everyone. On that same note, it also comes with 22 preset workout programs. This is especially helpful for starters who may not be in a position to set their own routines.

Its high inertia drive systems runs on a 13lb weighted flywheel. Its rides placidly with almost no bumps at all. The Schwinn 130 works as sleek as it appears; that is without a doubt.

Schwinn 130 Upright Bike


Now this machine comes with a pretty powerful drive system. Even though it is meant to be an entry level bike, it can very easily where you down. Its 22 preset programs are diverse successfully cover all levels of training. It features fitness tests, quick start, user custom and profile programs.

Depending on your level of experience, you can set the bike to your preferred pace. Similarly, it allows for multiple user profiles. This means it allows for use by more than one person without altering the other saved profiles.

Moving on, its dual track console helps keep track of progress by displaying important measurements. Monitoring metric such as distance, speed, heart rate and calories burnt therefore becomes a cinch.

The 130 also incorporates hand grip heart rate monitoring sensors on its handlebars. As you ride, it picks up on your heart’s performance and directly displays it on the console.

Both its seat and handlebars are adjustable to facilitate different heights and body sizes.

Additional features include USB charging and acoustic chamber speakers on its console. It also features a media shelf as well as an easy access bottle holder.


The good people over at Schwinn recognize that comfort is a no compromise factor during a workout. Which is why they went on ahead to incorporate a large, padded saddle. The seat is adjustable, both upwards and downwards.

Down to the crank level, its pedals are just as thought through as the seat. They come in large with handy straps. However resistant the level is, these two feature ensure the rider remains as cozy as ever.

The machine is also engineered to keep you well entertained as you ride. You can enjoy whatever jams you prefer thanks to its console speakers. And when the need arises, you can always reach out and grab your phone off its media shelf.

Assembly and Mobility

The good thin is, assembling the 130 is not rocket science. With the help of the instructions provided, this machine could be up and running in just under an hour.

It is also fitted with transportation for eased rolling from one place to another.

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•  22 preset workout programs.

• Quick and easy assembly.

• 20 levels of resistance.

• Comfortably padded seat.



• Console needs electric; no electricity the console is off.

• Very tall people might bang their legs .

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Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

4. Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Nautilus has a pretty neat preceding reputation. The company is known to deliver some of the best performing equipment’s in the world. And looking at the Nautilus U616, it hard to contest that. The U616 is nothing short of a classic workout piece. The bike works great for both beginners and those looking to push their body a little further.

This heavy duty bike is made for maximal longevity. Its performance is one of the best within its class. Here are some of its best features.

The Drawing Cards

The U616 is an innovative, technological forward upright bike designed to help its users achieve goals. With a 300lb weight capacity, this bike is molded from very robust material. Its stabilizers are well constructed and offer solid support. If well assembled, the bike hardly squeaks even from the most onerous of routines.

Since its makers intended to make this a goal monitoring gadget, they incorporated a practical console to ease operations. The dual track LCD console helps monitors your activity and gauge your endurance while riding.

The bike comes with a range of 29 workout programs from which the users can pick the most suitable. This is easily done from the featured console.
The U616 is a powerful machine with a high speed, high inertia drive system. Its flywheel runs seamlessly making every single ride a breeze, despite the resistance level.

The bike gives its users a range of 25 levels of resistance to pick from. In other words, its users have the freedom to knock their workout up or down whenever they feel like it.

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike


When it come to functionality, this bike is indeed a top dog. Gauging from its 20 levels of resistance, it has the potential wear out most trainers pretty quick. With the help of a magnetic knob, its users are able to jump through the levels and even test their limit. This is mostly through its preset routines; which are equally as challenging. The programs are divided into several categories, each with a set of particular orientations.

Seeing that the heart rate is an important aspect of any training session, the u616 has that well covered. Its handlebars have heart rate sensors which keep tabs on the pulse all through.

Besides efficiency, the bike is also engineered to keep its users well entertained. Its console is integrated with a USB charging port, a Mp3 input port, built in speakers and a fan. It also comes with a media tray and a water bottle holder.


With upright bikes, seat comfortableness is of utmost importance. The U616’s seat is not only padded, it is also carefully contoured to diminish discomfort. The saddle is vertically adjustable; it can therefore be easily altered when the need arises. Some users may want to change the seating entirely something a bit more better. Fortunately, the replacement process can easy be accomplished.

Its pedals are standard sized; a range of feet sizes can be accommodated. The pedals come with straps for security.
Its handle bars are angle adjustable and covered for a better grip.

Assembly and Mobility

Putting the bike together is a breeze since most of its main parts come assembled. Total completion can be achieved in at least half an hour.
Its compact structure makes storing this bike a bit less challenging compared to other models. Also, it is a rather light machine. Moving it is more or less a walk in the park.

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• Possible to track progress over time.

• Very quiet when in operation.

• Easy assemblage.

• Can accommodate more than one profile user.



• Weak pedals.

• Doesn’t come with instructions.

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5. Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike

You can only get premium equipment from premium manufacturers; Xterra Fitness is exactly that. Their FB150 folding exercise bike is not only sturdy, it is easily one of best of kind.

Here’s a fact; this bike is in every way extremely dapper. Its x-frame design gives it a fresh look and Also revs up its applicability. It is a put together piece of equipment that gets the job done with minimal glitches. Plus its great where space is restricted.

Drawing Cards

Above all else, this bike is a major space saver. When folded, it shrinks to half its normal size. With that, it is possible to store the bike away when not in use.

In regards to its structure, the FB150’s x-frame steel based design is as resilient as they come. It also enhances stability during a ride. It is capable of handling up to 225lb at a go.

When it comes to performance, the FB150 serves up its users 8 levels of magnetic resistance. Considering the bike is intended for entry level use, its resistance range suffices.

One is able to shuffle through the varying levels using a Dial tension knob on the bikes front. Its front is also occupied by a LCD window that displays measures such as distance and speed. The display is battery powered (2AA batteries). Apart from the LCD window, the rest of the machine is manually operated.

The drive system is remarkably potent; it runs so quietly that one can hardly tell its operation.

XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike


The FB150, despite being foldable, can take a punch. In other words, this bike can run impressively for hours regardless of the resistance. Its rides are bump free thanks to its precision balanced flywheel. Its belt is durable and made to get through any weather unscathed.

It comes with a three-piece crank; this component works diligently to push the drive system when in operation.

Unfortunately, this model does not come with preset workout programs. Even so, one can monitor their activities on its easy to use console. Its hand grips have sensors which track the rider’s pulse. This way, one is able to gauge their routine’s level of intensity.


Right from the its seat design, to its handlebars strategic position, the FB150 aims for minimal discomfort. Its seat is large, padded and securely fixed on to the frame. The saddle comes covered in a thick vinyl material for longevity. The seat is also vertically (upwards and downwards) adjustable.
Its pedals are large and self leveling. They are partly the reason behind the bikes seamless performance.

Although its hand grips are nonadjustable, they are come in a multi grip heavily padded design. This ensures a better grip.

Assembly and Mobility

With two pairs of hands at work, the FB150 should take no more than half an hour to completely assemble.
Since its a foldable bike, moving it is inevitable. It comes with transportation wheels which lets owner simply roll the machine to desired point.

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• Very small footprint.

• Multi-grip handlebar.

• Easy to assemble.

• Considerably inexpensive.



• No preset programs.

• No back light in LCD display.

• Meant for light cardio workouts.

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Final Thoughts

Exercise bikes are powerful exercise gadgets; having one in your house would be a genius way to finally attain your fitness goals. Even so, deciding on which make suits you best might come as a bit of a headache.

In some instances, different bikes may share several features. This is where prior research comes in very helpful. Every model comes with a unique bolster which gives it an upper hand over its competitors. It is up to you to decide what best fits right into your needs.

The above reviews shed light on 5 of the best upright bikes on offer currently. Both their strengths and weakness have been well laid down for your scrutiny.

Hopefully, with the above information you can finally make your decision. If none of the few bikes mentioned above hold much of an appeal to you, am sure you now know what you want. Shopping for equipment is not an easy task. Do assume utmost caution while at it.

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