Best Balance Bike Reviews: The Top 5 Of The Best To Review

Top Best Balance Bike Reviews

Why does your child need a balance bike? Because a balance bike, also known as a pushbike, is the best first step learning how to ride a bike for a toddler.

Balance bikes are good at helping your child learn how to balance and steer, without the need to pedal at the same time. The toddler instead moves the bike forward using their foot.

Another benefit of starting your child off with a balance bike is that they help strengthen your child’s muscles by leaning, steering, and moving the bike. They also give your child confidence, because the child is in control at all times.

This is because your child doesn’t need an adult helping them with balancing or pedaling the bike. Your child has the ability to stop at anytime they want, if they start to feel uncomfortable.

Once the child learns how to balance and steering on a balance bike, they’ll be ready to move onto a pedal bike very easily.

Here are some balance bikes to review, before making a purchase.

Top 5 Best Balance Bike Comparison Chart

Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike Banana Bike Balance Bike Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike ENKEEO 12 Sport Balance Bike x
Features •Foot-To-Floor Step-Thru Frame
•Extremely safe design
•CPSC compliant
•Improves Balance & Coordination
•Minimal Assembly
•Air-Free Tires
•Adjustable Seat Posts
•Adjustable Handlebars
•For children 20 mos-5yrs
•Adjustable Handlebar & Seat
•Built-In Footrests
•For 18 Months to 5 years
•Designed For Future Upgrades.
•Lightweight Durable Frame
•Easy To Ride and Stride.
•Toddler-Sized Grips
•Padded Seat & Handlebar
•Puncture-Proof Tires
•Updated Design
•Upgraded Bearings
• Upgraded Seat
• Quick Release Seat Bracket
•Upgraded Handlebars
•Easy to Assemble.
•Light But Strong
•Puncture proof EVA Foam Tires
•Quick Release Seat
•Upgraded Wheels.
•Constructed of Rust-Free Anodized Aluminum
•Lifetime Warranty.
•Wide Seat
•Adjustable Handlebar
•Soft Grips
•Low-Profile Axle Bolts
•Flat-Free Foam Rubber Tires
•Puncture-Resistant EVA Foam Tires
•PP wheel enhance stability
•Height-Adjustable Seat
•Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic
•Anti-Rust Carbon Steel
•Soft Handlebar Grips
•Contour Saddle Seat
•Adjustable handlebars & Seat
•Lightweight Bicycle Frame
Our Ratings 4-star-rating 5-star-rating 4-star-rating 5-star-rating 4-star-rating

The 3 Best Balance Bikes Reviews

Critica Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike Review

Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike

The Cub Balance Bike, by Critical Cycles, is a simple pedal-free pushbike that was designed for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

It has a step-thru shaped, high-tensile strength steel frame. This makes it easy for your child to get on and off the bike.

The frame is strong, yet lightweight and should be manageable for most kids, however it still might be a little heavy and bulky for some toddlers.

The Cub bike is made well and very maneuverable.

Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike ReviewA nice feature of the Cub Balance Bike is that it comes with adjustable handlebars and seat. By adjusting seat post and stem, you can custom fit the bike to your child’s size.

The seat goes down pretty low for smaller toddlers. Both the handlebars and seat can go up higher later down the road (no pun intended) if needed.

The seat is good, but they do seem like they could be a little softer.

The Critical Cycles Cub comes with tires that are made out of foam and air-Free. They never go flat.

The bike can be both ridden indoors and out. Its stable and it’s less likely that it will fall over.

It’s also CPSC compliant, for your toddler’s safety.

There’s minimal assembly on this bike, which is nice. Just attach the handlebars and your child is all set to ride.

There’s also no future maintenance that will be needed.

Critical Cycles is a quality name in manufacturing bicycles for toddlers as well as adults.

This pushbike is a good value too. There are similar bikes; with similar features that cost up to two or three times the price of the Cub.

This bike is highly recommended for those looking for a balance bike, for their child.

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Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike Review Video


Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

The 12 Sport Balance Bike, by Strider is a good balance of performance, options, and value.

The Strider Balance bike comes with a lightweight frame that only weighs only 6.7 pounds, which makes it easy for most children to ride. However for some toddlers, it may be a little difficult to pick up.

The Strider 12 Sport bike comes with an adjustable padded handlebar and adjustable padded seat.

The seat can be adjusted from 12 inches to 20 inches, to accommodate toddlers from 18 months up to children of 5 years of age.

Strider-12-Sport-Balance-Bike-2You’ll also be able to make adjustments to the height on the fly, with the quick release
Clamps that’s included. No tools are necessary.

Like the Cub Balance Bike, the seat could be a bit more comfortable.

The handlebars on this 12 Sport include toddler-sized padded grips that offer better control and built-in footrests. These features help allow the child to learn to balance and ride a bicycle.

Interesting enough, the 12 Sport was designed to allow for future upgrades, such as heavy-duty tires and/or a foot brake.

The bike is easy to set up and it’s made to last, with its durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires. You shouldn’t have to worry about damage or maintenance.

The tires are made of hard plastic and not rubber. This may make the bike slide a bit on wet roads or sand.

Strider put over eight years of design refinement and improvements in manufacturing the 12 Sport Balance Bike.

The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is not only a good choice, but is a very popular choice among parents of small children.

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Banana Bike Balance Bike

Banana Bike Balance Bike

Banana Bikes’ has come out with a improved Balance Bike model for 2017. It has a new design, an upgraded seat, a much better quick release seat bracket, upgraded handlebars, and a stronger metal headset.

It also comes with upgraded bearings for 2017, however there have some complaints about these new bearing giving out after very light use.

The complaints have been few and far between, but it’s still a good idea to hold on to the warranty.

This Banana Bike Balance Bike is a good starter bike. It has a simple design, good looks and is very sturdy.

Banana Bike Balance BikeThe bike is strong, lightweight, and easy to carry. In fact it’s small enough to fit into your car truck.

The banana shaped bike frame design is very good as a training bike, for toddlers from 18-month-old toddlers up to small children just ready to start riding a bike.

The seat can be adjusted down to a little over 12 inches.

Both small boys and girls can handle this bike, due to it’s lightweight.

The Banana Balance Bike comes with EVA Foam puncture proof tires. Which is great, as the tires will never need air.

However the downside is that the tires, like the Cub and the Strider, are made of plastic and not rubber. Not always the best choice for getting good traction.

They are sufficient enough for a toddler bike though, and should hold up until the child is ready for a pedal bike.

The bike is simple to put together, with the tools that are included with the bike.

The Banana Bike Balance Bike is one of the best value balance bike on the market, not to mention it comes in 3 eye-popping colors.

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Final Thoughts

Buying a pushbike is a great way to start your toddler off learning how to ride a bike and all 3 products reviewed above, are all really good products to consider before you purchase.

All 3 Balance Bikes are designed for toddlers 18 months to 5 years of age, and are light enough in weight for most toddlers to handle.

They’re all well made and very maneuverable.

The Critical Cycles Cub Balance Bike real benefit is that it has an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars, making it easy to fit your child size perfectly.

The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike has good performance, options, and good value. It comes with small-sized grips that are padded for better control.

The bike also includes built-in footrests for comfort, and provision for future upgrades.

This Banana Bike Balance Bike is a good starter bike, with a simple yet sturdy design.

All three balance bikes come with air free tires and are the best products for you to review, before making a purchase.

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