5 Best Toddler Helmet for 3 Year Old & Up [2022 Review + Buyer’s Guide]

5 Best Toddler Helmet for 3 Year Old & UpIf you want your children to remain healthy for the rest of their life, you need to motivate them to be physically active. Riding a bike is probably the best activity for your child, however, if a fall from a bike can cause serious injuries. That’s why it’s necessary to find the Best Toddler Helmet for 3 Year Old & Up.

There are so many helmets for children out there that making a choice can be a headache to many parents. In order to help you with your choice, here are some of the best helmets available for your youngster.

Top 5 Best Toddler Helmets Comparison Chart

Helmet for 3 year Old & Up Buyer’s Guide

Joovy Noodle Helmet Extra Small-Small, Kids Helmet, Bike Helmet, Red
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With cycling, you can never quite tell when hell might break loose. Bicycle accidents happen very fast and could be very fatal; more so when it comes to kids.

Needless to say, parents should go the extra mile to guarantee their kids’ safety on the bike.

That is where helmets come in. The helmet market is loaded with diverse options. The shopping for one might get a little overwhelming.

In order to find the most suitable helmet for your young one, there are a few factors you should consider. Keen regard of each of the following aspects should land you right on the best possible option.


The common thought is that more expensive gear is always better and more efficient. However, with helmets, a higher price tag does not guarantee heightened safety.

There are specific standards that each helmet must meet, before their release into the market. In other words, every cycle helmet out there is as safe as the next one.

Nevertheless, a higher price tag does secure you a bunch of other cool features. More expensive helmets are often lighter. They come with better ventilation and are also more aerodynamic.

Sometimes you get a better, cleaner and trendier look too. And let’s not forget that money also buys you comfort. That’s right, even when it’s just a helmet in question.

Joovy Noodle Helmet Small, Red Comfort and Fit

Here’s a little fact, if a helmet is ill-fitting, it’s easily the equivalent of not wearing one. Ill-fitting helmets may fly off your head on impact leaving you susceptible to injury.

Before buying any helmet, ensure its an appropriate fit. Even with the straps off, the helmet should retain its position on the head. You can even measure your kid’s head perimeter beforehand for an easier time at the store.

Retention System

On a helmet, the retention system guarantees a more snugly fit. Retention systems can be adjusted to fit different head shapes. Ensure your helmet choice has on that works well with your child’s head.

Riding Nature

The prerequisites surrounding your riding routine should be considered, when getting a helmet. Will you need a lot of ventilation? Does it have to be waterproof? Are you fast rider (maybe something more aero)?

Keep in mind that your helmet should be your safety net. It should make your ride more enjoyable and offer naught distractions.


If you ride through a lot of traffic, especially when it’s dark, you need something visible. Whether its visibility is based on color, reflectors or integrated lights.

This aspect is not one to shrug aside. When it comes to kids specifically, you need to know they are safe even when they slip through your fingers.

Crash Damage Replacement

Now, this is based on the manufacturer’s crash replacement policies. In case of impact. do they offer you another helmet? Maybe a discount on your next purchase? It’s important to consider such aspects. Most importantly, when a helmet suffers a serious blow, replace it immediately. Wearing a damaged helmet would be a very fatal mistake.
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5 Best Toddler Helmet for 3 Year Old & Up

Helmet for 3 Year Old: Paw Patrol Toddler Helmet

Paw Patrol Toddler Helmet

While people without children probably are not familiar with it, Paw Patrol is extremely popular among young children. The Canadian show has millions of fans worldwide, and it’s especially popular with toddlers.

Best Toddler Helmet: Paw Patrol Toddler Helmet If your child likes Paw Patrol, this particular helmet should definitely make a perfect present for their next birthday.

It’s available in three colors that look fitting on both boys and girls. The body of the helmet is covered with different characters from the show. So if you want to give your child something it will be able to brag in front of their friends with, you should go with this model.

But enough about the design, the helmet also offers a good amount of protection.

Although the helmet feels lightweight in your hands, it’s made out of high-quality plastic that can handle almost any impact.

Even if your child falls off a big two-wheeler, the material will be able to absorb the impact and keep your child’s head safe and sound.

The lower molded shell also provides additional protection to the child’s neck.

And you don’t have to worry about the fit because the helmet uses the Dual Fit technology. That ensures that the helmet perfectly fits your toddler. the pad system inside is pretty big and it’s extra soft for additional protection.

Last but definitely not the least, the helmet has useful air vents both on the back and the front that ensures your child feels completely comfortable during their bike rides.

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The helmet is pretty comfortable.

It works for both boys and girls.

The body of the helmet is lightweight.

The structure can handle a hard impact.

The Dual Fit tech ensures a perfect fit. 



It only comes in three colors.

Might not work for children that are not the fans of the show. 

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Helmet for 3 Year Old: Bell 7073339 Zoomer Toddler Helmet, Pink/Blue Downy

Bell Toddler Zoomer Bike Helmet

Next up, we have a product that comes from one of the most well-known names in the biking industry – Bell Helmets. The company has been around for almost 7 decades at this point.

Best Toddler Helmet: Bell 7073339 Zoomer Toddler Helmet, Pink/Blue Downy They are known for their quality products and frequent collaborations with charity organizations to promote biking events. So when you’re looking at a Bell helmet, you know that you’re looking at a quality product.

Their toddler bike helmet is perfect for children that are learning to ride a two-wheeler for the first time in their lives. While this is not exactly a high-end helmet – its price is one of its biggest selling points – it works wonders for young children. And don’t let the small price tag fool you – the helmet is certified so you know that safety of your child is assured.

The rear coverage is extended to provide additional safety to the most sensitive parts of the head and the neck. It extends significantly further than a dial-style helmet, so naturally, it’s safer.

There are 7 vents on the top that will ensure that your kid’s head stays fresh and cool during the hot summer days. And that’s not where the features stop.

You also have impact reflectors in the front that can improve the visibility of your child and help them navigate the bike perfectly, no matter the weather conditions.

The strap is designed using the True Fit technology, which allows your child to adjust it in a matter of seconds. Since most youngsters are pretty impatient, this feature is definitely welcomed.

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The price is more than affordable.

It has a firm, hard-shell construction.

The buckle system is easy to operate.

Comes in a number of different colors.




The helmet only comes in size.

Might not fit a larger child’s head.


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Helmet for 3 Year Old: TeamObsidian Kids Bike Helmet

TeamObsidian KIDS Bike Helmet

Some people are only looking for a helmet that will last their child a year or two. But children get easily attached to their clothes and toys.

Best Toddler Helmet: TeamObsidian Kids Bike Helmet So chances are, your child will get emotionally attached to their helmet after the very first ride. That means you should find something that will allow your child to wear it for at least a couple of years.

Luckily for you, here we have a helmet that will help you accomplish that. The TeamObsidian bike helmet is specifically designed to grow with the owner.

The manufacturers were able to accomplish this by adding two padded inserts into the helmet itself. So you’re probably now wondering, how does the mechanism work? it actually quite simple…

The body of the helmet is too large for your child. But you can add a pad or two – that come included in every package – to make it fit your child’s head. Basically, your child will be able to wear the helmet until they start school.

What’s more, the pads provide an additional layer of protection for your child’s head. And don’t worry, the helmet provides optimal head protection even after you remove the pads.

Since it’s manufactured to last you for a long time, you already know that the material it’s made of is top notch. In addition to protection, the helmet was also designed to be extra comfortable during the bike ride.

The straps of the helmet are also extra smooth, so you don’t have to worry about them irritating your child’s skin. You can often find this shark-themed helmet on sale.

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• Comes with pads that ensure a good fit.

• It has no less than 14 went holes.

• Perfectly comfortable for your child.

• Has soft, but strong straps.

• It will grow with your child.



• It may sit high on your child’s forehead.

• The pads may fall out from time to time.

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Helmet for 3 Year Old: Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet, Satin

Razor’s V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet

These snug helmets may just be the best decision you make when it comes to your baby’s safety. The Razor V-17 helmets are extremely comfortable without necessarily sacrificing the asylum factor.

Best Toddler Helmet: Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet, Pink They are solid and pretty sturdy. On impact, you can rest assured your kid’s head will not suffer any severe injuries. The helmets are designed to take all the bashing instead.

On the interior, its ergonomic padding is sufficient and relatively comfy. The padding is nothing fancy and gets the job done.

For ventilation, the helmet features 17 top and side vents. This design ensures total aeration on hot days keeping things dry and cozy up in there.

The side release buckle is easy to work. Both fastening and adjustments are nippy. This ensure the little doesn’t get impatient when wearing the helmet.

It offers superior security and safety. Works best on head sizes between 21.5 to 22 inches.

However, the helmet size chart may be a bit off ; you may end up buying an ill-fitting helmet.

With a cool head and solid guard, your kid can go about games without you getting too worried. For that icing on the cake, Razor priced the V-17 reasonably to secure affordability.

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• Extremely comfortable

• Solid and pretty sturdy

• Sufficient and relatively comfy

• Superior security and safety

• Conshelmet size chart



• Helmet size chart

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Helmet for 3 Year Old: Joovy Noodle Helmet Small, Red

Joovy’s Noodle Helmet

One thing we love about this helmet is that it’s alluring to kids thanks to its frolicsome nature. Most parents will attest to the fact that kids hate helmets; they really do.

Fortunately, with the Joovy Noodle, they’ll actually want to wear it; what a relief, right? The helmet has a playful body with a sparkle base that just seems to draw kids to them.

Best Toddler Helmet: Joovy Noodle Helmet Small, Red These helmets also come in loud colors that not only excites kids, but also enhance visibility.

The interior cushioning is more than enough for refuge. Its also sits comfortably on the child’s head. It covers the entire head perimeter leaving nothing to chance.

The body features an extended visor which keeps the sun off the little one’s face. This not only protects the child’s skin, but it also eliminates accidents that may result from blinding light.

Its nylon straps are steady and ensure helmet sits well in place all through. Its pinch guard chin strap keeps the child’s chin tucked away from injuries.

14 air vents promote air circulation in the helmet and dissipate heat with impressive adequacy. The helmet is great quality and goes for a very good price. Its adjustability limits fall between 18.5-20.5 inches.

Its definitely worth every buck spent on it.

Its all bells and whistles for this helmet. Even so, it comes with one small glitch which can easily be dealt with. The punch guard chin strap could hurt the child’s chin if not fixed on with care. Just be extremely cautious when fixing it on your baby’s head and all will be just fine.

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• Interior cushion

• Ingextended visor

• Straps are steady



• Spunch guard chin strap

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, finding the best helmet for 3-year-old children doesn’t have to be such a stressful task.

All you need to do is put in some work into researching the market and you’ll be able to find the perfect helmet for your youngster in no time.

All of the three helmets on the list have their own benefits and drawbacks, but you won’t go wrong with any of them.

Talk to your child, assess their needs and wishes, and then make a pick. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your choice.

If know a child that is ready to ride a bike for the first time.

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