Hafny’s MR080 Magic Handlebar Bike Mirror Review – Best Bike Mirror [2020]

There are two basic categories for bicycle mirrors. There’s the one that you can mount on your bike and another one on your helmet. The bike mirror mounted on your helmet covers your field of vision, while mounted mirrors don’t have this problem. This review of the Hafny MR080 Magic Handlebar Bike Mirror will give some background on this mirror.Best Bike Mirror; Hafny Handlebar Bike Mirror

The Features:

  • Ideal for MTB Flat Bar, Application: Left
  • Stainless Steel Mirror Lens – Absolutely Safe and Unbreakable
  • Fits 22.2 mm Outside Handlebar
  • Adjustable Viewing Angle
  • Made in Taiwan. Nylon + Fiber – Eco friendly

Stainless Steel Lens

The Hafny MR080 lens is stainless steel. Due to the stainless steel material, it has a high corrosion resistance. It can resist corrosion in different situations. It can resist any acidic or alkaline solutions.

It has both high and low temperature resistance. It’s safe because stainless steel lens are made from high strength components. The stainless steel surface finish also creates a pleasing aesthetic appeal. You can still maintain good appeal while cycling with the use of the Hafny Bicycle Mirror.

Stainless steel is often the least expensive choice. It is a durable and low maintenance material that makes it a popular choice among cyclists. It is also very hygienic to use stainless steel because it’s easy to wash it.

Best Bike Mirror; Hafny Handlebar Bike Mirror, Stainless Steel Mirror (Black Left Side) Durable frame

The Hafny MR080 Magic Handlebar Bike Mirror is well built. Using high-impact nylon plus fiber, this bike mirror is durable. The usage of high impact nylon plus fiber is popular because of its versatility. It is an exemplary substitute for metal.

The usage of high-impact nylon makes the Hafny bike mirror resistant to abrasion. It has high tensile and impact strength. The combination of nylon with fiber makes it durable and it is also non-toxic. It also has better dimensional stability and a higher melting point.

The Hafny mirror also has high lubricity and heat resistance. Thus, this increases its impact resistance. The wear resistance of this product is high. In the case of any accidents, the Hafny Bike Mirror can withstand a high level of impact.


When selecting a bike-mounted mirror, many people prefer being able to adjust the angle. With the Hafny bike mirror, this is no longer a concern because the angles are adjustable. Depending on your height, you can find the right fit for your bike with several adjustments.

You should install the mirror right next to the grips and swift the gear. This will ensure you get the optimal view when using you bike. Once you have adjusted the mirror for your height, you can also tighten the mirror to ensure it stays put.

There are some vibrations that can make the mirror go off position. You can still adjust it back to its optimal position if this happens.

Best Bike MirrorHafny Handlebar Bike MirrorMade in Taiwan

China produces a lot of bikes and parts to the lower end market. Taiwan caters to the mid-level and high-end cycling products market. This means that the Hafny Bike Mirror is a high quality product because of its origin.

Taiwan creates everything from frames, chins, pedals and grips. Factories located in Taiwan create high quality Hafny Bike Mirror for its consumers.

Fits Most Bikes

There is a good chance that the Hafny MR080 Magic Handlebar Bike Mirror fits your bike. This is because it can fit on any city bike, MTB, road bike, handlebar and trekking.

It has multipurpose use, which makes it convenient for you to use in different situations.

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VHafny MR080 Bike Mirror Review Video

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Final Thoughts

The sleek finish that the Hafny MR080 Magic Handlebar Bike Mirror gives your bike a better appeal. This way, you can focus on safety while also having a good appeal doing it!

It’s a high quality bicycle mirror, and still very economical. The lens is resist to corrosion and very durable. The frame is also very durable, non-toxic, and can withstand a high level of impact.

The MR080 is fully adjustable. You can find the right fit with a few simple adjustments. Not to mention the ease of installation on all types of bikes is one of the highlights of using this product.

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