Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Top 5 of the Best [2020]

Whether you’re an amateur or seasoned male cyclist, investing in mens best bike shorts for touring should be top of mind. Men’s cycling bib shorts might be somethiing to consider.

Men’s cycling bib shorts may not be that popular because of its unconventional appearance. Yet, this article will explain why men’s cycling bib shorts can be one of the best investments you can ever make. This article will also provide valuable information about different men’s cycling bib shorts and the benefits they offer.

Here are three of the best men’s cycling bib shorts you can choose from. Before that, why use cycling bib shorts?

Mens Best Bike Shorts for Touring Comparison Table

Mens Best Bike Shorts for Touring. Why Bib Shorts?

Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Why Choose Bib Cycling Shorts for Touring?Bib cycling shorts may not be your usual cycling shorts. However, it provides a similar function as regular cycling shorts. The only visible difference is that it has straps that secure the short in place. Among other benefits of using bib shorts when cycling is the following:

Unlike regular cycling shorts, bib cycling shorts do not have drawstrings or garter that would cause restricted breathing when cycling. Instead, the straps hold the shorts so it won’t fall off. This is crucial because cyclists are usually in a hunched position for long periods of time.

Also, the padding in a bib cycling short is specially designed to stay in place and will help prevent chafing and skin irritation.

Mens Cycling Bib Shorts Buyers Guide Video

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There are items you just don’t buy without a little due diligence on your part. Why? It is the only way to avoid making an unpalatable purchase. Cycling bib shorts fall right under that category.

So before you embark on your bib shopping endeavor, here are a few things you should know.

Why You Need Cycling Bib Shorts

Why You Need The Best Cycling Bib Shorts for Touring

The truth is, different people have distinct and personalized reasons for wearing cycling bibs. Yet, one particular reason cuts across them all; comfort. Comfort when cycling is a no-compromise necessity. And one of the easiest ways to achieve that is through a pair of cycling bib shorts.

Most of them come fabricated to keep you sufficiently cushy through any ride. Some even have specialized features that aid combat extremes such as heat and excessive perspiration. Needless to say, the conditions under which you cycle matter tremendously. That way, you can get a pair that best works for you. Remember, comfort is the key consideration here.

Besides comfort, there is also the safety factor. That’s right; cycling shorts can increase your security on a bike to some extent. This is how: Above all else, they easily eliminate gratuitous distractions such as excess sweat, too much heat and garment chafing.

Concentration then becomes very easy to achieve. Further, cycling bibs may reduce chances of injury in case of accidents. Although not all, some bibs have protective layers that ease the impact on falling.

Things To Consider When Buying Men’s Cycling Bib Shorts Certain aspects of a cycling bib shorts can build or break their efficacy. The following is a brief rundown of some of these aspects.

The Pad/Chamois

The chamois is basically the most important part of any cycling shorts. What appears to be a simple lump of foam turns out to have a much significant function than most realize.The best kind of pad is one that comes pre-shaped to contour right into your body.

This comes with a level of body conformity that’s bound to keep you cozy in your cycling bib shorts.Most good cycling short padding occurs in layers. There’s the perforated foam layer that enhances aeration.

Some shorts’ chamois may include a gel layer that aids with moisture absorption. Finally, all that is often covered by a thin fabric that leaks away sweat.

Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Bib Fabric

Bib Fabric

Now cycling is an intense that usually leaves you sweating profusely. That said, it is only logical for your bib shorts to have sweat leaking capabilities. One way to narrow out a good pair is by analyzing the fabric.

Depending on your taste, you may choose to go for a thin elastic fabric or a thicker more snugly alternative. While this is majorly a matter of preference, ensure the fabric fits your body just right.

Legs and Leg Grips

The leg part of cycling shorts should hug your thighs effortlessly. Compressive legs promote blood flow and offer muscle support. The results? It keeps up your muscle endurance levels off the charts.When we come to the grippers, these help hold the leg section well in place. Considering the vigorous leg movement involved, leg grips are as essential as they are necessary. Some shorts feature silicon grippers; most, however, have a snugly fabric addition instead.

The Bibs

We cannot emphasize the merits of bib cycling shorts enough. Regular cycling shorts are good but bib shorts are definitely better. The bibs help keep the shorts in place despite all body movement involved in cycling.

To top that up, bibs drop the need for a waist elastic band which may dig into your skin during the action.Even so, make sure the bibs on the shorts are resilient enough for longevity. Mesh bibs are great as the promote ventilation.

Extra Features

Like mentioned earlier, some bib shorts have specialized features that set them off from the rest of the crowd. Special features such as waterproof-ability come in handy in rainy conditions.

For very hot ambiances, there are shorts that feature a cold blood lining that keeps you cool all through. Last but not least, some have protective linings to help prevent abrasion.

With that, it is time to look at the best bike shorts for touring anywhere today. The following is a short review section.

Top 5 Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring:

Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Przewalski Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Bike Bib Shorts

Przewalski Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Bike Bib Shorts

The Przewalski brand offers this padded cycling men’s bib made of high-performance material. Made of 71 percent Polyester and 29 percent Elastane, this men’s cycling bib shorts is durable and stretchable.

Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Przewalski Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Bike Bib ShortsIt has back mesh construction which helps air circulate, keeping you cool and dry while cycling under the intense heat of the sun. The fabric also provides optimum sun protection while on the road. Plus, it also assures durability and comfort, thanks to its high-quality fabric materials.

This cycling bib shorts also have water diffusion and wicking features that prevent it from sticking on the skin. It also has an ergonomic padding on the crotch part, which helps absorb shock and provide comfort even on long rides. Its anti-bacterial properties and flat-seam construction helps prevent skin irritation and avoids moisture build-up.

This bib cycling short also ensures better fit and comfort among its user’s thanks to its unique stitching design. Its gentle silicone leg grippers also keep your short from rolling up while cycling.

Definitely one of the best bike shorts for touring.

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• Both durable and stretchable.

• With anti-bacterial properties that prevent skin irritation.

• With 3D ergonomic padding to protect the crotch and behind.

• Prevents rolling up while in use.

• With sun protection and quick-dry fabric.




• Too much padding.

• Loose stitching around the crotch padding.

• Leg grippers do not stick on to the legs long enough.



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Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Baleaf Men's Pro II Gel Padded Cycling Bib Shorts

Baleaf Men’s Pro II Gel Padded Cycling Bib Shorts

Baleaf cycling bib shorts are made of 80 percent nylon and 20 percent Spandex. These fabrics provide comfort and durability for its users. Its Pro II 3D Chamois has high-density foam, a pressure-relieving gel pad, and moisture wicking properties.

Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Baleaf Men's Pro II Gel Padded Cycling Bib ShortsBaleaf cycling bib shorts also provide extra support and promotes better performance. Its wide bib straps are made of ice-cool mesh material. This material is comfortable, breathable, and does not fall off your shoulders.

It also has a functional back pocket to put your small items in while you’re on your bike. Plus, it also features leg grippers that prevent skidding as you go on long and rough roads.

This Baleaf cycling bib shorts also offers sun protection. Its UPF 50+ feature helps to protect the user from harmful UV rays. This feature lessens the risk of sunburns or uneven skin tone when you take off your shorts.

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• With back pockets to store small items such as keys.

• Durable, comfortable and breathable to wear.

• With UPF 50+ that minimizes the effects of harmful UV rays.

• Firm chamois (according to most users).

• Waist part does not roll up on stomach.




• Poor quality stitching especially on the padding part.

• Padding can be quite uncomfortable on very long rides.

• Can be quite expensive depending on the design.



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Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Sponeed Cycling Bib Shorts

Sponeed Cycling Bib Shorts

The Sponeed cycling bib shorts are made of 87 percent Nylon and 13 percent Spandex Lycra which offers best comfort and durability. It also provides breathability and stretches ability among its users especially during long rides.Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Sponeed Cycling Bib Shorts

This cycling bib shorts also offers moisture prevention and anti-bacterial properties. These help prevent skin irritation. Aside from that, it has an anatomical design made to contour with the user’s body form.

Thanks to its high-density foam, precise gel pads, and leg grippers that prevent your shorts from rolling up during rides, you will have a smooth ride. The Sponeed logo is reflective for safety purposes. Plus, it has UPF 50+ that helps reduce the effects of the sun’s harmful rays.

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• Durable and long-lasting as attested by many users.

• Comfortable fit.

• Value-for-money.

• Comfortable padding on the crotch part.




• Uses Asian size which can be quite a hassle for Western users

• Chemical smell even after washing

• You may be reluctant to buy especially if you’re not a fan of China-made products



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Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: PEARL iZUMi MEN'S ELITE ESCAPE BIB SHORTS

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Elite Escape BIB Shorts

Pearl iZUMi has given us some of the markets top products at a phenomenal price tag. The men’s Elite Escape bib shorts are yet another addition to that list.

Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Pearl iZUMi Men's Elite Escape BIB ShortsThese bib-shorts are, in many ways, some of the best ones you can get your hands on. Pearl iZUMi undoubtedly took things an extra mile with the Elite Escape. After reading the following, I am sure you will concur as well.

The body material used is incredibly lightweight. The Lycra blend fabric not only has outrageous stretching performance, it is also super breathable. For those who ride in the summer, these shorts would do perfectly.

These bib shorts are made for excellent moisture transfer. The fabric soaks up excess moisture on the skin which it then drains leaving you a dry as ever.The Elite Escape’s chamois is indeed exceptional.

It features a floating layer which moves as you do. In other words, friction is the least of your worries if you’re wearing one of these.

The pad is also pre-shaped to conform to the body; an aspect only adds to its cushioned feel.Down to the leg section, these bib shorts feature a soft stretch fabric lined with silicone at its opening.

Its grip effect is incredible.Its upper section is in the form of mesh ventilation panels on both the chest and back section. These bib shorts come with the combined power of stability and breathability.

Last but not least, the good people over at Pearl iZUMi featured a final gift to their customers. The shorts include a BioViz reflective element that keeps you well in view even in low light situations.

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• Reflective element for added visibility.

• Floating layer on chamois which eliminates chafing.

• Lightweight, moisture transfer material.

• Very well ventilated.




• The chamois may feel a bit too chunky through the first few wears.

• There are complains of the sizing being slightly off.



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Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Rion Cycling Men's Bike Bib Shorts

Rion Cycling Men’s Bike Bib Shorts

The second pair we look at are the Rion Cycling Men’s Bib Shorts. And despite their affordable price tag, these come with a solid scientific backing. Having been put through expert testing, these bib shorts are quite promising.

Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Rion Cycling Men's Bike Bib ShortsWe have to admit, these bib shorts are different. They feature unique aspects that put them on a level of their own. Let’s take a brief look at how.

Its manufacturers describe the Rion cycling bibs as slim fitting; we completely agree with that. The one thing you notice is that they are slightly smaller than their contending counterparts. This works as an added merit because they offer a snug fit to whoever puts them on.

They also rev up the much needed muscle action.Rion cycling bib shorts are made of a thick 4-way fabric. Despite their density, they are pleasantly stretchy and work just right for most body types. The stitching is sturdy and exceptionally done.The bib section comes with a back panel layered with a breathable sheath.

The bibs themselves are elastic; they are designed to give guaranteed stability.Its chamois is definitely softer than most. The idea is to promote comfort without any unnecessary nudging. The padding consist of high tenacity foam which is perfect for extended rides.Now the leg section is a bit interesting.

These shorts have laser openings on the thigh area. The patches are a genius way to ensure ventilation during the ride.Finally, its reflective patches ensure visibility even in obscure ambiances.

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• Bonus thigh punching for breath-ability.

• Great value; incredibly affordable.

• Durable stitching all through.

• The chamois is flat and comfy; nothing too extra.




• The bib section may feel loose for some people.

2. The thigh area fabric is kind of weak; .



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Final Thoughts

There are many men’s cycling bib shorts brands to choose from. Yet, one should not rely solely on the brand – it’s the features and benefits that should matter most. Different brands offer their own unique features as per featured brands above. Still, you should consider what top benefits you want in a men’s cycling bib shorts.

We hope that this product review of selected brands of men’s cycling bib shorts can help you decide the best one for your next cycling ride.