Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle ReviewTired of the overwhelming corporate bombardments of products. All the ones you can’t seem to decide between which one to buy? Surprisingly buying a bicycle falls into this conundrum as well. The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle may be your answer.

This review of the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle will put to rest the dilemma you face. We will also be looking for an ideal bicycle that best suits their needs. We will also explore the pros and cons of the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike.

This bike offers features which makes cruising a worthy experience. It has a captivating appearance coupled with all time high-ranking performance you need.

With any bike matching these requirements, it is definitely an all-around product. This article scrutinizes its features. It also reveals overall customer satisfaction.

How to Find the Right Size Beach Cruiser Bike For Women Video

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Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

Product FeaturesFirmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Product Features

  • 26-inch women’s single-speed cruiser bike for easy, relaxed riding
  • Classic curvy beach cruiser design with 15-inch durable steel frame and aluminum wheels
  • White-wall balloon tires for a cushioned ride; easy-to-use coaster brakes
  • Oversized seat with dual springs for added comfort, wide handlebars with rubber grips
  • Sized for women from 5 to 6 feet tall

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The Review:

There is a variety of speed models. This facilitates customers in choosing, according to their preference and comfort. Difference in speed models also makes it harder or easier to pedal. Also, this is helpful when one wants to ride at different speeds and/or at different locations.

A single speed bike is easier on the pedals but slower on the pace but usually more simple and reliable. This could also make climbing mountains a challenge though. It is best suited for casual cruisers on flat terrain.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach CruiserIt’s riding speed range is 3 to 5 mph over a maximum distance of 20 miles. A 3 speed model bike incorporates a wider gear range. This results in better speed, witch is well suited for climbing inclines. Also, its able to goe up to 30 miles on a 3 to 20 mph speed.

A 7 speed model bike has a top-of-the-line shifting system. This is for a higher intensity riding. It goes up to 40 miles with a speed of 3 to 30 mph.

The coaster brakes provide easiness in hitting the brakes by reversing pressure. The hand brakes allow brakes to set in without having to reverse pedal.

The bike includes adjustable hand gears for convenience, and a Shimano gear system. It has a 2 options for wheel size: 26 and 24 inch. An enlarged seat which is a big contributing factor to the rider’s comfort. Also, the company offers Life time warranty.

The Pros


Beach Cruiser BicycleThe Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle, makes itself a top choice for an economical incentive. It also perfectly sums up as budget-friendly bike. All without compromising on high quality features a good bicycle offers. Also, the pricing of this product is without a doubt aimed to accommodate a wide range of clientele.

Body Posture While Riding

Multiple sources of all age groups vouch for the comfort this bicycle provides. For many, it has gotten rid of issues of back pain.

Many other makes you to bend down a lot. The seat arrangement on this bicycle is designed to alleviate  any back discomfort

It sets the posture up right, which ergonomically is the best posture we can be in. Such precision ensures their intended beneficiaries find comfort in the product.

Riding Quality and Performance

The steel structure of this bike makes the riding experience far better and less noisy. Its heavy duty frame combing with the steel body keeps one from enduring bumps on the terrain. Also the width of the tires also helps minimize impact from bumps by absorbing them.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser It is durable and allows extended journeys with comfort. The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle scores a 9.5/10 rating in the two categories. : Comfort and positive feedback.

Adjustable hand gears for those concerned with quality riding, is a problem solver. This bike is most suitable for riding on smooth pavements. It’s also suitable for high terrain, flat terrain, trails, roads, and paths. The pedals are easy to set foot on, regardless of the speed model.

For anyone concerned with aesthetics. This bike has a charming exterior and comes in a variety of attractive colors. It’s also definitely a low maintenance bike. One doesn’t have to worry about costly repair bills.

Product Safety

The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle maintains a record of customer satisfaction. To date, It has not received any safety complaints. Some would find this development a strong indicator of quality assurance. Also, safety concern is a major factor that plays into a product’s success or downfall.

A product’s high reliability builds a trustworthy relationship between customers and manufacturers. This in return draws in increasing number of customers.

The Cons

Assembling Procedure

Beach Cruiser The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle comes partially assembled which is disappointing. However, some customers claim disassembled parts are easy to assemble. Others find the assembly difficult and exhausting.
The handlebars front wheel, seat, and pedals require attachment. Also, the tools required for assembling are not included.

Low Quality Accessory

Some customers have reported the kick-stand is light (not durable). Also the fenders (sold separately) fail to meet the standard of good quality.

Final Thoughts

As I would like to conclude and would suggest that. The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Cons manages to meet the criteria most required. This proves its efficiency and high durability. A bicycle is an ideal companion in solitude.

There’s wisdom in assessing the one friend a person could entrust his life with. Also the same criteria applies to bikers with passion for bicycling. Evaluation of a bike’s features and performance is an important consideration. This helps one’s decision to make this buy. Hence many factors about this product should be carefully examined by your beforehand.

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