Spring Cycling Kids

Contrary to popular belief, teaching your kids to ride a bike safe and fun when done at the right time. More than half the world knows how to ride a bike, and this important skill is best taught at childhood between 5 and 8 years.

How I wish that every kid had a bike they could ride. It would mean hours of pure fun with their mates instead of playing video games all day. Since (I venture to say) you don’t want a hermit for a child, use this beautiful spring to cycle with them. But first, they need to learn how to cycle…READ MORE

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Bike Pedal Questions: This Is What Professionals Do

Riding a bike is one of the most beneficial and fun activities a human being can possibly do. With this in mind, bike riders generally have a lot of questions related to a bike pedal. If you’re one of those riders with questions, well, look no further.

In this article, we’re going to highlight a variety of questions related to bike pedals and give exact answers to them. All of the answers are based on what professionals do, so be sure to utilize the info accordingly…

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Beginners Road Bike Guide

Many people love cycling. It is even more enjoyable while cycling on a road bike. May be because many people love their high speed. Or they provide alternative gears for different terrains.

This beginners road bike guide will cover exclusively about road bike for beginners. It will explain the meaning of a road bike and the features that make a bike to be a road bike. Most importantly it will outline what to look for while purchasing a road bike…

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what to wear for spring cycling

It is such a twist that dressing appropriately for cycling in spring is more complicated than in winter. The average biker will tell you that what to wear for spring cycling is one of their biggest worries.

Temperamental weather conditions in spring have much to do with this difficulty. However, you can now rest easy because we have a definite philosophy on what you should wear when cycling in spring…

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How To Get Back Into Cycling

Cycling is a wonderful activity not just for keeping fit, but for exploring different places while peddling along on your bicycle. Cycling is also a wonderful way to get together with others for social events such as fundraisers for worthy causes. Or just to meet new friends with a common interest.

Much as cycling can be great, but it might not be so great if you stop bike riding for years or decades, then decide to get back to it.

Getting back into cycling after a long hiatus requires systematic planning, patience and excellence in execution. This is, if you want to become very good at it…READ MORE

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Learn How To Ride A Bike Lessons

Far too many people associate bike riding with something that only has relevance for children. As adults, you would probably be targeting car driving lessons or looking at other modes of transportation.

However, plenty of adults have found the bike to be a viable option for commuting. It does away with the expenses relating to maintenance of your car and also, does not pollute the air…READ MORE

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