Top 3 Best Cable Bike Lock Reviews – These Are The Best For You

A cable bike lock is a good measure against theft of your precious bicycle. In general, a bicycle is an expensive investment and if you are buying cheap or used bicycles. You should still protect your bicycle against theft. To avoid this, here is a review of the top best cable bike locks you should look into.

Top 5 Best Cable Bike Locks Bike Comparison Chart

Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Amazer Bike Cable Lock UShake Bike Lock Cable Titanker Cable Bike Lock Schwinn SW77861-3 Coil Key Lock x
Features • 13mm Hardened Steel Shackle
• 4’ Kryptoflex™ Double Loop Cable
• Reinforced Hardened Cross Bar Design
• High Security Disc-Style Cylinder
• Center keyway
• Anit-Rattle Bumpers
• Flexible steel cables
• PVC coating
• Zinc Ally Lock Cylinder
• Made of Zinc Alloy
• 4-Digit Combination
• Keyless Convenience
• Secure & Portable
• 4 Digit Combination
• Keyless Convenience
• Mounting Bracket
• Personalized Number Combination.
• Flexible Steel Cables
• PVC Coating
• • 4-digit Resettable Coiling Lock
• Personalized Combination.
• Keyless Convenience
• Multi-Purpose& Colorful
• Security & Portable
• Improved Mounting Bracket,
• Flexible Steel Cables
• PVC Coating
• 8MM Braided Steel
• Self Coiling Cable
• 6′ Long
• Vinyl Cover
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Top 3 Best Cable Bike Lock Reviews

Top-3-Best-Cable-Bike-Lock-Reviews-Kryptonite-KryptoLok-Cable-Bike-Lock1. Kryptonite – KryptoLok Series 2 Bicycle U Lock, with 4ft Flex Cable

At 13 mm width, the KryptoLok cables offer plenty of strength to your locking mechanism. It’s an ideal lock to keep your bike safe against theft whether parked out in publilc.

Due to its steel fabrication, the locks are super sturdy. If you are worried about the cable getting vandalized you will be reassured to know that the cables are too sturdy to be cut or sawed.

Top 3 Best Cable Bike Lock Reviews Kryptonite KryptoLok Cable Bike Lock KeysA double loop style cable should be attached to the wheels, frame and any accessories, add reliable protection to your cycle.

Traditional chain style locks have tended to create plenty of noise. This can be quite annoying when your out riding. A cable lock, like this, will eliminate that problem.

Cross bar style bars will make the locks doubly secure against all attempts to break open the locks. The cycle cylinders are also designed for maximum security.

They can be opened with two sturdy steel keys available with the lock. Also the cylinder is protected against dust and other hazards of the road with a tight fitting cover.

One of the reasons you would want to invest in this cable lock is the brand name. Kryptonite is a pioneer in cross bar style locks and has been around for many decades. It is a trusted brand in bike security and has been renowned for innovation and reliability.

Kryptonite has built a reputation for security even in notoriously unsafe places and so, if you want a reliable way to secure your expensive or even budget friendly bike, the Kryptolok would be the right choice.

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Top 3 Best Cable Bike Lock Reviews Cont’d

Top 3 Best Cable Bike Lock Reviews - Amazer Cable Bike Lock

2. Amazer – Cable Bike Lock w/ 4 Foot Self Coiling Cable And Combination Lock

If you tend to lose your keys or damage your keys, then you might want to look into this combination-locking lock. Set the combination of numbers and only you will know how to lock and unlock your bike.

Top Best Cable Bike Lock - Amazer Cable Bike LockThe Amazer Combination Bike Lock comes with hardware for mounting the lock, to your bike. This makes it easy for you to bring your lock along with you on your rides.

It comes with a four number combination. This improves the endless arrays of pins that you can set for the locks, and makes it more difficult to figure out the combination.

You’ll need to refer to the instructions to open the lock for the first time and set a new combination.

Like the Kryptonite lock, this bike lock has a steel cable and vinyl cover. This makes it also resistant to cutting and scratching. The cables are four feet long offering, which is sufficient coverage for your bike and other stuff you may want secure against theft.

This is one of the most cost effective, quality bike locks you can get.

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Top Best Cable Bike Lock Reviews - UShake Cable Bike Lock

3. UShake – Cable Bike Lock w/ 6 feet Self Coiling Cable and Bike Mounting Bracket

If you are looking for a combination lock that is slightly longer than average cable locks, then this bike lock could be a great option for you to check out.

Top Best Cable Bike Lock Review - UShake Cable Bike LockThe UShake bike lock is a moderately priced, for its performance class. The 4 number combination offers reliable security. It also allows you to set your own, easy to remember, number combinations.

The lock offers similar benefits as the Amazer lock. It is made of steel with a shell of PVC for more strength and durability.

The lock also comes with mounting gear for easier storage on your bike. This is particularly useful so you don’t lose the lock during your rides.

Most cyclists have found the lock to offer topnotch service.

The UShake costs a little more than the Amazer, however you get a longer lock. If a longer bike lock is what you need, then it’ll be worth the extra money. On top of that, the UShake Bike Lock comes with a six month warranty.

With so many advantages in its favor as well as the mid range price, you might want to look at the possibility of ordering the UShake online.

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Final Thoughts

Even if you have an inexpensive bike that you don’t care much about. It’s still an investment that you don’t want to have taken from you. You’ll want to keep it safe from theft.

Here’s a quick recap:

Kryptonite KryptoLok has a good thickness and offers plenty of strength to the locking mechanism. The cycle cylinders are designed for maximum performance, not to mention Kryptonite is a pioneer in cross bar locks.

The Amzer Bike Cable Lock comes with hardware to mount the lock to your bike. Its steel cable has a vinyl cover which is resistant to scratching your bike, and also a very cost of effective quality bike lock.

The Ushake Bike Lock has a slightly longer cable, when you need the extra length. The little higher in price then the Amazer, but still very moderately priced for a lock of this quality. Also comes with a 6 month, manufactures warranty.

What are you thoughts?

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