Strongest Bike Lock Review: Top 5 Best Cable Bike Lock to Buy [2022]

Strongest Bike Lock Review: Top 5 Best Cable Bike Lock to BuyA cable bike lock is a good measure against theft of your precious bicycle. In general, a bicycle is an expensive investment and if you are buying cheap or used bicycles. You should still protect your bicycle against theft. To avoid this, here is a review of the top best cable bike locks you should look into.

Top 5 Best Cable Bike Locks Bike Comparison Chart

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How Safe if Your Bike?

Any experienced cyclist knows better than to leave their bike lying out in the public unprotected. Bike theft is more rampant than most assume.

For that very reason, you must put in a whole lot of effort to secure your bike’s safety. One way to do so is through the use of bike locks.

Bike locks come in various types; each encompassed by its own bouquet of merits. Assuming your mind is set on getting your bike a suitable lock.

There are a few essential questions you must ask yourself forehand.

Let’s take a look.

How Valuable is Your Bicycle?

More valuable bikes are more susceptible to theft as they fetch better secondary prices. Palpably, if your bike is a high-end model, then you need to boost your security game.

You may choose to get better locks or maybe just find a safer parking spot for your bike. Either way, more precautionary measures are essential when it comes to more expensive bikes.

How Common is Bike Theft in the Area?

Some areas are known to be bike theft hot spots. If you find yourself in such a space, then you definitely need heavy security for your bike.

Safer areas are less of a headache since a simple lock could be enough to keep your bike put for as long as you’re gone.

How Long are You Going to Leave Your Bike for?

Simple shopping errands may not require much security for your bike. If you’re only gone for a few minutes, then heavy precautions are not necessary.

However, if you’re the commuter kind that leaves their bike for extended periods of time. Reliable measures are of the essence.

Types of Bike Locks

As mentioned earlier, bike locks come in multiple forms. Your choice should be informed by your answers to the above-stated questions.

And while locks are the most obvious security guards for bikes. They don’t guarantee total protection. No lock is 100% theft proof, all can be manipulated into unlocking in one way or another.

Which is why it is recommended to use multiple locks for much more reinforced security.

Cable Locks

These feature strong fibers and are often long. Cable locks let you hook your bikes frame to the parking furniture with ease.

On the flip side, some can easily be cut to free up the bike. These are best used in conjunction with other types of locks for total security.

Chain Locks

Often paired with a padlock, these types of locks are pretty carnivorous. They are enormous in weight and length and are not the easiest to carry around.

On the upside, they are unlikely to crack under most circumstances.

U & D Locks

These comprise of hardened steel shackles of varying types. Most would consider these types of locks the most secure of all.

However, they’re limited in that you can’t just lock them up anywhere. They require very specific parking furniture in order to work well.

Cuff Shackles

Simple but very effective, cuff shackles are also very handy. They lock the bike’s frame/wheel to the parking furniture.

Since they only hold the frame in place, they do not guarantee the safety of other bicycle parts. They are therefore best used with other types of locks.
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Top 5 Strongest Cable Bike Lock Reviews

Strongest Bike Lock Review -Kryptonite KryptoLok Cable Bike Lock

KryptoLok Series 2 Bicycle U Lock by Kryptonite

At 13 mm width, the KryptoLok cables offer plenty of strength to your locking mechanism. It’s an ideal lock to keep your bike safe against theft whether parked out in publilc.

Due to its steel fabrication, the locks are super sturdy. If you are worried about the cable getting vandalized you will be reassured to know that the cables are too sturdy to be cut or sawed.

Best Cable Bike Lock Reviews Kryptonite KryptoLok Cable Bike Lock KeysA double loop style cable should be attached to the wheels, frame and any accessories, add reliable protection to your cycle.

Traditional chain style locks have tended to create plenty of noise. This can be quite annoying when your out riding. A cable lock, like this, will eliminate that problem.

Cross bar style bars will make the locks doubly secure against all attempts to break open the locks. The cycle cylinders are also designed for maximum security.

They can be opened with two sturdy steel keys available with the lock. Also the cylinder is protected against dust and other hazards of the road with a tight fitting cover.

One of the reasons you would want to invest in this cable lock is the brand name. Kryptonite is a pioneer in cross bar style locks and has been around for many decades. It is a trusted brand in bike security and has been renowned for innovation and reliability.

Kryptonite has built a reputation for security even in notoriously unsafe places and so, if you want a reliable way to secure your expensive or even budget friendly bike, the Kryptolok would be the right choice.

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Top 3 Best Cable Bike Lock Reviews - Amazer Cable Bike Lock

Amazer’s Bike Cable and Combination Lock

If you tend to lose your keys or damage your keys, then you might want to look into this combination-locking lock. Set the combination of numbers and only you will know how to lock and unlock your bike.

Top Best Cable Bike Lock - Amazer Cable Bike LockThe Amazer Combination Bike Lock comes with hardware for mounting the lock, to your bike. This makes it easy for you to bring your lock along with you on your rides.

It comes with a four number combination. This improves the endless arrays of pins that you can set for the locks, and makes it more difficult to figure out the combination.

You’ll need to refer to the instructions to open the lock for the first time and set a new combination.

Like the Kryptonite lock, this bike lock has a steel cable and vinyl cover. This makes it also resistant to cutting and scratching. The cables are four feet long offering, which is sufficient coverage for your bike and other stuff you may want secure against theft.

This is one of the most cost effective, quality bike locks you can get.

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Top Best Cable Bike Lock Reviews - UShake Cable Bike Lock

Titanker Bike Lock Cable, 6-Feet Bike Cable Basic Self Coiling Combination Cable Bike Locks

If you are looking for a combination lock that is slightly longer than average cable locks, then this bike lock could be a great option for you to check out.

Top Best Cable Bike Strongest Lock Review - UShake Cable Bike LockThe UShake bike lock is a moderately priced, for its performance class. The 4 number combination offers reliable security. It also allows you to set your own, easy to remember, number combinations.

The lock offers similar benefits as the Amazer lock. It is made of steel with a shell of PVC for more strength and durability.

The lock also comes with mounting gear for easier storage on your bike. This is particularly useful so you don’t lose the lock during your rides.

Most cyclists have found the lock to offer topnotch service.

The UShake costs a little more than the Amazer, however you get a longer lock. If a longer bike lock is what you need, then it’ll be worth the extra money. On top of that, the UShake Bike Lock comes with a six month warranty.

With so many advantages in its favor as well as the mid range price, you might want to look at the possibility of ordering the UShake online.

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Strongest Bike Lock: Titanker's Cable Bike Lock

Titanker’s Cable Bike Lock

Titanker brings us a super easy super convenient way to keep your bike locked up and safe in your absence. The titanker cable bike lock is simple but surprisingly effective.

It fits the bills perfectly which is probably why its such a popular option with many bikers today. Here’s a detailed analysis of its features.

Best Bicycle Lock: Titanker's Cable Bike LockIf you love nippy gadgets, you’ll love this cable lock. For one, its ultra light; its hardly a nuisance when it comes to portability.

Thanks to its easy to use combination aspect, you can have it on or off in the blink of an eye. The combination is a cinch to reset; in case of anything, you can always alter it to boost safety.

The large numbers on the combination dial move smoothly making its operation a snap.

These locks come in an array of colors. You can pick a color that suits both you and your bike for better aesthetics.

The cable lock is made of flexible steel cable with a rigid PVC coating. The material makes it strong and cut resistance. Anyone who tries to cut through it is definitely up for a challenge.

Its flexible nature makes it as pliant as they come. This cable not only works for bikes. You can also use it to secure additional stuff such as gates and skateboards.

As a jack of all trades, it can get so much done despite its crazy affordable price tag.

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Strongest Bike Lock: Schwinn's SW77861-3 Coil Key Lock

Schwinn’s SW77861-3 Coil Key Lock

The Schwinn SW77861-3 is a lot of things. One particular aspect is cause for all its gleaming glory; its weight.

Schwinn's SW77861-3 Coil Key LockWhen it comes to bike locks. Being able to carry your lock around with naught struggles is always an added advantage.

The Schwinn SW77861-3 is super light, and it also looks good too. Although it may not be the strongest bike cable lock out there, it gets the job well done in most cases.

Here’s a summary of what it has to offer.

On sight, this cable is gorgeous. Molded from braided steel. It comes with the self-coil aspect that holds out all through its lifespan.

The steel is then covered by a resilient vinyl cover which protects the cable from weather caused damages. It is also dust-proof; way to keep things tidy all though.

A flexible mounting bracket makes it super fast to set up. Besides working great on bikes. It also comes in handy with electric cars, sliding doors and motorcycles.

Looking at its length, you can rest assured its long enough to go around pretty much anything. The deal already sounds very good but here’s the thing, it gets better.

The SW77861-3 is one of the most affordable bike lock cables anywhere. It is very budget-friendly.

On the downside, however, the cable is pretty thin. It is easy to cut through and is therefore recommended for use in low threat areas.

Although it gets the job done, any experienced thief can figure out a way to dispose of it. It is best to just limit its use to very low-risk areas to avoid unexpected loss.

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Final Thoughts

Even if you have an inexpensive bike that you don’t care much about. It’s still an investment that you don’t want to have taken from you. You’ll want to keep it safe from theft.

Here’s a quick recap:

Kryptonite’s KryptoLok has a good thickness and offers plenty of strength to the locking mechanism. The cycle cylinders are designed for maximum performance, not to mention Kryptonite is a pioneer in cross bar locks.

The Amzer Bike Cable Lock comes with hardware to mount the lock to your bike. Its steel cable has a vinyl cover which is resistant to scratching your bike, and also a very cost of effective quality bike lock.

The Ushake Bike Lock has a slightly longer cable, when you need the extra length. The little higher in price then the Amazer, but still very moderately priced for a lock of this quality. Also comes with a 6 month, manufactures warranty.

Whats great about the Titanker Cable Bike Lock is the easy setup and simplified combination reset process. Also it is a very sturdy lock that’s also cut resistant. The not so great is that it gets stiff and hard under very low temperatures. Also the cable could be a little longer.

The Schwinn’s SW77861-3 Coil Key Lock is very very affordable, looks and feels great. T construction material is phenomenal. ts length is long enough to be flexible when the need arises. Also it retains coiled shape after use.

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