Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier Review: 18151 VS. 18153 Hitch Cargo Carrier

Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier Review: 18151 VS. 18153 Hitch Cargo CarrierOut-of-town trips with your family are one of the most exciting things to look forward to. More often than not, you and your family can be too eager to pack the car with the things you want to bring on your family excursion.

However, your car won’t be able to carry all those equipment inside, so you might consider buying a Curt hitch cargo carrier to fit all your stuff for the holiday.

In this article, you will know basic facts about the Curt hitch cargo carrier, what its features are, why it is worth the buy, which model to buy, and how much it can cost you for now and for the long run.

About CURT

CURT is a trusted brand under the CURT Group that offers an assortment of hitches, wiring, and towing products made or all types of vehicles. CURT aims to provide high-quality products and set the standard in the industry via product innovation, cutting-edge design software, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

First of all, Curt offers cargo carriers that provide an efficient storage solution for your vehicle. You don’t have to fit everything inside your car if there’s no space in the passenger seat for you anymore. With Curt, it solves that problem by maximizing your vehicle’s storage area so you can add extra cargo either at the front or rear mount, while you can sit inside your car more comfortably.

How To Load A Curt Cargo Carrier Video

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CURT 18151 Basket Style Cargo Carrier

CURT 18151 Basket Style Cargo Carrier

This product is almost similar to the 18153 model, albeit with slight differences. Aside from the fact that the 18151 is cheaper than the 18153, the former has lesser clearance from the hitch pin hole which measures 6 inches when folded up and 16.5 inches when set down.

CURT 18151 Basket Style Cargo CarrierCURT 18151 is more lightweight, weighing 58 pounds and measures 32.5 x 23.5 x 10 inches, as compared to the 18153 model, which weighs 70.7 pounds and measures 33.6 x 27.7 x 10.4 inches. These are the major distinctions between the two.

As for the rest, CURT 18151 is similar with the 18153 in terms of capacity and other features. It also has a capacity of up to 500 lbs. the worth of cargo, all sides that help prevent cargo from slipping while the vehicle is moving.

Likewise, the shanks help keep the basket cargo from coming into contact with the ground and cause skidding and damage. CURT 18151 is also foldable when not in use, making it an efficient storage container and a space saver at the same time.

Made with durable materials, specifically E-coat and powder-coated steel, CURT 18151 promises long-lasting usage anywhere and anytime you use it. It also has the built-in reflectors that ensure road visibility and safety during travels. Plus, the mesh base provides the same strength and durability to handle heavy loads, and it’s also easy to clean, too.

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CURT 18153 Basket Style Cargo Carrier

CURT 18153 Basket Style Cargo Carrier

One of Curt’s cargo carrier model is the CURT 18153 Basket Style Cargo Carrier. Currently, this model is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, with more than 70 percent rating it as 5 stars.

Among its key features include 6-inch tall sides which ensure that your products won’t slide while the vehicle is moving. It also serves as an attachment point for straps or nets to keep your stuff more secure.

CURT 18153 Basket Style Cargo CarrierIn addition, the 18152 has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. the worth of cargo, and have available shank sizes in 1 ¼” or 2”. The shanks also keep the basket in a certain height where it won’t come into contact on the ground. These folding shanks enable the cargo carrier to be efficiently tilted up when not in use. The 18153 is guaranteed durable and protected by E-coat and powder-coated steel. Plus, its stable mesh base enables you to clean up any dirt and debris more conveniently.

Another feature of the CURT 18153 is its built-in reflectors for added visibility and safety when on the road. As per Amazon US, it has already almost 500 positive reviews, which generally expressed their satisfaction with the product. One user used this cargo carrier to simultaneously carry her four bikes. You can add other safety accessories to it, such as an LED brake light for better visibility.

The 18153 can also be used on different vehicle types, whether it’s a sedan or an SUV or a truck. Plus, this cargo carrier is easy to set up using only minimal tools to install.

Both CURT 18153 and 18151 comes with CURT cargo bags which add safety and security to all your cargo against outside elements. The cargo bag is also waterproof and features a zip closure and a flap that helps ensure that your items inside does not get wet. The CURT cargo bags are available in various sizes that can fit all CURT cargo carrier styles.

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Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier: 18151 VS. 18153 

Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier: 18151 VS. 18153 

In terms of product specifications, CURT 18153 offers a slightly bigger cargo space. However, if you are looking for a more lightweight basket-style tray, or if you think you don’t really need a bigger tray for that matter, then CURT 18151 can satisfy your needs.

In terms of cost, CURT 18151 is cheaper by more than $10 than CURT 18153. This is reasonable since the latter has bigger specs than 18151.

Thus, if you are looking for a high-quality, compact, and affordable cargo carrier, then CURT 18151 may be a better choice for you. But again, it would depend on the specs you need in a cargo carrier, so price should not matter anyway.

In reality, there should be no pros and cons between the two, as it would depend on your requirement. In addition, it is made by the same manufacturer which more or less has similar quality standards.

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Final Thoughts

We featured two Curt hitch cargo carriers: the18151 and the 18153 models. The two are similar in terms of functionality, strength, and material.

On the contrary, the two differ in product specification, with the 18153 slightly bigger than the 18151. Nevertheless, the two products promise to deliver the same results: to provide a durable extra cargo space for out-of-towners and anyone who needs it.

Likewise, these products are important, especially for vacation trips. It can provide security and safety to your extra cargo while you are just seated in your car, enjoying the entire trip. Between the two, there should be no competition – these depend on the buyer’s needs.

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