Framed Bike Review: Framed Minnesota 2.0 and 3.0 Fat Bike Review

The Minnesota Fat Bikes doesn’t really need an introduction.

Initially, the skeptics gave negative remarks and a very short lifeline. But, their popularity has proved they are here to stay for long.

People used to look at the Fat Bikes as awkward pieces of tech but with more cyclists adopting them, Fat bikes are now accepted widely. As a solid mark of speed, strength, comfort, and reliability, fat bikes are now one of the major means of transportation.

Finding an Affordable and Reliable Bike.

Finding an affordable and reliable bike is quite a job.

All the bike enthusiasts would know how important it is to find a bike that best fits their requirements.From material to the level of comfort it offers during the ride, it matter a lot.

Another key factor is to find the right type of bike. In addition, the value it adds to your money, matters a lot too. This is exactly why finding the best manufacturer and best type of bike is necessary prior to purchasing a bike.

In the following Minnesota Fat Bike review, we will focus on the Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 2.0 and Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 3.0.

We’ll discuss about all of their benefits, pros and cons in this article.

Read on to have a comprehensive idea about the Framed Minnesota Fat Bikes. After reading this review, you’ll have the detailed knowledge about Fat Bikes, their building materials, and all their benefits.

Framed Bike Reviews

Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 2.0

The Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 2.0 comes with innovative and improved features. As compared to the regular mountain bikes, there are a lot of difference in the fat bike composition.

Its now proven to be the most reliable machine to take you from point A to point B. Both the performance and the looks of the bike are dramatically improved. This new version comes with 26*4 inch tyres for better stability and grip on every terrain.Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike Side Review

Its frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy that promises more strength and durability. With new mechanical disk breaks Avid BB5s, the Minnesota Fat Bike 2.0 offers more safety and control. It features the derailleurs (SRAM Model X7 and SRAM Model X5) in both front and rear wheels respectively.

This helps to ease down the gear changing mechanisms.

Unlike any other bikes, the 2.0 comes with factory fitted alloy pedals that last longer. It also features a smaller cockpit than the rest of the fat bikes. It makes the off and on road travel both comfortable and easy.

The Fat Bike 2.0 offers multi color rims, a flat handle bar, and a comfortable seat. As compared to the previous versions, the Fat Bike 2.0 is beyond perfection.

It’s fast, sleek, reliable, and affordable to have it. As compared to the other fat bike brands, you’ll find it quite cheap in price.

All of the Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 2.0 parts are easily available in the market. So, if you manage to break something, you won’t have to change the whole bike.

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Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike Review Video

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Framed Minnesota 3.0 Fat Bike

Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 3.0

The Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 3.0 stands out as one of the most innovative and reliable machines.

This marvel offers an oversized 6061 aluminum alloy frame capable of high intensity riding. It’s light enough to offer the pinpoint maneuverability.

The upgraded SRAM X7 2*10 Drive-train lets you climb with more confidence. The enhanced Avid BB7 breaks offer more stopping power on terrains such as snow, sand, and slush.Framed Minnesota 3.0 Fat Bike Side

The 3.0 offers 190mm rear and 150mm front axle. This allows the users to accommodate up to 4.8” at front wheel and 4.7” at rear wheel especially in the winter season.

In addition, in the new Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 3.0, both the hubs and the bottom brackets are sealed for a dependable roll on the bike. The manufacturer offers 32 hole aluminum alloy rims in Minnesota Fat Bike 3.0.

The new rims are lightweight and strong and offer high performance.

This marvelous piece of work is equipped with 120 TPI folding bead tires to add more traction control. Both the tires are also equipped with lightweight tubes. According to many riders, these are the best 365-day tires.

Furthermore, the fat bike 3.0 is laced with a KMC X10 stretch-resistant ECO-ProteQ chain that is less prone to rust. It is fixed with lightweight aluminum alloy 710mm handlebar, lightweight Frammed grips, and 100mm aluminum bar steam. Just like the Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 2.0, the version 3.0 is also equipped with Aluminum alloy pedals. The total weight of the bike is about 34lbs.

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Pros and Cons of Both Bikes

Pros and Cons of Both Bikes

Almost all of their composition is the same. However, there are some differences based on the parts and material upgrades.

Pros and Cons of Both BikesAs one healthy Pro, both the bikes are flexible and easy to ride. Both the bikes offer great stability, better breaking system, and gear shift mechanisms.

The version 2.0 and 3.0 come with an array of speeds, 18 in total. This make the bikes more versatile that the others.

Both the bike models are lightweight, alloy pedals, and smaller cockpit. The price for both the bikes is affordable; they are stylish enough to meet your aesthetic needs.

As for the cons, One of the biggest con is that both the Framed Minnesota Fat Bike 2.0 and 3.0 offer no provision of water bottle and the holder. They offer challenging assembly, especially the breaks take more time to assemble perfectly.

The shorter area of cockpit isn’t suitable for longer rides.  Another drawback is that the bikes aren’t available globally.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, where we see a lot of vehicles on the road, the traffic situation isn’t very good. Massive number of cars and other vehicles has made traveling a little bit more complicated especially in population dense areas globally.

To better cope with these and countless other problems related to transportation, a bike is a convenient way to travel. And if you have a Fat bike, you can make your traveling obligations far better as compared to other means of transportation.

The Framed Minnesota Fat bikes offer a chance to ride with style. Buy good quality bikes in cheap and affordable prices, Spend less on maintenance, save fuel money and enjoy a convenient mod of transportation on every terrain.