Best Diamondback Women Bike Reviews – Top 5 Best Diamondback Bicycles For Women for 2018

Finding an apt bike for oneself can be quite a daunting task. This 3 best diamondback bike for women review is a complete and comprehensive review on the best bikes from Diamondback. Bikes for women usually lack a variety of essential features and the bikes have been picked keeping this in mind.

A detailed description of the salient features and specifications of the bikes are given. Going through this post will help the reader gain valuable insight and knowledge.

Top 5 Best Diamondback Women Bike Comparison Chart

Diamondback Women’s Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike Diamondback Women’s Serene Classic Bike Diamondback Women’s Clarity 2 Hybrid Bike Diamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail Mountain Bike Diamondback Della Cruz Complete Pavement Bike x
Features •21 Speed
•Aluminum Sport Hybrid
•Comfort Suspension
•Steel handlebar
•DB Kraton grips
•Alum Alloy Rims
•Kenda Tires
•26in Alum Double •Wall Wheels
•Linear Pull Brakes
•Adjustable Stem
•Alum Step-Through Frame
•Plush Seat
•Ergonomic Grips
•Hand Built Devine Designs
•6061-T6 Alum Alloy Frame
•Integrated Aero Alloy Straight Blade Fork
•Shimano 24-Speed
•Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
•700C Performance Hybrid Wheels
•Suntour XCT Suspension Fork
•Shimano 3×8 speed
•SR Suntour XCT Cranks
•Disc Brakes
•Tektro Aries Disc Brakes
•160mm Front and Rear Rotors.
•High Tensile Steel Frame
•Tube Construction
•Coaster Brake
•Flip Flop Compatible Pedals
•Full Fenders
•Chain Guard
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How to Buy a Woman’s Hybrid Bike Video

What is a Hybrid Bike?

The first thing that you notice is that this is no regular bike. It has the looks of the road bike but it feels a bit different.

The name hybrid bike is because they have wheels larger than on the mountain bike, but ticker then on the road bike. I suppose that makes them ideal to ride on a variety of surfaces.

Actually, there is a discussion whether the tires of mountain bikes have a better grip on the road. It is one of the online “opinion battles”.

Most state that mountain bike tires do have a better grip on the road. It is because they feature a softer rubber. And hybrid bike has tires that resemble the mountain bikes.

So, the tires are the combination of the mountain and the road bike tires. It might be that this is the best possible solution.
They have good load carrying capacity, as well. It is important when you get off the road to your “getaway” adventure.
The seat is wide and comfortable. Thus, you can drive this bike for hours without stopping.

And if you stop, you will get off the bike without a chance to fall. As most of the road bikes, it has a drop frame.
The bicycle has “mountain-bike-like” drive chain. That is a huge difference compared to the road bikes.

Piece of art.

Setting the Hybrid Bike Up

What is good about this bike is that you can change a lot of its features. The abovementioned seat is ideal for the upright sitting position and adjustable, too. And the seat pole is a suspension one! It suspends the bumps on the road very well.

Gear shifters are pretty good integrated with the brakes. Since their evolution from the last century, this is a standard for the gear shifters.

What is not a standard – the stem of the hybrid bike is the adjustable one. Thus, you can adjust the position of your hand grip.
Front fork of the bicycle has a lock switch.

It means that when it’s unlocked it is soaking up the bumps. Quite good, right?
In a world where everyone is searching for a “best buy” products, this piece of art is the best buy. You don’t need to have two bikes, one for the outside and one for the city.

The hybrid bike is the combination of both, best solution for those who have a diverse style of life.

Top 3 Best Diamondback Women Bike Reviews
Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women's Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike

Women’s Vital-2 Complete Hybrid-Bike by Diamondback

Vital 2 is a bike designed for full comfort and ease. The stem is adjustable which allows for changing height and angle for the handlebar to one’s right fit.HL Zoom suspension along with KindShock seat post helps combat road bumps efficiently. With its DB aluminium frame, Vital 2 is sturdy as well as rigid and durable.

There are 21 gearing options available which are adequate for going up and down hills easily. The Tektro linear brakes require very low maintenance and effectively slow down the bike.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women's Vital 2 Complete Hybrid BikeThe Shimano-Tourney drivetrain allows for crisp and reliable shifting. Tires provided are wide and effective enough to keep a good grip on pavements and roads.

The bike can carry a capacity of around 250 pounds. The upright sitting position keeps the back from facing pressure and stiffness.There is only a light purple colour available. It is very attractive though and perfect for women who are conscious about how they look on a bike.

The tires are puncture-resistant. This helps save irritating situations and visits to the repair shops.There is a lifetime warranty on frames althoug being strong and sturdy, this is no issue.

The manufactures Diamondback cover everything under there warranty that’s not done intentionally. For instance, crashing in a wall is not covered but the wear and tear of brakes is.

The bike comes with 95 percent of the parts preassembled. Full setting up takes about 30-60 minutes even for a beginner. There are also two sizes available for short and long height individuals specifically. The absence of mudguards and fenders is a con. It can mess up the chain system and damage it. Overall, Vital 2 is a quality performer for its billing.

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The Pros and the Cons:



  • Rides and shifts smooth.
  • Seat is comfortable.
  • Front and back wheels are quick release.
  • Seat and handlebars adjust.
  • Great value.



  • Accessories add up (kickstand, water bottle holder, lights, bell, splash guards, etc).
  • When walking the bike, it turns really easily causing the bike to potentially fall over.

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Diamondback Bicycles Women's Serene Classic Frame Comfort Bike

Women’s-Serene Classic-Frame Comfort-Bike by Diamondback Bicycles

The Serene Classic is apt for fun and freedom filled rides. A DB 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum has been used to devise the Serene Classic.
The seat post is 27.2mm wide which is comfortable for anybody. KindShock alloy suspension absorbs and balances the weight perfectly for a no-bumps felt ride.

The handlebar is strong and sturdy steel Ultra Riser. The chain of this bike has a 7-speed quick switching due being a KMC-251.Alloy linear pull brakes are empowering and easily control the bicycle when needed. Braking levers are from Shimano EF-51 and very great.

Diamondback Bicycles Women's Serene Classic Frame Comfort BikeFront and rear derailleur from Shimano are sleek and good on functionality. Wheels are strong aluminum and 26-inch double wall by specifications.The bike is very lightweight. It can be easily lifted anywhere. It also has various shock absorbing features.

The suspension fork and suspension post work in tandem with the seat for comfortable rides. An adjustable stem again helps fit the height you need accordingly. In addition there are also a various number of sizes to choose from.

21-gears are easily manageable with the robust Shimano easyfire shifters. Step through frame makes getting on and off a child’s play.
The bike is nearly assembled fully with only the seat, front wheels, pedals, and handlebars to set. However, the assembling manual is a bit vague. The pedaling position is perfect due to comfort geometry.

There is only a blue colour variant to choose. The look is sort of vibrant and mechanical. Also serene Classic is very simple for beginners to start or learn to ride. Also, it can be easily accessorized according to one’s need. A classic look and comfortable feel are what the Serene Classic promises.

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The Pros and the Cons:



  • Comes mostly assembled.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Handlebars are adjustable to accommodate your riding style.
  • Pedals are a bit more forward from seat, making for easier pedaling.
  • Shifts smoothly.



  • Seat is a bit on the hard side.
  • Minor adjustments required on derailleurs and brakes
  • Doesn’t come with kick-stand…You need to buy separately

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Diamondback Bicycles Women's 2016 Clarity 2 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike

Women’s-Clarity 2 Complete-Performance Hybrid-Bike by Diamondback Bicycles

Clarity 2 from Diamondback is a road plus mountain bike rolled into one. There is the Shimano speed drive train present providing for 24 gears.
Tektro Aries mechanical disk brakes are highly effective even in muddy or rainy terrains. Also aluminum alloy frame is exceptionally strong and can face falls or bumps without a sweat.

The tires along with the alloy wheel make the ride extra-smooth. Kenda Kwik tires provide for optimum speed with sufficient gripping.
The Integrated Aero-Alloy straight blade fork helps maneuver the bike with ease. Also there is a very minimal pedaling force required due to being light weight.

Diamondback Bicycles Women's 2016 Clarity 2 Complete Performance Hybrid BikeRacks, reflectors, light bulbs, etc., are addable making up for immense applications. It can also be easily disassembled to save on storage space.

Dual density comfort-grip on handle bars is very apt for short and long rides both. The EF-51 lever used is effortless in functioning. Triple chain-ring as well as the 8-speed cog also make up for some major USPs.

Seat post is 27.2mm×350mm that is enough for comfortable riding. The easyfire shifters ensure robust speed variations. The colours available are grey and pink. Also the grey provides a competent look while the pink looks like signalling women power.

The frame size and geometry are tailor-made for women. They provide an inseam and torso alignment for ease in riding. It is extremely lightweight and extremely fast. Also the tires satisfactorily handle a variety of tracks without affecting speed.

It can accommodate around a 135 pounds which can be a deal breaker for some people. An all-terrain and solid bike is what describes Clarity 2 perfectly.

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The Pros and the Cons:



  • Comfortable ride.
  • Lightweight – Easy to mount on bike rack and bike hooks.
  • Disk brakes.
  • Gears shift smoothly.
  • Works well on the street and non-paved paths.



  • Breaks squeak a little at times.
  • No kick-stand or water bottle holder.

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Diamondback Bicycles Lux Women's Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Lux Women’s Hardtail Mountain Bike

Yeah, I was suspicious that this bike couldn’t handle the road to our sea house. Since it’s not actually the seaside but the more or less the mountain that rises from the sea.

Diamondback Bicycles Lux Women's Hardtail Mountain BikeThat mountain has a lot of trails made by the local inhabitants. Meaning some narrow and steep roads to pass. That’s why I had my doubts.

Still, those doubts weren’t justified. This bike “handled the pressure”. And it was easy to handle, too.

Diamondback bike was giving the smooth ride like it should. Its ample gearing was perfect for these trails.

And I’ve let myself to drive very fast in some parts. Almost hit the tree but managed to stop. Handles are good, that is for sure.
It could be worst since this trail is “populated” with cows too. Local inhabitants release them in the morning and pick them up in the evening. It is such a strange behavior. And it is such a danger on these trails.

Driving the bike for a month with those cows. I could share some valid opinion. It is the third bike that I own and the best one. Now it is my favorite.

Although the first one is a city bike that can’t compete in this terrain, the other one is a mountain bike, too. I was driving it for five years. Thought that there is no better bike. Until now.

So, my opinion on the Diamondback Bicycles Lux Women’s bike is:


1. Hydroformed aluminum frame that feels stable
2. Great grip and controls
3. You can’t feel the bumps
4. Cows saving breaks
5. My neighbors are jealous of its looks


1. Heavy bike for a small woman
2. Makes you want to speed up

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Diamondback Della Cruz Complete Pavement Bike

Diamondback Della Cruz Complete Pavement Bike

Yes, it is not hard to be a star in our small town since it has around 15.000 inhabitants. But most of our neighbors become stars after they leave our town.

Diamondback Della Cruz Complete Pavement BikeMost dream to become a pop singer, famous blogger or an actor. But my little girl dreams of becoming a nurse.

You wouldn’t consider that as a job of a star. But she became one. Among the old people in our neighborhood.
My little daughter decided to deliver the groceries to the old people of our town. She has an entrepreneurial spirit like her mother.

She got the idea after receiving her new cruiser bike for a birthday. Great for the pavements of our town and turned out – very strong to carry the groceries.

It has a steel frame which is common for the cruiser bikes. That means that I’m carrying her bike upstairs every evening. But I would do anything for her.

She told me how she missed some accident a few days ago. She almost hit the neighbor. Somehow, she hit the brakes and stopped the bike.

She was in a hurry because she is taking the groceries to old people dressed as a nurse. Considering groceries medication for the old people. Because she implies to them to take more fruit and vegetables. She thinks that is nursing.

She doesn’t have the regular nursing dress. But the bike has the chain guard protection so she is not getting dirty. It would be easy since her favorite “nurse dress” is too long.

This bike turned out to be a good one for my little girl. And the most attractive one, too. The pros and cons of the new 2015 Diamondback Della Cruz Complete Pavement Bike are:


1. Attractive bike
2. Steel frame
3. Wide steering wheel
4. Full fenders


1. Heavy for a little girl
2. Everybody wants one

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Final Thoughts

This is the business end of the best Diamondback bike for women review. The color options are limited on all of them. Vital 2 and Serene Classic only have a purple and blue color available respectively. The Clarity 2 is a bit better with Grey/Pink options to choose from.

All of the bikes are extremely sturdy as well as strong and durable. Also aluminum is a major component in their frames albeit of slightly varying variety.
While the Vital 2 and Serene Classic have a 21-gear system, the Clarity 2 has a 24 one. It can become a hassle sometimes for those keen on ease and comfort.

Light weight and comfortable is also a common feature. The Shimano parts are reoccurring majorly through all of them.
As stated in Vital 2’s description, the Diamondback warranty is same for all of their bikes. In addition they do have some difference in preassembling but again it is not a prominent issue.

A perfect choice can be made if all the needs and requirements are put into consideration. Also the Clarity 2 can work flawlessly in many terrains but is not comfortable on gears.

Finally all of them though are very good products and very affordable for the plethora of features they offer.

What are you thoughts?

Please leave a comment in the comment section.


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