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Best Affordable Road Bikes: Top 5 for [2020]

Top Best Affordable Road Bike Reviews

When it comes to looking for the top best affordable road bike, there are plenty of options. Usually, people want to take up road biking as a way to commute and for saving money while they are at it.

Road biking also offers a non-polluting way to get around town and it is a great way to get some exercise. Road bikes need not be expensive, and you can find good quality road bikes at the right prices.

Here are a few road bikes you might like to consider, and you would want to look at the good and bad points of each of these bikes to get the best deals…READ MORE

Bike Riding For Seniors – Advise From The Experts

Bike Riding For Seniors - Advise From The Experts

Bicycle riding is gaining popularity among seniors for many reasons. It’s great exercise and this has made riding bikes an attractive option for people of retirement age who need viable exercise.

Bicycle riding is not only effective workout it is fun as well. Seniors who enjoy the outdoors and want to have a healthy lifestyle can combine their passions in the form of bicycle riding.

It also can offer team exploration, where you can go on trips with friends and family, or maybe the local bicycling group. This also offers mental health benefits. Offering a sense of community to seniors who might often be at risk of feelings of loneliness and boredom…READ MORE

Avoid the Top Bike Headlight Mistakes

Avoid the Top Bike Headlight Mistakes

If you care about your safety on the road as a cyclist, learn to avoid the top bike headlight mistakes many rookie riders make. Not only rookies, but pro cyclists will often make mistakes due to different reasons.

You may have had the bad luck to come across poorly lit riders at night while you were driving. Having had to react suddenly to avoid a fatality, you wonder how many ways the situation could have ended differently. So, read on and pay attention to how you should illuminate yourself in all situations while riding…READ MORE

Top 5 Best Bike Flat Pedals Review & Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Bike Flat Pedals Review

While some people pa little to no attention to them, bike pedals are a crucial part of any bike. In fact, they are one of only three contact points the bike meets with your body. Therefore, finding the best bike flat pedal is crucial if you want to have a perfect bike.

In recent years, the pedal design has improved significantly. Pedals have become a lot slimmer. That lowers your center of gravity, eliminates pedaling flat spots, and vastly improves ground clearance…READ MORE

5 Best Platform Bike Pedals Review + Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Platform Bike Pedals Review

Pedals are one of the most important parts of the bike. After all, they have a huge impact on your riding performance and your ability to move quickly.

Over the years, platform bike pedals have grown in popularity significantly, mostly due to the fact that they have a bigger and flatter area for the foot to rest on. But with so many pedals on the market, sometimes it’s hard to pick the right pair.

Today, we’re going to review some of the best pedals on the market and hopefully, help you with your choice…READ MORE

Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring: Top 5 of the Best [2020]

Mens Best Bike Shorts For Touring:

Whether you’re an amateur or seasoned cyclist, investing in a good quality cycling short should be top of mind. And then, there are men’s cycling bib shorts.

Men’s cycling bib shorts may not be that popular because of its unconventional appearance. Yet, this article will explain why men’s cycling bib shorts can be one of the best investments you can ever make. This article will also provide valuable information about different men’s cycling bib shorts and the benefits they offer…READ MORE

Top 5 Best Fanny Pack [2020 Review + Buyer’s Guide]

Best Fanny Pack 2019

Whenever a bunch of friends decide to go for travel and biking trips, there aren’t many large suitcases or big bags filled with unnecessary stuff. At such occasions, all we need to carry are the essentials, and that is where the best fanny pack can be so handy. Also these can be useful for all the travelers and outgoing people.

We cannot only use fanny bags when we are biking or hiking. Cheap fanny packs are always one of the best ways to carry around your essential items with yourself. Fanny pack is strapped around your waist, Fanny packs can also be hidden to provide added security and privacy. And we don’t have to keep checking that we still have our possessions with us or not….READ MORE

Framed Bike Review: Framed Minnesota 2.0 and 3.0 Fat Bike Review


The Minnesota Fat Bikes doesn’t really need an introduction.

Initially, the skeptics gave negative remarks and a very short lifeline. But, their popularity has proved they are here to stay for long.

People used to look at the Fat Bikes as awkward pieces of tech but with more cyclists adopting them, Fat bikes are now accepted widely. As a solid mark of speed, strength, comfort, and reliability, fat bikes are now one of the major means of transportation…READ MORE

YS Bike Computer Review – Top Bike Computer Choice [2020]

YS Bike Computer Review

Finding the right bicycle computer might seem overwhelming. Many of the options offer a variety of different features that different types of riders might prefer. The YS Multi-Function Bike Computer Review will show you all the features and you can decide what is best for you.

This review will explain, in depth, the most important features of this useful product. We’ll cover each feature separately so that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase…READ MORE

Best Mountains Bike Pedals – The Top 5 of the Best MTB Pedals [2020]

Best Mountain Pedals Review

Mountain biking has become increasing popular. In order to really enjoy the sport and save yourself from injury proper equipment, such as bike pedals are a must.

Today, a large variety of options are available in pedals, so picking the right one can be somewhat of a challenge.

Below are some of the Best Mountain Bike Pedals you should consider, before hitting the trails…..READ MORE

Avoid The Top 14 What To Wear for Spring Cycling Mistakes

What To Wear for Spring Cycling Mistakes

Spring is here once again, the bikes are out, and you’re getting ready to go pumping. Before you get kitted up, here are the most common ‘what to wear for spring cycling’ mistakes to avoid.

Springtime is a crazy time. The weather is temperamental, and conditions can change so fast that you feel like you cycled through all four seasons in a day.

That is why you need to have the right kit. By avoiding these spring cycling clothing mistakes, you can better enjoy your time out on the open road…READ MORE

Spring Cycling – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

Spring Cycling Kids

Contrary to popular belief, teaching your kids to ride a bike safe and fun when done at the right time. More than half the world knows how to ride a bike, and this important skill is best taught at childhood between 5 and 8 years.

How I wish that every kid had a bike they could ride. It would mean hours of pure fun with their mates instead of playing video games all day. Since (I venture to say) you don’t want a hermit for a child, use this beautiful spring to cycle with them. But first, they need to learn how to cycle…READ MORE

Beginners Road Bike Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Beginners Road Bike Guide

Many people love cycling. It is even more enjoyable while cycling on a road bike. May be because many people love their high speed. Or they provide alternative gears for different terrains.

This beginners road bike guide will cover exclusively about road bike for beginners. It will explain the meaning of a road bike and the features that make a bike to be a road bike. Most importantly it will outline what to look for while purchasing a road bike…READ MORE

Blitzu Gator 320 Bike Headlight Set Review – Best Cycling Accessory [2020]


It can’t be understated, that a good headline and taillight set is very important.. You want to have good visibility of the road ahead, in darker conditions.

You’ll want to see such things as road signs, other bikers, pedestrians, etc. For you safety, you’ll also want others to see you, especially motorists.

The Blitzu Gator 320 Bike Headlight Set is an excellent choice for all of these needs…READ MORE

The Philosophy of What To Wear for Spring Cycling

what to wear for spring cycling

It is such a twist that dressing appropriately for cycling in spring is more complicated than in winter. The average biker will tell you that what to wear for spring cycling is one of their biggest worries.

Temperamental weather conditions in spring have much to do with this difficulty. However, you can now rest easy because we have a definite philosophy on what you should wear when cycling in spring…READ MORE

Top 5 Cheap Best Electric Bikes Under 500 Dollars [2020]

Top 5 Cheap Best Electric Bikes Under 500 Dollars [2019 Review + Buyer’s Guide]

Just when we thought bicycles couldn’t get any better, electric bikes made their revolutionary debut into the market. The idea of an electric bike was conceived over 120 years ago. However, their use has only recently become notably prominent. Electric bike mass production kicked up during the turn of the century. From then on, their qualities and features have only gotten better.

In the recent past, more cyclists have found themselves gravitated towards E-bikes. And as you would expect, this has lead to a dramatic surge in their production. Multitudes of manufacturers have come up in an attempt to tap into this growing sect of the market. As a result, there’s an insane E-bike influx in the market…READ MORE

Best Bike Headlight Sets For Under $50 – The Top 5 [2020]

Best Bike Headlight

One important accessory you really need are good bicycle lights. Here is a review on the Best Bike Headlight For Under $50 for 2017, check them out.

Depending on your preference, you can go for basic reflector type, or a full-fledged electric illumination light. The reflector type is so other people can see you in the dark. The electric type light is to make it easier for you to see the road ahead and for others to see you…READ MORE

How To Get Back Into Cycling – Explained By Experts [2020]

How To Get Back Into Cycling

Cycling is a wonderful activity not just for keeping fit, but for exploring different places while peddling along on your bicycle. Cycling is also a wonderful way to get together with others for social events such as fundraisers for worthy causes. Or just to meet new friends with a common interest.

Much as cycling can be great, but it might not be so great if you stop bike riding for years or decades, then decide to get back to it.

Getting back into cycling after a long hiatus requires systematic planning, patience and excellence in execution. This is, if you want to become very good at it…READ MORE

Why I Hate Spring Cycling

Spring Cycling

Open potholes and the crazy spring weather are not half the reason why I hate spring cycling. These are big problems, but you can probably live with them.

Maybe it’s because every amateur Fred and Doris will be out on the paths with their creaking chains. It’s so annoying to see a poorly maintained Trek Madone or Chrome Hearts X Cervelo…READ MORE

Merax Finiss 26in Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike Review [2020]

Merax Finiss 26in Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike Review

Without the right mountain bike, bike riding can be severe and dangerous for riders. Purchasing a good bike that caters for your specific need is a daunting task.

Especially when you factor in different designers and new models that have been introduced in the market. In such a market with so many options, it’s important to make a right choice.

The Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike is the right choice as it is one of the best mountain bikes to own. It comes in different designs and colors to suit customers’ preferences…READ MORE