Best Cycling Gloves Review – Top 5 Bicycling Gloves [2020]


For those of us who love cycling, we know how hard it is to find the best cycling gloves. It is not an easy task to get gloves that leave your hands warm during winter and at the same time be comfortable.

Or the ones that make them dry during rainy seasons or a hot scorching summer. You get confused about which type is best for you. Which one will suit your budget? And which one is latest with the cyclists. You want to stand out while keeping your hands safe…READ MORE

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Review – Top 5 Recumbent Indoor Bikes [2020]

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Sometimes all you want do is break a little sweat within the confine of your home. It could be you hardly have time to spare for the gym. Or may be you just hate the hustle and bustle you have to go through to get the to the gym. This is where home gym equipment come in. One such equipment is the recumbent exercise bike.

In all honesty, this is one of the least strenuous exercise equipment available today. Designed for minimal joint impact and optimal comfort during exercise, it is one of a kind. Its laid back design has an overall relaxing effect on its users. It protects the lumbar back and lower body sections from unnecessary tension…READ MORE

What’s So Trendy About Road Bikes That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

What's So Trendy About Road Bike That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

Whether you’re aware of it or not, road bikes continue to increase in popularity, especially in recent times. They work beautifully for the purpose they serve and are all about the person riding it.

With the popularity of road bikes in mind, we’re going to over all of the information you’ll need to know about them. Whether you’re familiar with road bikes or not, this article will have you covered.

By the end of it, you’ll have a plethora of information to help you decide on the best road bikes available. Nonetheless, let’s get started..READ MORE

5 Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 Review + Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 Review

Let’s face it, good e-bikes cost a fortune. As they say, if you want the best, you must be ready to go really deep into your pockets. However, if you want an e-bike that’s reasonably affordable and of resounding quality, you don’t necessarily need to go over the $1000 mark.

Sadly, you must also be ready to dig through hundreds of potential e-bike options. There are a bunch of phenomenal bikes under $1000 category. That said, you must know that they won’t just fall on your lap. The overwhelming number of e-bikes available can get you very easily fazed.

With that in mind, we decided to do the dirty work for you. The following is a highlight of what we consider the best under this category. These are detailed reviews of some of the most celebrated e-bikes under the $1000 mark. You will soon realize that our choices were informed by the mere magnificence that each bike possesses. Without much ado, let’s jump right into it…READ MORE

Ancheer’s Folding Electric Bike Review- Best e Bike [2020]

Aancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike Review

Thanks to the Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike, you can now look super stylish as you take on rugged mountain slopes or just go for routine commuting. The Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike offers the best of both worlds. You can get your share of exercise on this bike.

You can also receive the best kind of exercise when you use the bike. The bike is meant for handling the rough and tumble of the outdoors. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy pedaling through the difficult mountain roads. It is also perfect for those who want to enjoy the best of their mountain biking experience…READ MORE

Best Balance Bike For 2, 3, 4, 5,& 6 Year Old Reviews: The Top 5 [2020]

Top Best Balance Bike Reviews

Why does your child need a balance bike? Because a balance bike, also known as a pushbike, is the best first step learning how to ride a bike for a toddler.

Balance bikes are good at helping your child learn how to balance and steer, without the need to pedal at the same time. The toddler instead moves the bike forward using their foot.

Another benefit of starting your child off with a balance bike is that they help strengthen your child’s muscles by leaning, steering, and moving the bike. They also give your child confidence, because the child is in control at all times…..READ MORE

Balance Bikes – Unknown Facts Revealed By The Experts

Balance Bikes  - Unknown Facts Revealed By The Experts

Are you scared stiff to watch kids zooming about on balance bikes without pedals or even brakes? Most parents are apprehensive about them, but these unknown facts about balance bikes revealed by experts should allay your fears.

As it turns out, balance bikes are a much better way to teach kids to ride. Read on to find out all about balance bikes, how they work, and why they are preferred over the other options available…READ MORE

Idiot’s Guide To Hydration Packs for Mountain Biking Explained

Guide To Hydration Packs for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking can be one of the most exhausting pursuits, thus why a hydration pack for mountain biking has become so popular. Since biking, in general, requires a lot of exercise and force from the bicyclist to operate, it’s a no-brainer that hydration packs have become so widespread.

Although hydration packs have become more common in the biking world, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the subject. Many bike riders aren’t too familiar with what they do, their differences, and much more…READ MORE

5 Best Hydration Pack for Mountain Biking [2020]

Best Hydration Pack for Mountain Biking

The truth is, the best hydration packs for Mountain Biking no longer get the credit they deserve. A good number of new age cyclists deem them unnecessary and sometimes even lame.

I know what you’re thinking and I totally agree; they must be kidding.But despite what these novel cyclists think, hydration packs are still widely in use. There’s still a significant number of cyclists who still fully depend on hydration packs when on the road.As we will soon realize, hydration packs are more adept than most believe.

They offer tremendous convenience but do so at an amicably low price. If you can get past all the hue and cry surrounding these packs, then you can candidly enjoy the enormous merits they bring…READ MORE

Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes – Are They Right For You [2020]

Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are a perfect alternative to conventional bikes. But like with any other product, there are pros and cons of electric bikes. We will consider the reasons why you need these bikes and the challenges that they present. This article will keep you informed when buying the bike.

Use of electric bikes offers a person with an opportunity to get fit. There is no need for enrolling in a gym program. A ride on an electric bike provides an excellent chance for burning extra fats in the body. Cycling improves one’s health and well-being…READ MORE

How Many Miles Should A Beginner Cyclist Ride & How You Can Increase Your Distance

How Many Miles Should a Beginner Cyclist Ride

So, how many miles should a beginner cyclist ride? Well, every one have different levels of stamina, speed, not to mention skill level, confidence, and overall fitness.

If you are using the bicycle to commute to work you don’t have much choice. You would ideally want to cover at least the distance to work.. If you are using the bicycle for fitness or recreation, there are no rules, but you would need to prevent overexertion since this can harm your body…READ MORE.

Best Mountain Bike Computer: Top 5 MTB Computers to Buy [2020]

Best Bike Computer

Having the best bike computer allows you to take your bicycle with you everywhere and have fun. It is one of the activities you can do together with family and friends as well as your own.

Now only you will get the exercise to help you stay fit. It will also allow you to see the great outdoors and experience new places around. There are a couple of things you might want to have with you on a bicycle tour, so take a look…READ MORE

Does Cycling Bib Shorts Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid

Does Cycling Bib Shorts Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid

Cycling Bib shorts аrе designed with ѕtrарѕ over thе ѕhоuldеr to hоld them in рlасе. Althоugh they might tаkе a little longer tо gеt on аnd off, this mеаnѕ thеrе’ѕ nо waistband which, when уоu’rе bеnt over your handlebars аll day, is a wеlсоmе сhаngе from thе diѕсоmfоrt оf elastic digging intо уоur middlе.

Thе nеxt mоѕt important accessory for сусling iѕ thе сусling shorts. Сусling Bib ѕhоrtѕ is equally important whеn it comes tо mаximizing уоur сусling реrfоrmаnсе аnd comfort in thе lоng run. Thеrеfоrе, thiѕ reduces the need to hаvе an еlаѕtiс wаiѕt band whеn wеаring the shorts. Mоѕt riders сlаim it tо be more соmfоrtаblе…READ MORE

Fall In Love With Bike Computers

Fall In Love With Bike Computers

You’ve got to fall in love with bike computers. What would we do without those handy little computers? They allow us to measure our speed, distance, follow cue sheets, and make competitive cycling possible.

If you don’t know much about these crucial devices, strap in for the ride. You will learn all about the history, development, types, and latest technology bike computers. By the time you reach the end, you will be an expert on bike computers…READ MORE

Top 5 Best Road Bike Pedals + Buyer’s Guide [2020]

Best Road Bike Pedals Review

Having good road bike pedals is one of the most important parts of a bike. Basically, it does the work for those who use bikes, whether for travel, leisure or for competitive purposes.

A good road bike pedal should be able to keep your feet in place and provide a stable footing so you can run your bike using your foot and leg power.

With these said, it is important to choose the best road bike pedals. This is not only for aesthetical purposes, but also to experience your bike’s full potential…READ MORE

Bike Pedal Questions: This Is What Professionals Do

Bike Pedal Questions: This Is What Professionals Do

Riding a bike is one of the most beneficial and fun activities a human being can possibly do. With this in mind, bike riders generally have a lot of questions related to a bike pedal. If you’re one of those riders with questions, well, look no further.

In this article, we’re going to highlight a variety of questions related to bike pedals and give exact answers to them. All of the answers are based on what professionals do, so be sure to utilize the info accordingly…READ MORE

Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier Review: 18151 VS. 18153 Hitch Cargo Carrier

Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier Review

Out-of-town trips with your family are one of the most exciting things to look forward to. More often than not, you and your family can be too eager to pack the car with the things you want to bring on your family excursion.

However, your car won’t be able to carry all those equipment inside, so you might consider buying a Curt hitch cargo carrier to fit all your stuff for the holiday.

In this article, you will know basic facts about the Curt hitch cargo carrier, what its features are, why it is worth the buy, which model to buy, and how much it can cost you for now and for the long run.

Double Your Profits With These Tips on Bike Pedals

Tips on Bike Pedals

I’m sure that you can double your profit with these tips on bike pedals down below. But first, I shall set the record straight regarding the various types of bike pedals.

Some cyclists swear by flat pedals, most are stuck on clipless pedals (literally). Both sides of the pedal divide suffer from serious misinformation. This article will set out the truth about all types of bike pedals objectively. By the end, you will make better decisions about your choices…READ MORE

Hitch Cargo Carrier Secrets You Never Knew

Hitch Cargo Carrier Secrets You Never Knew

Hаving a hitсh саrgо саrriеr iѕ аn еаѕу аnd affordable wау tо rеѕоlvе уоur саr ѕрасе рrоblеmѕ. Thе оnlу рrоblеm iѕ thеrе iѕ a large vаriеtу tо сhооѕе frоm аnd аll оf thеm аrе nоt gооd оnеѕ.

A hitch cargo carrier hаѕ thе аbilitу to ѕtоrе muсh оf уоur luggаgе оr саmрing ѕuррliеѕ соnvеniеntlу оn уоur саr оr truсkѕ еxiѕting trаilеr hitсh. Thеѕе dеviсеѕ come in mаnу ѕhареѕ аnd ѕizеѕ аnd саn even ассоmmоdаtе large itеmѕ ѕuсh аѕ a mоtоrсусlе. Also, Hitсh Cаrriеѕ аrе bесоming vеrу economical аnd оffеr аn еаѕу wау tо trаnѕроrt a lоt оf gооdѕ withоut thе hаѕѕlе оf рulling a trаilеr…READ MORE